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  1. Can someone provide a Venn diagram of the crossover between schools that won't teach this and schools that won't teach evolution?
  2. That's a really good question about the 2nd game you bring up, hadn't thought about that. I feel certain though that sll pre-season games will be handled better than they were under Quinn.
  3. That was the take away? On the serious tip though, this philosophy reminds me of the concept that was popular in IT for a few years which was "fail fast and often.". Aside from being a bad idea, it was misexecuted by most managers(SHOCK) and caused problems everywhere I encountered it, as well as long lasting residual issues.
  4. I hinted at this in my previous comment, but people coming from Denver I'm more concerned with their beer knowledge.
  5. Apparently he was signed originally by Denver. I've never run into him at a brewery, so I'm guessing he's not a beer afficiando?
  6. I thought you were saying the presser was pre mandatory which didn't make any sense. I realized I was adding a nonexistent comma as I was reading the title, so I went back and edited my comment.
  7. Nevermind, figured out what you meant. My apologies.
  8. I have to admit I'm hoping that now that the Quinn era is over people can look back and appreciate how good of a HC Smith was at the time.
  9. You have to give Ryan credit. Playing behind crap OLines most of his career and he's learned how to thrive under it. That's gotta be tough.
  10. This is 100% accurate. With DQ the most I hoped for with this team is that they wouldn't absolutely embarrass themselves, and they rarely even accomplished that.
  11. I had somehow forgotten about DQs not using preseason to get the team ready, then having the team struggle for the first 3 - 4 weeks of the season. It's hard to keep straight his failures on every single level.
  12. I always thought the Jets just existed to ruin young QBs. That would be cool if they could also provide some value for the Falcons.
  13. Are you implying that at some point Chris Simms said something that wasn't stupid ****?
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