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  1. Did you notice the description under the graph was "a record large amount"?
  2. I use to do that all the time. Infuriated my friend in college I use to play with till I explained the logic to him. I'd go low to make other players over bet, then with they missed their mark the points they'd lose would more than make up for what we didn't get by being off. Though we may have just been playing against people who sucked cause we use to just wipe everyone out.
  3. Is that an Oskar Blues beer? Oyster stout is a really old style. They're pretty good.
  4. A few minutes ago I saw in an interview that trump referred to Bidens approach as being non-scientific. That was an unpleasant few minutes afterwards.
  5. I was wondering about this exact thing earlier and how democrats could use it to their advantage, especially in the South East. That would of course require the democrats knowing how to use anything to their advantage. Thanks for posting this.
  6. Cool! I just wanted to make sure no one was denying you the right to a cold beer with your meal. You never know in trump's America.
  7. Are you saying you require a ice cold coke, or someone is forcing you to have a coke when you'd rather have a beer?
  8. So what would that do to someone like Lindsey Graham? That dude abandoned everything he ever believed in for trump. I guess you could make a strong argument he never actually believed anything he said, but still one way or another he's fully betrayed himself.
  9. Why is the assumption that the Falcons would have to trade to get Lawrence? Did something happen where the picks for the draft Lawrence would be in happen before the season was played?
  10. Oh, I agree 100%. I didn't mean to imply it was good, just hopefully it's enough to keep the d@mn from breaking before we can evacuate the village down stream.
  11. You have to remember the current president doesn't have the mental facilities for the office either. While I don't think he's as far along Biden in terms of possible deterioration he simply lacks a large set of the mental skills required to hold office effectively (and not just basic literacy). Biden passing responsibilities to his cabinet could be troublesome, but if it leads to people knowledgeable in their fields affecting decisions it is probably an improvement.
  12. So your arguing personal responsibility while simultaneously arguing the president has none? Bold!
  13. Correct. They were more popular than him, and prone to not always repeat what he said word for word.
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