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  1. I’m going. Flying out Friday. Staying downtown. PM me I’d you wanna try to meet up. I think I’m in section 416.
  2. Thanks everyone. Glad ya’ll liked that one. One point I wanted to make, but work in there was strategy. After watching the DK presser, he said a few things that caught my attention and I liked. They had a plan to beat the blitz. The 4th and 3 sceen, the deep shots and some others. He said they were actually going empty back field to try to bait philly to go zero blitz. I don’t know what they will do against the colts, but I feel like they will get the run game going this week.
  3. lol thx man!
  4. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Week 2 ~ Waffle House Style How can you make shredded potatoes fried to a golden crisp better? Anyone who frequents the Awful Waffle a.k.a Waffle House knows how. A fall Sunday of football is already a great thing, so how do you make it better? Here's how... Waffle House style: The Good: Scattered, Smothered & Covered - If you don't like onions and cheese and you ordered your hash browns scattered smothered and covered; you're in trouble. Once they scatter those diced onions into the shredded potatoes and melt that delicious $0.01 slice of american cheese all over both of them, you just can't separate them...And so it was on Sunday (Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!) Night Football. Our defense was intertwined in their offense, every place they went, there we were. We only gave up 49 yards of rushing (including QB runs) on 21 attempts. Stats often lie, but these stats don't. Our Run D, absolutely scattered, smothered and covered their offense. The All Star - How much better can it get? A waffle, eggs how you like dem, hash browns or grits, toast and either bacon or sausage. That's our offense, Sanu is like the eggs, he can do it all. Run, Catch, Pass, Punt & Block! Matt is the bacon (always get the bacon), he's a little stiff sometimes and would be better if he loosened up a bit, but regardless even bad bacon is still good. Sunday night, MR2 was just like that. Ya, he wasn't perfect, but he's bacon, he's never that bad. Julio is the waffle. The waffle usually comes out a little after the rest of the meal, but when it shows up and you add the butter and syrup, you can't ignore it. It takes up half the darn table, it's piping hot and is always gone in a flash. Ridley is the toast because he toasts everyone. The O-Line is the hash browns "Double order-topped" with chilli. It takes a while to work your way through them. While the 4th and 3 play with the jailbreak screen to JJ was crazy amazing, my personal favorite was the center screen/shovel pass to Free right after the fumble on the 2nd half kick-off. Here's a link to the vid. Notice our two guards releasing just as Free was looking back for the ball, then forming a perfect escort and perfect blocks along with Stocker (#80) waiting patiently for the crack back and not committing a block I the back penalty. Dagger Hash Browns Country please - Who doesn't love some Country gravy on those hash browns? Add an ice cold coke and it's a perfect hangover cure to get you going again whether it's the next morning or just 2am in the morning. Getting going again is what our rookie RT we call "Big Country" is all about. Ya, some say we picked him too high, some say he wasn't the best pick at that spot, some say we shouldn't have traded up for him… but this dude is country style to the bone. Heart procedure in training camp? No problem, he's starting week 1. Carted off the field week 2 after his QB falls into his knee? No problem, he's back in the game by the 4th quarter. Steak & Eggs - Did you know Waffle House serves more steak than any other restaurant in America? Well, you do now and the reason is, they just work great together. A hardy steak, some fluffy eggs. It don't matter if you eat the steak, then da eggs or if you like to take a cut of steak and add some eggs to the same forkful, it just works. You can even squeeze a bite of buttery toast in there and that works. Our Defensive front 7 is the same. They just work great together. I think I've seen more pressure in the first 2 weeks than I've seen in the past 2 seasons. You can rotate them however you want, Takk & Crawford or Takk & Grady… , they just seem to work together to bring pressure and stuff the run. They are not the Gritz Blitz… yet, but there is always hope they can get there. May I get a cheesesteak omelet please? - I don't know if you've ever made an omelet or not, but the key to a great omelet is to get the eggs to be fluffy