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  1. Right. Dude needs to be on a football field doing football related drills instead of wrestling on a mat.
  2. Total fing rebuild mode!
  3. Yeah I highly doubt we go CB in the 1st rd when we have Trufant and Alford.
  4. At least make them play the games first before you anoint them the best d-line ever. SMH
  5. D-Led has to be a "special" hire. The AJC must get a massive tax break for employing him.
  6. He would bring that locker room down faster then you could say "don't shoot Las Vegas police"
  7. Lonnie Smith cost us a world series
  8. Welcome to a long and boring off season
  9. We'll like it until we hate it
  10. 76 is still 76 no matter what generation. Old is still old and Jerry is old. He just happens to be an old guy that can still coach.
  11. Man TO sucks at trash talk. You thank after all those years in the NFL he would be better at it.
  12. I'm pretty sure Blank paid Vaughn McClure to write that.
  13. Marvin Lewis doesn't even know why he still has a job. He said "Yeah I would fire me if I was them"
  14. I agree. I think the Patriots told McDaniels "you're next in line for HC" and there is no way Atlanta could have told Kyle that. The situations are totally different as to why one left and the other stayed.
  15. Lava from volcanos man...what happens when it cools...cmon