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  1. So is the XFL just NFL football pre 2003 before all the safety rules?
  2. Also, another reason you might see more Pats fans now is because Atlanta has become such a transient city over the past 20 years. The population of northerners in ATL has significantly grown.
  3. Yeah suckers. They just have multiple SB wins to ease their pain in the slow decline. LoL @ them
  4. Yeah I agree he should know that. I also think 85% of the population outside the Midwest would probably make the same mistake.
  5. So that’s extremely common. City names are shared in several states. But no Alabama City in Georgia.
  6. Are there any other states that have cities named after other states? Like is there a Mississippi City in Tennessee.
  7. Yeah he is just like Joe Flacco. Mediocre with a ring.
  8. Who said anything about Ryan? Pat had a very mediocre night. That’s just a fact. Nothing spectacular or amazing at all. He got lucky on a couple of passes in the 4th quarter. Ooooooo
  9. You’re right. He was mediocre at best tonight.
  10. Kyle’s ego when it comes to the pass has cost him 2 SBs.
  11. I don’t think Quinn will ever get us close to another SB.
  12. 2 TD and 2 Int for 286 yds. Sorry but that’s mediocre. The team as a whole won that game.
  13. He obviously did not
  14. Why does the media keep trying to make Vick relevant? I don’t get it.
  15. Never heard of him but it’s obvious he knows nothing about football.