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  1. Our coaching staff and their coaching
  2. The only problem with “double threat” QBs is that they are rarely good passers. The running QBs may be exciting to watch but they don’t win championships. Russel Wilson is the exception.
  3. Nice try Quinn. You’ve got one more season.
  4. Perfect TD pass to Julio.
  5. Beating a team that isn’t trying to win isn’t much of a victory
  6. Ever cross your mind that the Cardinals aren’t playing to win.
  7. The win means absolutely nothing. They are not playing for pride. Most of them couldn’t care less. They are only playing for their jobs. I have no problem with losing this game if it means a better chance at a good pick that can help us have a winning season next year.
  8. We don’t need to win this game.
  9. They just showed where Ryan is arguably the best player in this team with almost MVP like numbers but people are still going to blame him. Gotta make you think they are hating for another reason other then his play.
  10. Falcons going to Falcon. Winning this game means absolutely nothing. Just going to keep us from moving up to a better pick.
  11. Cardinals are trying to out Falcon us. Reminds me of the Southpark episode where all the little league teams we’re trying to lose on purpose.
  12. We had three defensive players make it to the QB and still no sack
  13. They will use that as an excuse to extend him and then he’ll suck even more next season.
  14. Thanks for trying to ruin our chances of moving up in the draft?
  15. Oline can’t protect for one second can always tell when someone just wants to hate on Ryan. They ignore everything else completely.