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  1. Yeah just makes you think of what we could have done with a healthy defense. Ryan is playing lights out.
  2. Lol I hope the response would be: “what a *****”
  3. I hope they ask Jones why he smiled after fumbling
  4. WTF is happening right now
  5. Did y’all see Ryan scream “Hooper!!” Hooper cost him a TD
  6. We have to lead the league in dropped interceptions
  7. We should start calling Trufant “Charmin” because he is so dang soft
  8. He had 4 ypc and 6 ypc with 64 total yards over 2 games. He wasn’t really lighting it up.
  9. Yeah I know. I think Freeman’s YPC sucked the 2 games he played
  10. Need to go back and look at it but I’m pretty sure the offense wasn’t clicking at all when he was in
  11. Seriously? When Freeman was in there they did worse.
  12. I was really hoping the Giants would be a team that we could really beat up on in Prime Time
  13. Exactly. WTF you smiling about? The fact that you just gave the other team 3 points?
  14. Bad enough Trufant plays like garbage. Now we are losing Alford too.
  15. That OBJ catch is on Julio