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  1. What WR or DB that lacks ball skills will be available when the Falcons pick, cause that's who they will go for.
  2. Mike Smith also had TD actively working against him in the draft room/ free agency. It's alot easier to build a team when you don't have someone undermining you.
  3. How many games now has Quinn's inability to manage the clock cost the Falcons? I know almost weekly he screws his team, but I can't remember how many losses have been directly because of it. I'm referring only to clock management here, not all his other terrible coaching traits.
  4. I think Quinn spending his time rejecting information on how to manage the clock probably has a cascading effect on other areas.
  5. Not only are the Falcons stuck with Quinn for at least 3 more years, but you're also gonna get to watch the Saints win the Superbowl in their home stadium. Hope you like having an empty stadium Blank, cause that's what's going to happen.
  6. Congratulations Quinn, Jason Garrett just out coached you. It wasn't even close either.
  7. Quinn must want to be the worst coach of all time in clock management. No one can be this bad accidentally.
  8. Yeah, Quinn is really bad at his job. Not sure why you'd do that and follow up with a 3 man rush unless you wanted to fail.
  9. Quinn calls TO, opposing team benefits.
  10. A massive ST screw up and it wasn't the Falcons?
  11. I'm on board, but Quinn is here for at least three more years. That Super Bowl appearance assured that. Also doesn't matter cause unless they get rid of TD the lines are never gonna be fixed.
  12. On the plus side the Falcons can use their high draft pick for another receiver or a DB that can't intercept the ball
  13. And that's the game. Good job Falcons. Can't wait to hear how yall embarrass yourselves on Thanksgiving.