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  1. Truth or not. That right there is locker room cancer.
  2. Didn’t Ramsey call his QB trash last season?
  3. He only threw 5 or 7 interceptions last year. Get out of here with that noise.
  4. It’s Ito time
  5. Yeah nothing wrong at all with being cautiously optimistic given the two performances we have seen so far. But yeah anyone who goes to “ you’re not a fan” just because they don’t like your opinion is automatically put in the idiot column
  6. Yeah if Ryan gets his head right and stops forcing the ball and the Oline holds up we should be in better shape. Definitely think Ito needs to get the lions share of the carries. He just always seems to make something happen.
  7. Cue the “you’re not real fans” rant. You bore me and I’m sure others as well.
  8. I hope for your sake the OP doesn’t see this post
  9. Dude take a xanax. You’re clearly off your meds.
  10. Yeah I’m not complaining about the win but I just can’t be too optimistic with the quality of the offense so far. Hope it is just working the kinks out at the beginning.
  11. I don’t know what is going on in his head that is making him force the ball into double and triple coverage
  12. I’m not complaining about the win. I just won’t blind myself to this teams problems on offense so far. Only an idiot would just go Rah Rah Rah and not see both sides.
  13. In fairness, Ryan is the one who read the defense and called that play so he does get some of the credit.
  14. Seriously don’t let close finish blind you to the fact that our offense played like total crap for most of the game. This team has serious problems still.
  15. Both offenses played like total crap. We were just a little less crappy. our defense looked SB caliber though