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  1. Lol at you thinking we give up 41 points- ain’t happening
  2. Say what you want but that’s some brotherhood think about what they’ve been thru happy for them us Atl .... this team is ready to explode
  3. Bump ...this is some cool stuff
  4. His arm is about to fall off
  5. I really hope he’s right too but we saw glimpses when Sark was here
  6. Dem sure hope it doesn’t need another screw :-(
  7. Ah he// -let’s give him a week or two
  8. Ok...first of all I saw a lot of I’s from the OP lol. However, I do agree with 98% of what he said. But please OP.....don’t wait so long (go ahead and post on Monday from now on) and post ASAP! But you on it dog!!!! You really think we win?? Demit I can’t decide to bet the +- 2 . Sad but true - I’d lay the bad
  9. It’s too early to panic.....but understand the concern. This is a talented team with some solid coaching. Let’s call it a bad game. We ALL know we’re better than today.
  10. I guess Quinn believes in Plan D for Harlow. Harlow has convinced most ppl he sucks...ima believer
  11. All I got to say is if our OL performs at a high level we will win at least 10 gms. This defense is going to fly around and swarm like killer bees.....speed will make us a top ten defense. The pass rush is key and it looked good in PS
  12. Glad you’re only thinking- 10-6 at worse
  13. I listen all the time....Weis knows his football. I rewatched the game McGary gunna beast. If our OL gels.....unstoppable
  14. Give us some info