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  1. It is pretty clear now. Jimmy Graham was a product of the pass happy system in New Orleans. Remember when he wanted to be defined as a WR? Lol.
  2. It was the best insult anyone had ever given me. I took it as a compliment.
  3. Interesting question on comparing the 98 and 16 team. The present day Falcons D can sometimes be prone to being carved up by efficient QBs such as Alex Smith. Doing just enough to win. Like the 98 team. Chandler was very efficient. He was a average career QB, but in the context of 98, very effective. A veteran playing a young defense in his best year. As good as this young Falcons D can be, rookie mistakes happen and rookie starters are aplenty this season. The Falcons offense is of course great this year as well. Perhaps the best offense in franchise history in particular with the passing ga
  4. I do remember when Alex Smith was with the niners and he had no touchdowns to WRs by around the middle of this one season. I am fairly confident in this game. I think our linebackers can easily track down these underneath throws and tackle early and often.
  5. The throwbacks from the Smith era were fire, no doubt, but I personally enjoyed the ones this year against San Diego. It was more of the 90's feel and I loved it. Another team's retro uniforms I've always liked are the Seattle silver helmets and blue jerseys with green trim...Zorn/Largent era jerseys. Have the Seahawks used those yet?
  6. I can never understand for the life of me why people put so much stock into the mainstream sports media. Who cares about what some talking head is pontificating about? Who gives a **** if we are "respected by the media or not." It's irrelevant to the W/L column.
  7. Did one of those announcers call Auburn's offense prolific? Lol.
  8. So Chubb's senior season would have to virtually match Walker's freshman season. Man, I hope he comes back, but I see zero reason for him to. He's given us a lot and I think he's ready to move on.
  9. He's one of the greatest UGA RBs ever regardless if he comes back, but he won't come back.
  10. I believe it is growing pains. How many seniors are on this team starting this year?
  11. Eason just needs to find a rhythm. His overthrows are painful after seeing them time after time, but hopefully we can chalk this up to freshman mistakes and not a sign of things to come. Fromm should be interesting when he comes in. I hope to see more of Ridley out there catching. The real story of this game from a generic football stand point are the Cajun turnovers.
  12. If we can run the ball the way we should with Chubb, the games is ours. I was completely shocked at how shut down Chubb was by Nicholls State, but he he did seem to find his stride near the middle to end of the 2nd half. One of the biggest strengths for Mizzou is their defensive line and I think that our biggest strength, Chubb, can bust this balance in strengths. I expect our defense to perform well against Lock. I am just not convinced that Lock is all that good yet.
  13. I don't feel sorry for him, no way. The biggest question that should be asked in a QB is that "are they good enough to get to and win the Super Bowl?" With Matt Ryan, I would say yes. We almost did. We just need the right guys around him and what everyone has been hungry: DEFENSE. Facebook fans love to rag on Ryan, but he's done a lot for this franchise and continues to do so. Finding a good or great QB that can perform on a consistent basis is hard to find and we have our guy under center. If you want to see true quarterback dysfunction, look no further than Cleveland as the best example
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