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  1. Id guess debo suffered a linsfranc injury so 7 weeks would be a little fast for full recovery. Its crappy news but next man up! Heres hoping that my falcons show their true grit and the offense comes through.
  2. Anyone notice the eagles signing reggie Davis recently? Trying to get intel on the offense perhaps?
  3. Anyone notice how the main ref is either dying from pneumonia or toking a blunt off screen? Lol
  4. id rather pay matt now then have to be another team with these younger qbs that are about to crush their teams payroll. I mean how mad are dallas, tampa bay, tennessee,etc. fans gonna be when those teams have to pay what the market bears for their "franchise" qbs?
  5. lol i immediately thought of the dog on the christmas vacation movie
  6. That dude is becoming the jared lorenzen of wide receivers lol
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