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  1. No real dumb
  2. RB doesn’t matter if you have a good OL
  3. Today
  4. Relax’re already in a happy place
  5. It’s a joke
  6. Happy B Day
  7. Well it was a bad call
  8. You’re don’t EVER come back here talking smack STFU
  9. Stay gone...never show up here again. Thanks for being so’d that work out?
  10. Like him a lot
  11. What’s his weight...I’m hearing he’s a little light to be a 3T
  12. Who would you rather have RW or MR...thats my point
  13. Just PLEASE DQ find one.....I’ll sleep much better
  14. I’m with ya, but what if he came in and got the opportunity to play and was as good or better than RW....he wouldn’t have to sit 4-5 yrs. We could trade him or MR with some serious value.
  15. supposedly he's 5'9 7/8...guess we'll find out at the combine
  16. Call me crazy and I'm a MR2 fan but if KM was there at 14 it would be tempted to grab him for our future and/or trade considerations. The guy is 5'9 7/8 and could be the next Russell Wilson. This cat has value and could be very very special....and then there's a risk factor - he chooses baseball or maybe his height won't allow him to be great. Prolly too much of a gamble.....but it still makes one think what if
  17. All I got to say is it’s definitely not TDs strength to find pass rushers/DL.... maybe some of you experts can give him a hand. One would think he’d get lucky sooner or later. Man I’d love to have two double digit sackers. We’ve been thru this over and over but it’s the same results. And yes Takk was a disappointment this yr...but I’d take him over VB all day everyday
  18. One of my favs....he’s all business