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  1. ^ this says a lot as I’ve stated many times during the past 13 yrs.....no defense no pass rush. One common denominator I’ll say it again TD.....it’s not hard to figure out. You can throw the OL in there as well. Whether you like it or not the truth will stand forever
  2. I’d say Gurleys a little better than the washed up Jackson was at this time but too early to tell.
  3. According to the experts here.....he’s trash. Hurry back Foye
  4. as soon as TD and DQ get out of here....Mike Smith is gone oh wait was he the problem. No defense since TD got here. So i'd say never as long as he's here.
  5. You still think the Falcons go 11-5 and have the best team in history??? Lol
  6. So far for the past 13 yrs the defense has been the main problem along with OL. Who’s been here that long? Three of em and one is the owner
  7. I hear ya...but I’m not sure that’s the answer. It starts at the top
  8. He did way better than I would have....tough job worse loss. It he’s in charge. Recover the OSK Game over
  9. and his name is Thomas Dimitroff. No pass rush in the TD era. No defense in the TD era. Ok Takk gets hurt....oh who made a sack today E Griffin. How many ppl here tried to tell the knuckle head TD to acquire another edge guy including Griffin. We have ZERO depth behind Fowler and Takk...oh btw where was TDs newest pass rush acquisition #56 today..... lol TD can’t find a pass rusher. I hope y’all have finally caught on....been preaching it for years and years. Dude couldn’t find a defense if he fell into a bucket of defensive all pros. One sack only in the last drive or next to last driv
  10. I’ll be shocked if our defense doesn’t make Dak Prescott look like an MVP.
  11. My birthday was Tuesday, anniversary was yesterday, my best friend’s birthday is Monday and now I’ll going to add you to my September calendar.
  12. Happy Birthday my man....I’ll drink to that right now. Cheers my brother
  13. So in the meantime we lose gms until they figure it out....how long does it take?
  14. I think you’re right and he was on the field the last 8 gms last yr to help figure it out. Some of these coaching decisions are hard to support.
  15. I’m so tired of hearing about this communication sh!+. How many gms or yrs does it take? I mean I hope that’s been the problem but it’s way past due for the results on a consistent basis. Stop talking and do something about it. Hello
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