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  1. Yep and it ain’t changing bro…let it go
  2. Nah I love MR but now I do hate seeing him get sack 40+ times every year due to not having a great OL and carrying that piano on his back plus I hate his lack of arm strength that doesn’t allow him to use his weapons and stretch the field. As I’ve stated he’s been a great one for the Falcons but his time appears to be getting close to over at least in Atl. Maybe not - maybe TF can get all the things he needs to be a SB winner. I doubt it tho. Maybe it’s time for Rattler or Howell with our first pick next yr or maybe Josh Rosen gets a shot🤷‍♂️
  3. I realize that and his team has not. I hope it does. It’s not his fault we lost the SB, and I agree he has to pretty much have a perfect team around him, not all teams do that win SBs. Even with that said, I’m not sure he could win a SB with all the perfect scenarios at this time. The game is changing and going to get harder and harder to win big in this league with a statue pocket passing QB with a below average arm. But yeah this team needs several upgrades to make him and the team better. Last but not least, I’m pretty sure some QBs (Brady’s 6 time SB champ, plus Montana, Bradshaw 4 times) were the single most important players on those SB teams. Once again, I hope I’m wrong and would love to see MR get one here, but I think TD closed that window a long time ago.
  4. Panthers two yr rebuild looking way better than the Falcon non rebuild. Tepper vs AB…just asking who you taking? AB is in his own way🤷‍♂️
  5. Holler back as soon as MR wins a Lombardi
  6. They’d bring him back after one game, drop him off and go abduct Patrick Mahomes😜
  7. I’d trade both but highly unlikely MR goes anywhere before Post June next yr.
  8. like I said spin it any way you like. I've been a MR supporter and I'm NOT a hater just because the time is near to move on. I hope I'm wrong but at this time I just can't see him leading us to a Lombardi not all being his fault but he requires a lot of perfect senaRIOS
  9. Agree Ridley will never be what JJ was but he’s a legit #1
  10. Give it time old timer…..we’re two gms in with many problems your hero TD left us in. It’ll be okay…..relax Ridley is a #1 with a strong armed QB and an improved OL
  11. Nah….several QBs in the NFL would be elated to have our Recs
  12. Plus it was noted he was taking plays off Sunday against Seattle as always. Plus he pouted his way out of Atl.
  13. Or between the OL and the one throwing it to them ain’t the greatest at this time as well. Ridley Gage Pitts Hurst OZ would be good very good for most teams
  14. And many here we will waiting for that day. BTW I’ve never played Madden one time in my life. Choose to believe what you want but MRs my QB since 2008 does have a noodle arm that can’t take advantage of WRs like JJ, CR, others and runs like he’s in quick sand. The game is changing and strong arm mobile QBs are the ones who will win in the future and don’t have to a perfect OL, OC and the rest. Like it or not ….it’s the truth or my opinion. I hope I wrong but until proven otherwise GO MATT RYAN make a play to win games if everything’s not perfect
  15. #1 find MRs replacement in next years draft if Rosen or Franks aren’t developing quick enough to the point of taking over in a year or two. We need a strong arm more mobile QB or least one that can use his weapons, Ridley, Pitts to stretch the field. #2 Pass rusher - something this franchise has lacked for over a decade #3 continue to build the OL which means giving Hennessy, Mayfield, Dallman and even McGary time to develop #4 find more help for GJ on the DL especially the interior DL #5 add a top tier RB something this teams been lacking since Freeman faded away with injuries
  16. Idt it’s no where close to as bad a team as some folks here think
  17. 3 ints vs TB and what about last week…..not saying the OL didn’t suck Ive been a MR since day one but the day is near that TF finds his heir apparent. We’ve had three straight losing seasons and he’s had his ups and downs during that time. Yeah sure he has more passing yardage than Rodgers but he’s not no where near as good. He has a ton of check down yardage trying to make come backs in the second half against prevent defenses. He’s been a great addition to the Falcons one of the best if not the best ever but he has flunk the test more than one time. It can’t always be 100% on HC OC OL etc.. fault. He needs pretty much a great OC OL WR TE RB and top defense to have winning seasons. Im not a MR hater but those who think MR IS/HAS never been part of the problem need to get over the homerism. The day is coming soon unless he starts getting different results. Honestly I would love nothing more than to see him win a Lombardi with the Falcons. That’s highly unlikely unless all perfect scenarios are fulfilled in very near future. MHO
  18. Now that’s a new word I can add to my vocabulary if I can remember how to pronounce and spell it😂
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