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  1. Wilson has 2 five touchdown games Big Ben has four. Not sure that is a good measuring stick for anything.
  2. Matt Ryan 2008 - 2012 Mike Vick 2002 - 2006 4 Passing Touchdown games = 3 4 Passing Touchdown games = 3 3 Passing Touchdown games = 15 3 Passing Touchdown games = 2 Total passing yards = 18,957 Total passing yards = 10,720 So I took Ryan and Vick's first 4 years in the league in order to compare them as passers. Ryan is clearly way ahead of Vick as a passer, so I think it is fair to say from a pocket passer standpoint, you can't lump Vick and Ryan together because Ryan is on a completely different level. EDIT: Only looked at regular season games
  3. I'm surprised Brady is so far down the list. Dude looks like he never gets touched.
  4. I know other threads about Julio's money/ contract talks were being locked. Can we do the same on this? Who cares what Mike Vick has to say about Julio Jone's money? Are does the fact that Vick is in the title means it has to stay open?
  5. Great rebuttal! Very detailed with good factual points to back it up. Why will Mike Vick be remembered? He will definitely not go down as the best running QB ever. Steve Young and his multiple SB wins will have something to say about that. I don't even think he makes top 5. He currently holds only two NFL records. One for the most career rushing yards by a QB (because he was a poor passer) and the most rushing yards by a QB in a season. The first one will not last long with QBs like Russell Wilson still going strong. So he won't be remembered for still holding records. Like I said he won't be remembered for SB or Conference Championship wins. He's not even the best Falcons QB of all time. Right now that honor is Matt Ryans based on wins and records. So why exactly will Mike Vick be remembered by future generations? Because some old guys on a message board said it was exciting to see him take off and run from time to time.
  6. This kind of sums it up right here. Once the fans who watched and were "excited" by Vick when he played get older, no one will remember Mike Vick. The reason is because he did absolutely nothing of worth to be remembered by future generations. People still remember and talk about Roger Staubach, Dan Moreno, and Joe Montana quite often. The same wont be true for Mike Vick in a few more years except for the older folks on this message board talking about how "exciting" he was.
  7. Yeah because most athletes wait until college before learning basic techniques and then master those skills in one or two years.
  8. You summed it up pretty well. All the "wasted potential". That could be the title of his biography.
  9. If he lets Ryan Schraeder do it, then why not this guy?
  10. I'm only counting seven typed lines not including blank ones. Talk about a third world education. Vick was garbage on the field and off.
  11. Can we get this thread moved to another forum as it has absolutely nothing to do with the Falcons? Who gives a flying F if it's Mike Vick's birthday? Why the NFL is going out of its way to make this guy bigger then he was is beyond me. I didn't watch the video but was the highlight on there of when he flipped off the fans? How about the clip where he got kicked out of the NFL? Did they show the one where he was lifting weights in prison? What former player to never win a superbowl or do anything of real import has the NFL/media given this much attention to?
  12. How exactly does that work when kids get to college and don't know how to tackle? I swear common sense is dead.
  13. I did not know that. That's actually surprising.
  14. Is UFC included as a sport? I would think those guys and gals would get concussed every match.