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  1. It would be so stupid to trade hoop but we are the Atl Falcons for a reason
  2. That’s some funny **** DQ hung his kahunas on this nothing piece of poop for 13m He is worthless...but a great person Sorry Bs you can’t help you were over drafted
  3. If DQ loses his job he deserves it simply for keeping VB for 13M. He really ****ed up on that one and the whole crowd knew it other than a few VB homers. I knew when DQ kept VB he was in trouble....what a stupid DA decision
  4. Don’t ever say that again...we know you’re not serious
  5. Please do......Takk >VB
  6. TD takes sacking the QB seriously too and has since he got here.....but has never got it done. It’s called Troffed. Oh but wait all the TD nut huggers still blame Mike Smith and now DQ.
  7. Oh let me guess ... it’s not TD’s fault because Mike Smith and Dan Quinn picked out scheme specific players. TD can’t and never has been able to produce edge rushers. TROFFED!!!! Fire his *** AB and let’s fix the problem. DQ fired his dem self giving VB 13m this yr and deserves it
  8. Really one knows but one can hope
  9. Who gives a flip what movie the team watches for those that are stupid enough to believe it matters. Stop grasping for straws... F it
  10. He// no if you mean playoffs....playoffs we can’t beat the Titans at home
  11. Maybe he’ll be eating fried chicken in Arlington next yr.....he has not lived up to the hype.
  12. Jim Harbaugh is a proven winner. He took the doormat 9ers to SB contenders. His ego is pretty big and he would have to have final say with the roster. He can be an *** hole but he a great coach.
  13. Time for change....including TD
  14. No excuses .....period JSTFU
  15. JH...end of story
  16. The sooner the better
  17. What a freaking ugly *** outfit....seeking attn. Just play and do your job job JC. Welcome but we don’t need a Cam comparable
  18. PM would make Sark DK MM or any other OClook good. What’s he done WO PM?
  19. IDK who else you blame. Our drafts have been good since Pioli got here. I just can’t give TD credit but all the TD homers will blame it on DQ just like Mike Smith. We have talent no doubt....but TD can’t or don’t know how to add the finishing touches to a championship caliber team. I’m afraid our draft will go back to being what it was before Pioli got here. We got some serious issues from the front office down. Maybe the Falcons turn it around it’s only 1/4 of the way....I’m not convinced with this crowd. You know AB wants to fire the whole D crowd and will if things don’t change quickly.
  20. Dude I’ve been a season ticket holder since ‘85. I can tell you the crowd noise and home field advantage sucks. ABTW I’m NOT pretending....been there done that....don’t act like you have
  21. Oh yea before I forget it....put the dem QB on the ground before he throws the ball. This BS pressure win rate sucks. Close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades