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  1. I didn’t bother to read all you wrote it hurts my eyes...I’ll leave it at that...but when they say MR2 sucks is one thing but when they add ***cks to it and say it in front of women and children I really do become the common denominator. Sorry I didn’t raise my family hearing that kind of nonsense and won’t tolerate it. I’m done
  2. Defensively they are very good maybe top 5-10
  3. I’ll take the points it’s up to 13
  4. Like I said I don’t do well turning the other me I don’t go looking for trouble. I guess there’s no trouble if your willing to be take all the abuse, but I don’t care about hearing a low life shouting obscenities “MR2 sucks *”:cks toward my family - because my daughter was wearing his jersey. And this happened with no alcohol in my system. I chose to tell him to respect women and children and he had a problem with it. Also my brother was badgered all the way out of the stadium the last time we won don’t act like a Saint lol.
  5. Haha - next time you’re there at a night game vs Falcons just stand back and listen to your fans. A Falcon fans will be verbally abused....just listen. I’ve been to 27 NFL stadiums and the Saints fans can be just as bad as Philly at night gms
  6. Been there 3 times - night games can be pretty bad due to all the extra drinking as their fans can be down right rude. In three trips, two were really bad experiences- got in a fight on one trip, almost went to jail another time because I cursed one of their mouthy fans - I don’t do good turning the other cheek, but you should be ok as long as you’re willing to take some verbal abuse. Oh yeah do not argue with the police most hate the Falcons and love to slap the cuffs on....once you get back to Bourbon Street you’ll be fine. All in all it’s a great experience
  7. Fire MR2...possibly a HOF
  8. Agree - plus the drop deflection interception caused by CR was a 10 point turn around - not sure what DQ could do about that one.
  9. ^ what he said plus I was there and felt a slight breeze against kick....don’t think MB gets it there...jmo. On the other hand MR can’t take a sack there
  10. In all honesty what is DQ suppose to say to make everyone happy after a heartbreaking loss? Seriously!!!! I don’t get wrapped up in post gm pressers, especially when we lose. I think DQ deserves another yr or two with a healthy team and hopefully better players in the trenches and better depth.
  11. It’s crazy how we struggle to sack the QB and both GB and Seattle do it with a bunch of no names that’s going to turn into big names. We just keep spinning our wheels trying to find a pass rush yr after yr
  12. Love him or hate him/them got to give Bres credit as one of the best to ever spin it .
  13. If we lose Sunday it won’t be due to over confident
  14. Yea and if he misses a kick this fan base will be ready to fire him on the spot lol
  15. It’s all about securing the ball...Hardy is better than the others at that. Another L and I’m sure the others will get a chance