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  1. Did you drink five farking doubles? Go back and read my post again. I didn’t say the trenches sucked every year for 13 yrs I said pretty much every year for 13 yrs. 🥂cheers
  2. Call it what you like pal.It’s a fact the trenches pretty much sucked during your hero’s era. You can’t erase the past. It is what it is THE STORY WILL NEVER CHANGE. The truth will stand forever. I will stick with my narrative because it’s a fact that you just won’t accept. It’s obvious you have some cognitive impairment. I’d say you need to increase your dosage of Ginkgo Biloba to help you remember the past. But then again I don’t think you want to remember the past. I don’t blame you I hate going 4-12 and 7-9 here lately. On the other hand TD brought us out of the cellar a few times but put
  3. Hmmm. What kind of team does Watson have around him in Houston? Overrated makes absolutely no sense....
  4. Kiwi - don’t try and act like our OLs have been consistently good with our former GM - your hero. Our trenches sucked way more times than not during this period. Matt Ryan has been sacked 325 times since 2012 which is second most in the NFL during that period. The first spot belongs to Russell Wilson - does that ring a bell with him asking for a trade. Matt Ryan has been sacked more than 40 times each of the last three seasons. Get out of here with that rubbish BS. The whole freaking world knows our trench play and pass rush determined our ex GMs destiny. If you don’t get that part - as
  5. It’s not about lack of respect for me. MR is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Falcons. He absolutely is good enough for the Falcons with me but I do understand and support the idea of TF drafting a QB at 4 or wherever if that’s his plan for long term. MR will be 36 in two months and if TF wants to build his future with a young QB what’s wrong with that? You’re right about the OL sucking and all the sacks.
  6. And TF should feel insulted IF some of the narrow minded know it alls think he shouldn’t consider trading Ryan if the price is right and it’s his plan to draft a QB for the future at 4. Just saying😎
  7. 2 decent OLs in 13 yrs Zero pass rushers in 13 yrs 1 top defense in 13 yrs Results = 13 yrs of mediocrity TROFFED
  8. Ask around - the word out on the street is TD couldn’t build trenches or find pass rushers. Did you hear that? Must be a rumor🤷‍♂️
  9. No....but did KC get their butt handed to them with three OL starters out for the SB? We would never know in ATL since our OL and DLs pretty much sucked for the last 13 years. You need good trench play to win SBs not necessarily WRs. Ridley gives TF lots of options. I’ll let him figure it out not a bunch of know it all’s on a message boards.
  10. Trading Ridley if that’s what TF wants to do could makes a lot of sense. CR will be costly in 1-2 yrs. Lots of options to be determined.
  11. Give him until the draft and most everyone here will turn on him just like they will turn on A Smith. It’s coming - the draft first The GM second the OC third the DC fourth. It’s coming baby just watch and that’s even if we make thePOs
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