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  1. Aundray Bruce was a first rd pick....Gurley is no where near what he used to be. Just as well play B Hill....very little difference.
  2. No because we can’t score in the RZ and need a top tier RB even tho TG can score inside the 5 ydl Plus all yall DK lovers are beginning to convince me he can’t coach🙈
  3. Not saying MR was to blame for all 8 sacks but some were on him. I expect more from a QB of 13 yrs and former MVP making 30+M$/ yr. He also made some awful throws.
  4. The falcons have gone into about 10 of the last 13 yrs without a pass rush much less depth.
  5. This ^. I know some here think MR does no wrong. The Saints defense front seven is butt kicker tho. MR is to blame for some of those sacks.
  6. Dodds Hortiz Smith - don’t base the hire on skin color. Just go find the best....they need to do their homework. It’s hard to trust AB or J McKay to make the right decision.
  7. Another TD DL that’s will be average at best. TD sucked at finding DL
  8. But TD batted .0000 finding edge rushers....or in layman terms he sucked at OL DL and edge rushers. 13 yrs of embrace the suck of no pass rush. Yes he did okay in other areas.
  9. I’ve come to realize that after 13 yrs of TD finding a pass rush. TROFFED
  10. If it makes you feel better I didn’t say it was all his fault but yes he should have thrown it away several times or read the defense and hit the open man. He did miss some open targets during his happy feet panic moments. Agree or disagree with how I feel but MR has to shoulder some blame for that performance. The truth will stand forever. BTW I’m a MR2 fan but I’m for finding his replacement in the next draft and hopefully his replacement will be a mobile one as the NFL is trending that way now days. It starts in rec league to the NFL.
  11. I know it won’t happen unless MR is injured but I’d really love to see Benkert play a couple of games. Morris only chance to win the HC job would be to fire DK and win games with GK as OC
  12. A lot of blame to go around but MR held the ball way too long yesterday. He had happy feet and appeared to panic several times. The OL sucked but most of that is on DK and MR IMO.
  13. Exactly- guys on the edge was impossible with TD.... not much better at safety. With that said this team is close to having the final pieces of the puzzle and needs to start with the right GM and HC
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