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  1. Relax dude it’s freaking March...lot of **** will happen between now and September. Don’t be a Debbie downer. Dont panic I bet you bought all the toilet paper bread and milk lol and it didn’t snow
  2. He!! Yeah without a doubt....can TD add the finishing touch? That’s the question. Or trust in TD....that’s the real question. He just seems to have a problem with the puzzle....starting with depth and a pass rush. We won’t even get into trench play. I think he finally gets it right if not ...he’s DONE! A great GM would add the final pieces of the puzzle.
  3. Idk man...MR2 nearing HOF
  4. You go dog....I’m feeling it. Blalock works all day long
  5. Well the scheme/coaches changed and most played better.
  6. Some yall way too serious...relax it’s just a stupid - fun question
  7. Honestly I’ve always wonder myself - is he lazy unmotivated or just can’t do it. You know some guys work their tail off but never improve much. Vics pretty much been accused of all the above - I’d like to ask DQ or a teammate the same question and get a true answer. Supposedly DQ worked his butt off last season and nothing really changed. Some got it some aint not sure Vic will ever meet the high expectations from the fans in Atl. But I wish him the best
  8. I rewatched several games and thought DC played well most of the time. I think there were 8 million reasons the Cardinals still think he can play
  9. TB/TB is going to be a force to reckoned with. We best be finding a veteran CB and pass rush - Fowler’s not enough. Or we could just settle for 3rd place in the NFC
  10. Not disagreeing with you but many on here has stated that Vic didn’t work hard or put the time in to hone his craft. My question to you and others that claim this is - how do you know that to be a fact?
  11. I all in on Hurst but Hoop was Mr reliable finding the opening in a zone defense. I do think Hurst has more up side
  12. One year need to save him for next year. Let’s see what he’s got.
  13. In all fairness to Steven Jackson he was playing behind one of the worst o- lines in the NFL that year with the Falcons. I’m pretty sure Peter Konz Garrett Reynolds Jeremy Trueblood Lamar Holmes and Justin Blalock made up the starting five. Blalock was pretty good but the rest were really really bad. I kind of thought Jackson got a bad deal....he// Barry Sanders or Walter Payton couldn’t run behind that line. We have question marks this year with the OL. Lindstorm and Matthews should be fine but the jury is still out on McGary (hopefully he improves from rookie year) Mack didn’t have a great year plus he’s getting old and LG is nothing more than in TD we trust. If the OL pans out I’d say look out for Gurley on 15-20 touches per game.