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  1. Way too political. I don't watch sports too be lectured to about what I should believe politically. Until people stop watching, it'll only get worse. These political narratives(most of which arent based on facts) keep creeping into every aspect of peoples lives. Enough is enough. Just tired and done with it.
  2. **** THE NFL! I hope it dies a quick ratings death. SEC football only from here on out.
  3. The more likely scenario is that Brady beats us again in both games next season, 28-3.
  4. 1. African Americans do have access to head coach and GM positions 2. Giving someone an advantage based on the color of their skin is racist. 3. Where is the evidence that the best qualified candidates are not being hired? If the goal is to have equal representation of all races then we need to have even bigger incentives for Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos.
  5. Is the saying “desperate times call for racism” because that is what it is when you give someone an advantage because they have a certain skin color.
  6. Wouldn’t excluding other candidates because they are not black be racist?! I mean it is racist to use someone’s skin color as criteria for a job. Society is so dumb. NFL is just a reflection of the identity politics that has consumed us all.
  7. Another 1st round bust. Even when he is healthy he’s not that good.
  8. There are a lot of people in the room with the players but they want them to stay off camera because of covid. Can’t run all these commercials about staying at home and then have packed out living rooms.
  9. Nah I wouldn’t count Spoon or Neal. Perry on the other hand I think just didn’t want to play.
  10. How many 1st round busts has Dimitroff picked? I would include Vic Beasley.
  11. So is the XFL just NFL football pre 2003 before all the safety rules?
  12. Also, another reason you might see more Pats fans now is because Atlanta has become such a transient city over the past 20 years. The population of northerners in ATL has significantly grown.
  13. Yeah suckers. They just have multiple SB wins to ease their pain in the slow decline. LoL @ them
  14. Yeah I agree he should know that. I also think 85% of the population outside the Midwest would probably make the same mistake.
  15. So that’s extremely common. City names are shared in several states. But no Alabama City in Georgia.
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