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  1. Someone might want to call a coroner who is also a construction specialist cause someone is gonna have to scrape that DB up after Matthew's hit
  2. Not what I was thinking but that works
  3. When did they remove the intentional grounding rule?
  4. Chris Collinsworth is just terrible.
  5. Special teams? This is crazy!
  6. I always fear someone is about to have a career day
  7. That pick alone made this game worth watching. He was sitting down and still caught it.
  8. Didn't Quinn hire someone to help with when to use timeouts or was that for something else?
  9. The good thing about Koetter being around is I don't find it upsetting when the offense stalls cause I don't expect them to do anything to begin with.
  10. Maybe Quinn doesn't know that special teams are supposed to exist? I can't think of any other reason for them being a liability for so long.