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  1. Yeah I always trust investigations that are conducted by the person that is being investigated.
  2. I'm not sure why they keep using the angle. No one I have talked to actually likes it. It's almost like they are actively trying to find ways to piss us off now.
  3. I'm not saying men are victims. Although Terry Cruz talked about being sexually harassed and no one seemed to care. I'm just saying that the work environment for most men is going to be like walking on eggshells when it comes to interacting with women. I have no intention of sexually harassing any women I work with, but I'm still having to choose my words very carefully so that I don't say anything that could be taken the wrong way. It can be stressful and awkward to the point where you might go out of your way not to have conversations unless absolutely necessary.
  4. So the result of all this is the pendulum is about to swing to the other extreme end. Meaning guys are going to avoid talking to women in the workplace as much as possible. I'm not about to risk my career because something I say can be taken the wrong way as sexual harassment. For example, if I dropped something and not thinking said "Can you bend over and get that for me?", I could be in HR having to defend why I asked her to bend over.
  5. Yeah Bill Clinton raped a woman and no one seemed to care at the time. Hillary even called his victims liars.
  6. Noted but I think my statement still holds true.
  7. Gronk can't scream racism so they weren't scared to suspend him
  8. If we drop 2 then we are pretty much done for the season right?
  9. Falcons won't win out. They are going to drop at least one.
  10. When it comes to people's lives and careers I would assume innocent until proven guilty. It's bad for a sexual assault victim to be ignored but it is just as bad if not more so for someone's entire life to be ruined based on a lie. Because there are a lot of crazy people out there that would lie about serious matters to achieve a particular end. You just can't convict someone based on word of mouth. You end up with witch hunts.
  11. I think the problem is that most of the accusers are automatically believed. The fact is a lot of people lie and when all people have to do is just make an accusation to ruin someone's career without any proof, it's a very dangerous time.
  12. Of course not. They are post season darlings and the league wouldn't want to hurt their chances. This is why no one takes the NFL seriously. All these rules and protocols are rigged and unevenly enforced.
  13. Whole heartedly! You take the college wildcat away from Cam Newton and you would get a repeat performance of 2016 Cam over and over. He could never make it as a pocket passer.