and cooked evenly. The way you do that is you crack dem eggs into a big ole bowl, den you start a whoopin' dem up. You whoop-em one way, den you switch it up and you whoop-em da other way and you just keep on whoopin' em. After watchin that game Sunday Night, I was convinced Dan Quinn was makin us all a Cheesesteak Omelet because he dropped dem philly boys in dat Mercedez bowl downtown and he whooped dem boys one way, den da otha and when he was done, dem cheesesteak boys from Philly was feeling and looking a little fluffy.. Or puffy. The Bad: 3 Eggs Over Easy Please - I love my eggs over easy, but I don't like it when MR2 throws 3 turnovers so easily. I think he'll get it dialed in. We've seen this before with new offenses/OC's and as viewers, we don't know if they were really bad decisions or if someone ran the wrong route or if he threw the ball based on what he thought the route was. Either way, it's not good and hopefully we won't see much more of it. No Biscuits please - I love biscuits, but not at the Waffle House. Their biscuits are frozen and they just taste old and lifeless. That's kinda how I felt about our kickers Sunday night, they are just kinda old. They were really good when they came out of the oven, but now you start getting 30 yard punts and missed field goals. I'm glad they are both here, but just remember, they both ain't fresh out of da oven no more. The Ugly: Hash brown bowl - Sometimes I like to try something different, so I once ordered the Hash Brown Bowl. It wasn't bad… it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad and the whole time I was eating it, I was thinking "Man, I should have just ordered the All Star" as I think of what could have been. That's kinda how I was thinking at the end of the game. We missed a field goal (3 points), we turned the ball over in the endzone (at least 3 points) and we had two other turn overs which they got at least 6 points (maybe 9, can't recall). Regardless, the score could have easily been something like 31 - 17. Post Waffle House - sometimes when I eat at the Waffle House, I don't feel right for 2-3 days. Apparently that's how Philly felt because they had to cancel practice on Wednesday. I'm headed to Indy Friday night to hang with an old Marine brother of mine who is a Colts fan and has season tix. Got tix for me and Mrs CNile, so I expect I have some good sea stories to tell ya'll next week. What were your GBU's for last game?
  5. Good breakdown. That center screen/shovel pass was amazing. I saw another breakdown of that plan and both guards release at the same time to form an escort for Free and they opened the gate at the 1st down marker. The LB and safety looked at what was coming (Brown/Carpenter) and they didn’t want any part of it.
  6. Drew just saw the dr. 92.9 just quoted these details: Torn Ligament Surgery required (likely as early as today) estimated recovery is 6 weeks.
  7. Correct, they will easily lose 3 games, more than likely 4-5 IMHO. Seahawks, Cowboys, Bears should be a lock losses. Tampa could also beat them and the Jags could come around and take them down. Add to that Brees' age and that 6 week recovery could easily stretch to 7 or 8 weeks. The time is now for the Falcon's to rack up those wins.
  8. Hot/Cold, Fast/Slow, Day/Night or Sexy/Ugly. Last night was a contrast of these proportions from week 1 to last night. I loved the physical nature of the game. So many Eagles limping to the sidelines. Such a durty ugly nasty game. 3 INT's by MR2, a punter who could barely punt, our 2nd first round pick going down in as many games, then the contrast. MR2 sniffing the D and taking on the Philly Blitz nose to nose. 2nd string right side of the O-line playing well. The Defense planting Eagles left and right, the hits on Wentz, Ertz, and others. The Falcon's run D looking stout and the pass rush getting pressure all game. McGary coming back into the game and Al Michael's honest amazement that he was back in the game after getting carted off the field. Seeing our weak links make plays I think was a turning point for the game and hopefully the season. Beasley getting to the QB, Oliver making a game ending tackle against a great TE. Trufant playing up to his potential with to INT's (not dropped). Seeing our O-Line (replacements) hold up against the constant blitzing of the Philly D, showed a true team effort. It was poetic to see JJ11 be the dagger on 4th down after the last meetings of these teams. Add to that, Brees being down and likely out for a while..... What do Falcon's do? Rise UP! The time is NOW. On to Indy. Let's stack up wins, we will need them later in the season.
