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  1. I'm assuming it's cause it doesn't snow down there so they don't understand what a bad idea retreads actually are.
  2. How many teams have had a game where the offense scored zero points this season? I'm assuming the Jets probably have.
  3. Yards per point sounds like a stupid stat. Like someone was desperately trying to come up with something new and hip to tell their friends.
  4. The very first item in this list, and the very last item in the 2nd list explain why they aren't. Everything else is just noise.
  5. Dirk Koetter is one of the worst OCs in the history of football. His being rehired shows not only the depths of Quinn's incompetence, but incompetence throughout the organization for even letting him come back a second time. Having said that firing him now makes no sense. If Morris fires him and still loses then it's going to look real bad for him.
  6. Prior to you saying it I hadn't. Though now that you have released that possibility into reality it does seem like a very Falcons thing to do.
  7. I had thought Morris was doing a better job and appeared to be learning, but one thing I saw today really concerned me about his long term viability. At the end of the 2nd quarter when the Saints had that long completion and then the non-fumble the defense appears to have lost it. That's classic Falcons football. The minute they think they got a break and didn't they just fall apart. I'd like the next coach to get the team past that mind state.
  8. I already use the word Falconed to describe a massive screw up.
  9. Somehow seems less destructive than being a Falcons fan. I'll still watch the Falcons, cause it's nice to have something in the background while cleaning the bathrooms. Really puts the idea of human waste in perspective.
  10. I'm positive the Falcons are going to find some way to lose that will make me stop and think "Even if you were actively trying to ish the bed that should be impossible!"
  11. I'm impressed you remember that. Closest I can remember is Eli Manning crying when the Chargers drafted him and immediately getting traded to NY. I'd love to see one QB stay in school and that causing another QB to bail, all just to avoid the Jets. I would straight up laugh my a$$ off at that.
  12. That would be hilarious. Has such a thing ever happened before?
  13. What did that video review sound like? "Well Dirk, this is a tough defense that has alot of speed across the middle, how are you gonna handle that? GOT IT! Slow developing routes and run it right into thick of the defense! Well done Dir, you deserve a steak!"
  14. I wonder what his eyes told him about a game where his offense scored zero points? I wonder if his eyes saw this is the second Saints game in a row where his offense allowed 8+ sacks?
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