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  1. The Chargers are in a city that has proven numerous times it can't or won't support an NFL team. The Falcons are in Atlanta.
  2. Am I reading that correctly? QBs are ranked for a recivers YAC?
  3. I just realized the irony of arguing Ryan's effectiveness inside/outside of the pocket when he spent the last two years under an OC who didn't believe in pockets.
  4. If people don't know at this point Koetter's career is a joke I don't think saying it out loud will help. I've been wrong before though.
  5. Was that person in the stands wearing a Falcons jersey?
  6. I thought TD was responsible for managing the cap? I guess the people who said TD wasn't responsible for anything were right.
  7. If intentional grounding was a living creature, it would be embarrassed by that last one.
  8. Seeing those puts into perspective just how hideous the current uniforms are. So did the guy who designed these just do it for his own amusement? Cause it would be kind of embarrassing if someone just messing around so severely outclassed a professional firm that did it for money.
  9. It's hard to watch this team because of the Jerseys. Leaving aside the colors, they look like cheap low quality materials. The format of the numbers looks like they couldn't decide if they wanted retro 70s styling or retro 80s arcade styling so they just gave up and picked the first thing they saw at Big Lots.
  10. Quinn is one of the worst HCs ever. By simply not being him Ulbrich and Morris are better. I'm not saying they are or aren't good, but they are better than the source material.
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