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  1. You okay finishing second go for it. TD Mike Smith Dan Quinn- who’s next??? But one thing remains the same.....no pass rush and you know it.
  2. Yep things went much better in the second half including sacking the QB. The bottom line remains the same...for years and years the Falcon have lacked a consistent pass rush I don’t care who was coaching or playing corner. Needs to change!!!
  3. It’s not rocket science.....sack the QB. I get tired of hearing “IF we had decent CBs we’d have a pass rush”. Man we must’ve had some bad corners going back to 2007. Seriously
  4. Dam I vote yall for OC....they buy the groceries and yall do the cooking
  5. If Gurley is limping now....we should’ve kept Freeman. Is this Ray Edwards part two????
  6. And honestly I think MD is going to be special...but that doesn’t get TD off the hook. I mean c’mon let’s find a pass rush and give Grady some help......forever
  7. Ok - has that been the problem for 13 yrs???
  8. True and no pass rush in all those yrs ...maybe once or twice
  9. I’m not saying we didn’t need Dennard and TDs done a great job reshaping the roster vs. the cap oh wait experts says the cap is never a problem. My point is the same it’s been for yrs with TD. Why the hail can’t he find a pass rush. Dallas has way more pass rush potential than us and TD and DQ sat on their asz and watched all these guys come and go to other teams. I understand we added Fowler but he’s been a one year wonder to this point. Let’s add a pass rusher and go win a SB before before JJ/MR age out. I can’t understand what TD and DQ keep doing with pass rushers. We paid 13 freaking million dollars for Bustley last yr thinking he was going to be like a jack in the box and jump out and scare somebody. Are they expecting the same with Takk? Sorry bout the venting but I so sick of watching Drew Brees and other QBs have career days against us with while they drive up tent poles to protect them. No excuse after 13 yrs man.
  10. thank the lord for Grady...one of TDs best picks ever just think what Grady could've been if TD found a little more help on the DL especially pass rush wise
  11. but remember all the cap experts on here says the Cap's NOT a problem you're talking about a wish list with Means - yea I like him too but how old is he and how long has he been in the league to prove what? I do think Takk has it in him but once again we're taking a gamble. Harris has done nothing PERIOD!!! Yea we hope Cominsky is that guy but once again he hasn't proved it. Davidson is a rookie UNPROVEN ROOKIE! When you're in the latter part of a SB window with two possible HOFs getting up in age it's time to make it happen. No excuse at this point to not sign Griffin/Clowney or somebody that we know can sack the QB. There were several out there like Griffin cost wise that we should've signed. We hope that Fowler will be what he was last year and IF not we've stepped in a big heap of cat **** for a pass rush.
  12. dude we're talking about a pass rush.....can Gurley sack the QB????
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