  9. I think you nailed it here. I'll just add that I think our O is adjusting and syncing. Offense is more about execution and that takes game reps. Add to that the new OC and I expected our offense might be behind the curve for the first 3-4 games. That said, I think our offense continues to improved next week and our Defense seems to be playing with attitude and confidence which is always a bonus. So as you said, I think their O will struggle against our D which will give our O time to get in sync and build confidence in an important road game. The Falcons know that with Cam looking bad and Brees out for at least a few games, the time is NOW to make hay and stack up some wins. Go falcons
  10. But it was so sweet that it was 4th down, game deciding, albatross shedding, Cadillac driving, knife twisting MR2 to JJ11 fify tree yards run to da house.
  11. Personally, I think the NCAA is a 'dead man walking' situation. The NCAA is outdated and if a few other states also pass similar bills, the NCAA will quickly crumble... as it should IMHO.
  12. Agree. Very poor showing by the team and another strike against the HC. Your points about running right at that defense were correct and what we should have been doing all game.
  13. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Week 1 - Yeah I'm superstitious! I saw an NFL films show about superstitions. They interviewed a ton of players, coaches and fans about the things they do from not cutting hair, to routines, to certain shirts or hats and so on. My favorite part of the show was the last scene where the asked former Buffalo Bills HC Marv Levy if had any game day superstitions and he replied quickly "Heck ya I'm superstitious. In fact I tell my team every week, if you don't block and tackle well today, you'll lose." Sometimes it's just that simple. I said headed into the game, if our O-Line plays well, we can beat the Vikings. 2 FA signings, 2 First round draft picks and re-signing of some existing players like Ty Sambrillo and what do we get on the first play? Our pro-bowl LT Mathews looking like a deer in the headlights as the Viking player blows past him on a free run to sack MR2. Maybe DQ should have also fired the O-Line coach last offseason? Regardless, we are "all in" on our O-Line. We just learned that Chris Lindstrom, one of our First Round picks is now on IR with a broken foot. Welcome to the NFL Chris, see you after the bye week. For the rest of us, it's slim pickin's in the good area, but we got a feast in the bad and ugly today. The Good: Hooper - Hoop did catch well, albeit garbage yards. I was surprised they didn't go to him earlier in the game. (possible reason why below... see MR2) Pressure - We did actually get some pressure on the QB and that was good to see. Sadly we needed a lot more, but at least Cousins wasn't standing back there all day to throw. The Bad: Deer + Headlights: The Falcons looked more like deer in the headlights. They looked surprised and a bit shocked that this purple team was running so fast and hitting so hard. Watching the game and the expressions, i thought maybe the Falcon's looked surprised or something, kinda like "hey aren't we supposed to have a warm up quarter or two before we start going full speed?" O-Line - Not once, but several times our O-Line, specifically Matthews completely missed on blocks. Other times I saw our TE get pancaked into the backfield. Oliver - We knew he would take some lumps, but I didn't expect that he would take all the lumps. Dude just looked bad and outclassed. The Ugly: Coaching - yeah coaching. Maybe we don't have the most talented team in the NFL, but we are far from the least talented team in the NFL. This team looked softer than a plush toy you give a 2 year old to play with. We can blame the players, but when almost the entire team has the same lackadaisical attitude, I have to point the finger at the the HC and say he and his staff didn't have them ready for battle. They can have press conferences and tell us now they were prepared and tell us they knew they would see this stunt or that play, but when they show otherwise, clearly they are not prepared. Special Teams - Are you kidding me? First punt of the season and we can't block ppl coming up the middle? You could grab 100 high school football players who have been on a punt team and they will all quote the same rule "Block inside out." How is it NFL players cannot execute this? