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  1. Calling Alex Gibbs! Alex Gibbs? is there an Alex Gibbs in the house?
  2. Who was that RB we had when Smitty was HC who did'nt get much playing time, but scored a TD every time we threw that screen to him? I think he broke his leg as he scored his last TD or something.
  3. It hasn't been discussed much, but it seems the "Falcon Filter" has become less of an influence on our players. I think, or at least hope, the Marlon Davidson pick is an example of that. I honestly don't think the Falcons would have picked a player 5 years ago who said in their combine interview they like to physically abuse people on the field. I think McGary is of a similar mindset. Yes he has work to do, but I think he has the focus to do that work and will play with the attitude we need. I do think our O-Line will make a big leap this year and if they do, that will change the personality of the team. I think Ollison is they type of RB we need to see more of. My guess is he didn't know the playbook well enough last year and couldn't be counted on to pickup blitz packages. But when he did get in the game, he ran hard and got tough yards. If hope we are able to see more of Ollison this year as he is the physical type of runner needed to bully the defense. On defense, I can't wait to see Davidson play. If he is a baller, it could change the entire d-line by opening up other lanes or requiring Offenses to commit more players to protection and thus less receivers to cover.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. My expectations are he catches passes thrown to him, so the expected catches would always be a negative number unless you catch a ball that was thrown to someone else, tipped up and you caught it. lol. Anyway, I guess it's offseason, so perfectly acceptable to make up stats to write a story about.
  5. I was going to ask a similar question. @Kayoh First, great stuff and thanks for taking the time to break it down and explain it. My question is not at all meant to pick at your process, but rather to ask an honest question I don't know the answer to. Similar to what @Rings said above. My question is what is the purpose/value of using hit share rather than just your 'total hits' number. I assume the hit share tells a truer story, but not sure how. On another note, I've often thought of similar analysis for what I call "clutch plays" Example: Most ppl did not consider Brian Finneran a great receiver based on his stats, but if you looked at how many first down he caught and how many first downs he caught on 3rd down, he was an amazing WR. He was literally a first down machine. Tony G had similar "clutch" stats. So, on defense it would be great to know if someone got a sack or hit on a QB in a critical situation. Example: Hit on QB resulted in an INT or Incompletion Hit on QB on a 3rd down situation or 4th down situation Hit on QB in red zone. I know that data is not available, but I think it would tell an interesting story about players in the league. Especially picking up garbage or empty yards that didn't result in a TD.
  6. No Half Measures. Can't wait to see him on the field.
  7. I hope the O-Line is solid. If they are, it will make everything else work... including defense. - Run game - Play action - 3rd and long - More TOP and scoring makes the D much better
  8. To be honest, the consistent kick in the nuts from the Falcons since the SB lead to a great deal of apathy from me this offseason. With that said, I'm interested in what others think of the these questions: Offense - MR2 has a pretty consistent chart when mapped over new OC's. First year with a new OC, not bad, but not good. Second year with same OC, much better. Do you see this trend continuing in 2020 and it being an UP year for MR2? - OLine injuries to our #1 pick and a fail on the two OG's we brought in in FA, was just one more nut punch among many. Assuming they remain healthy, will our RT side of the line take that 2nd year leap and will the new Center we drafted, be able to hold down the LG role or will we see again that TD can't draft linemen? - Gurley has knee issues, so how much do you see him actually playing and can he play enough to be impactful throughout the season and if we make it to the playoffs? Is he just a 3rd down back? Does Ito and Ollison split most of the 1st and 2nd down runs? I don't see Hill as a legit RB in the NFL Defense - It seems we have as many questions at DB as we do DB's this year. Will the young bucks get it dialed in and lock players down? Young DB's often means mental errors and blown coverages, do you see this happening? if no, why? - DLine - Is Fowler a legit superstar? or just the benefit of playing next to AD? What does our best front 4 look like on 3rd and long? Fowler/Grady/Davidson/Takk? I do like the Davidson pick, do you think he can walk the walk in the NFL? - Great D? DQ and TD have had plenty of time to build a solid D at this point. Is this the year we have a solid D or is this just gonna be another kick in the nuts? Asking for a friend.
  9. The thing I like about him is he's played and shown he can play against the best and still shine. I love his attitude. The comment about abusing and pounding on someone was classic.
  10. It's all about Risk Management. The risk factor for healthy 20-30 year olds is very very small. I can see games played in empty stadiums (no fans), but I think the NFL will do something like have players sign some type of waiver and/or guarantee medical treatment if needed should they catch the rona, but I do think the games will be played on schedule. If nothing else, America needs it.
  11. Welcome to the ATL. Hope he pans out. I'm hopeful, but since none of TD's other DE picks have... I'll have to wait and see.
  12. I didn't clarify, but I consider mid rounds 2-5 and low rounds 6 & 7. Allen = 5th round (mid round) Jarrett = 5th round (mid round) Kazee = 5th round (mid round) Gage = 6th round (low round) Foye = 6th round (low round) Schweitzer = 6th round (low round) I don't consider Schweitzer a success. He only get on the field when the starters were injured and he did a terrible job when he was on the field. I'm glad he's getting paid by someone else now. I'll gladly admit he's had a few hits in the lower rounds, but 2-3 guys over the 11-12 years he's been here... well, I don't think we can call that "good," I would personally call that luck. I would just suggest this... When you think of draft day guru's and the teams they are with, do you think of TD? I think not.
  13. He should have already been gone. He's average at best. He's brought in some good first rounders, but hey, that's why they are 1st rounders. He's been slightly below average in the mid rounds (which is what makes a good team great). He's been terrible in the lower rounds. On top of that, he's been terrible on the O-Line and D-Line. FA has also been average to below average.
  14. I agree. The penalties (presnap penalties especially) are a direct sign of this.
  15. I have a friend who's an Eagles fan and he has a whole series of stories he tells titled "The other time I didn't get laid." His stories are hilariously funny because in each story he seems to have found a new way to screw up a sure thing. As Falcon's fans, we are used to disappointment and I feel like maybe I relate to his stories a little too much... at least from a sports fan perspective. It was such a bizarre season to see our Falcon's play pretty well in several games and so horrible in many other games. Normally I look back at a season and you can identify a few key things. HBO does this weekly with their show "turning point." What was our turning point this season? I'm not talking about what turned us toward a 6-2 finish, what I want to know is what was the turning point that turned us toward a 1-7 start? Tell me what you think it was that turned us toward a 1-7 first half of the season. I'll start with: TD cannot build an o-line. MR2 always struggles in the first year with a new OC. DK may not be the solution, but because of number 2 above, it will be hard to change. Falcon's still cannot line up and pound the rock. (see item 1 above) Falcon's cannot show up week in and week out for 4 qtrs of football. This pre-dates MR2, DQ & TD. In fact the last time I saw this happen on a Falcons' team was when Dan Reeves took us to 14-2 and we made it to the SB... But that game was again kinda like my friend's stories titled "The other time I didn't get laid." Happy New Year Falcon Fans
  16. TD should spend more time watching film and learning what makes a solid football player and less time riding his bicycle to the hair salon. TD has a little black book that has the best hair salons in every NFL city so he can get his hair done and be ready for the game on Sunday. TD uses Hulu so he can stream all the fashion shows on his iPhone while riding his bicycle. Most GM's use GrubHub to order food so they can watch more film. TD uses Amazon Prime so he can get new bike parts and hair products delivered while he's watching fashion TV. TD accidentally ordered bike helmets instead of football helmets for the team last year.
  17. I think DQ wills stay and I hope they free up TD's calendar by firing him so he can fit in a few more hair appointments at the salon and have more time to ride his bicycle.
  18. Sorry, I should have stated that I was referencing Line picks outside of rounds 1 & 2. Yes, you should get solid starters in rounds 1&2. But a good GM, gets players in rounds 3-7 that can also start and provide quality depth. I do think McGary & Lindstrom will be solid players for year, but as 2 first rounders, they should be. Schreader was good for about a season, then the concussion he had the 2nd game the next year did him in and he was finally benched. Grady is the ONLY exception. so over 10 years and 5 rounds each year (rounds 3-7) TD has found 1 quality lineman. That's 1 in 50. We call that luck, not skill.
  19. I'm with you on this.... Regarding the Stillers, they have had 5 HC's in the entire franchise... which I think is like 100 years now. Swapping HC's and schemes every few years gets you no place. At some point you have to be an institution. Do you think the Stillers players think they will outlast their HC? heck no. We do need a change to the GM. TD is ok on skill players (WR specifically), but terrible at O and D Lines. Fire TD and get a real football guy in the house.
  20. Left Tackle, Left Guard, Center, Right Guard, Right Tackle. The biggest difference in the past 2 games vs others this season is the O-Line. MR2 has a pocket to throw from and the sack count along with Hurries/hits on QB are are all down. How many starting o-linemen has TD drafted in rounds 3-7. In round 1 the answer is 3 (LT, RG, RT), but you expect to get a starter in the first round. So can you find value in rounds 3-7? TD has proven he cannot. In fact, outside of Grady on the D-Line I cannot recall a solid O or D linemen TD has drafted in rounds 3-7. Those rounds represent 72% of the draft. Over 10 years if you can only find 1 starting offensive linemen in those rounds, you have failed. In 2015 we had O-Line problems during preseason. DQ made some last minute changes when finalizing the 53 man roster because it was obvious the problems. We then brought in Mack in 2016 and that line led us to the SB. TD continues to fail when it comes to the lines. Of the free agents he has brought in, I would say he's had a hit on 1 on the O-Line and that is Mack... which when you pay for a pro-bowler, you shouldn't fail. The others... serviceable to terrible. What does the O-Line do for a football team? - Make a bad RB look good and a good RB look great - Time of Possession - They will allow you to control the clock and control the game. Football is all about time management. - Passing Game - Yes you need a competent QB, but again, a great o-line will make a QB better. - Improve Running game - It's hard to lose a game if you're getting 100+ yards a game every game. Defenses have to respect the run, this opens up play action and the pass game. - Goal Line - The hardest but best thing in the world is to get to the goal line, line up and smash it into the endzone. A good O-Line allows you to do that. Without it, you are one dimensional and end up kicking field goals. - 4 min offense - When you have the lead and you need to burn the clock down, it's the O-line that needs to allow you to line-up, when everyone in the stadium and on TV knows you are going to run the ball and you still can run the darn ball and burn the clock. If you have a successful 4 min offense, you can win a lot of games. - Fresh Defense - A good O-line allows your defense to remain fresh and able to come in, fly around and get off the field. A good o-line wears down a defense by the 4th quarter and allows you to win even if you have to come from behind. Even with Lindstrom and McGary, we need a LG and will need a center soon as Mack is getting up there. If I were AB... I would fire TD because he spends too much time at the hair salon and riding his bike when he should be spending that time watching scouting film.... and he is a failure at drafting the 2nd most important part of your team, the O-Line.
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