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  1. This thread would be like comparing Marc Speer's career after he released "The Universe Smiles Upon You" to Eric Clapton's career after he released "From the Cradle". Yes, that example is for all the heads out there. You're welcome!
  2. An SI article about an ESPN article which was just a hypothetical statement. Sometimes you just gotta go offline for a little while.
  3. I think it's zone like zoning out when you're high. I'm not certain of that, but that's what it looks like to me.
  4. I can respect this. Who doesn't like an ice cold Fanta on a hot day in the South East?
  5. Is this an Atlanta thing, cause I'm not understanding at all? I mean, I recognize the names, but not getting the overall point.
  6. Don't say things like that. You've been a fan long enough to know better.
  7. That was a beautiful pass. Nothing against Pitts but that was all Matt.
  8. I'm looking forward to conversations about the Falcons making the playoffs after this game.
  9. Has that ever happened in NFL history? Seems like the kind of dubious record the Falcons would have.
  10. Uh oh! The Falcons streak of beating teams with only one win is at risk.
  11. Watching this game helps put into perspective just how bad the Jets are.
  12. I'm highly opposed to shortening the field for a Koo field goal. I want to see him kick an 70+ yarder!
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