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  1. Rumor has it he’s closer to 275....of course he can water down at the combine
  2. Karma’s real
  3. Rams favored...naw
  4. Agree with LB play and would love to have KJ but the OL DL has to be a priority.
  5. Wentz can be great....but if this report is true good for the Eagles. I hope they trade Foles and sink with Wentz....their fans deserve it. Sorry i despise Eagles fans
  6. I’m all good with this... but who’s drafting TD or DQ? I think they’ve been good but for whatever reason we still suck at consistently drafting OL DL. Hopefully that changes this year or it’s time to reboot. How many yrs does a GM get? The power is in the trenches.....
  7. No real dumb
  8. RB doesn’t matter if you have a good OL
  9. Today
  10. Relax’re already in a happy place
  11. Happy B Day
  12. Well it was a bad call
  13. You’re don’t EVER come back here talking smack STFU