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  1. I doubt that second one was actually from TD. I saw no mention of trading up or trading back into the first.
  2. I'd much prefer Atlanta trade with a team that isn't likely to be good next year, and I feel like Washington fits that. Though they are in the NFC East, which is a complete dumpster fire, so maybe not?
  3. So we're going to start the "whose responsible for the roster coach or GM" debate now. Joy?
  4. If the Falcons draft Pitts and Ryan improves negates the rest of the post, assuming we are sticking with the same binary (and incorrect) logic.
  5. I still can't watch the Hawks to this day because of how they did Nique.
  6. Nope looks like your right. True, but if used correctly then at least you didn't have horrible performances after week one of the regular season.
  7. I'm not gonna watch this video cause unless he's scatting or doing poetry while someone plays an upright bass I'm going to be disappointed.
  8. If anything the Falcons do makes you mad, you probably haven't been a fan very long.
  9. One of my all time favorites. Also enjoyed watching Deion give up on making a tackle. That never gets old either.
  10. This is what my previous comment about the math was referring to. There is an easily hit scenario which having an odd number of games presents, but I can't remember what it is. I figured it out awhile ago. If I remember I'll post it.
  11. So how is the math on this going to work? The NFL somehow took an easily divisible number (16), and made that needlesly complicted. I'm assuming each team in a division is going to have to play another team in their division half a time, but I don't want to give too much credit.
  12. I love this signing. I don't care how good or bad he is as a football player. With a name like that he would make a heck of a jazz pianist.
  13. The Falcons got rid of Dan Quinn, Thomas Dimitrioff, and Dirk Koetter. Any wins at this point are just icing on the cake.
  14. I said it in the Saints thread, and I'll say it again here... I guess a 7th round pick and a 50,000 fine would have been too obvious.
  15. I wouldn't expect the device to weigh much, but the adhesive or whatever they use to bind it was more what I was thinking about. Also I don't think they could just put it in the ball without putting it in some kind of protective case. Micro chips are usually pretty sensitive.
  16. Overall I agree with what you're saying here and really like that light idea. Hadn't heard that before but that's great. I do wonder though how you would secure the chip inside the ball without messing up its weight or aerodynamics.
  17. I feel like the replay rules are pretty consistent. Unless there's enough evidence to overturn the call, they usually don't. While there are certainly times where the refs screw up, I feel like the bigger issue is that alot of coaches are just really bad at understanding how the rule works and go by feelings more than data. Dan Quinn was really bad about this (though to be fair, he was really bad about everything).
  18. I guess fining them a 7 round pick and $50000 would have been too obvious.
  19. There are only 3 positions I would be upset with if the Falcons spent the 4th overall pick in the draft on, and TE is one of them. Having said that I openly admit to knowing nothing about this person. So is this kid worth the number 4 pick in the draft?
  20. Seems like alot of work to stop me from watching a game I probably wasn't going to watch anyway.
  21. I feel like they are much less offensive now that Quinn and Koetter are gone.
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