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  1. You’re 100% on point. Somebody didn’t do their job. Or you could say QUINN was TROFFED plus he hired DK. The future will be the BEST of Falcon history! We got to get that Lombardi. Let’s hope Smith and Fonty are the ones to lead the way for many years.
  2. It’s all about injuries- if the Bucs stay healthy they will win the NFCS. The Bucs are freaking loaded but you never know what’s going to happen.
  3. It’s okay - relax everybody has an opinion. If you’re going to comment/complain about it at least watch the vid
  4. Dude Happy Birthday. Hope you have many more coming your way. Always good to have birthdays 🎂 🎉
  5. Or no such thing as kicking the can down the road😜
  6. Well now you have. I’m so glad you realized. I won’t stopping poking fun with you now. Maybe I can strike a nerve more often with you and others. I see it’s working. Get over it pal or get use to it. This won’t be the last time. You’re way too EZ. It’s just a message board where you get all the pertinent information on a daily basis. No where else can you find the TRUTH🤣
  7. WTH is a salary cap.....just a fairy tale😝
  8. No pass rush for the whole Troffing 13 years has never helped our DBs. Losing that much experience is a big deal. Hoping Coaching, AJ Terrell, R Grant and some of these off-season acquisitions allows our pass coverage to improve. We’ll see
  9. Didn’t read thru it all...but I’m not worried about the offense. The defense will define this season. I’m not convinced our defense will be explosive 🤣
  10. Lol I know that line. Good one! I bet many here has never heard it.
  11. Let’s hope he coaches like BILL you pick which one
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