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  1. I don’t care for D Led but how does anyone blame him for JJ wanting more money. I do beleive JJ will be at TC not with a new contract but with added incentives. But I would vote for JJ to stay the he// away from T EGO Owens. Great wr but sorry human being
  2. Relax JJ ain’t going nowhere
  3. Well - honestly it’s a big lie....guess they tried or thought they did the right thing
  4. Come on now......we can all choose to believe what we want to believe. JJ tried to pull one off because he doesn’t want to be considered a prima donna. He may get some kind of added incentive package but not a new contract. Can’t blame him for trying if he doesn’t mind all the drama and distraction....but he knows exactly what he’s doing. Shame on TO the ego....stay away from that poison. He laughed all the way to the bank averaging 18m per yr for three yrs
  5. Haha this is a dam’s finally coming to a head. Can’t hide it any longer. JJ wants more money but he and management have tried so hard to hide it or do it the right’d that work out lol
  6. Who didn’t see it coming.....I think lots on here saw it coming. And lots on here live in a perfect world
  7. Hard to believe so many here didn’t think JJ was holding out of otas for more money. And yes jj and his agent want it to be a story
  8. JJ knew this when he signed it....the front end averaged 18/yr in first three yrs. he will be getting lots older during the last three of the six yr deal. Sorry can’t agree with jj on this one.
  9. Was listening to Pat Kirwin on NFL radio - he said JJ first yr was 22.5m second yr 13.5m third yr 11.5m and averaged with SB 18/yr during first three yrs ...contract was designed this way and it’s a 6 yr deal too early to opt out. He signed it and agreed to it he needs to honor it. Idk maybe play thru this yr and get it extended. JJ is a great player but imo he’s being a greedy diva on this one.
  10. Roberts is gone
  11. Cam Newton Panthers Saints Bucs cowgirls
  12. I think the young guys being a year older will automatically make us better. Yeah Poe was good but TM and snot will be close to the same.
  13. We got the talent...we need chemistry with Sark
  14. thank you Mr. Saputello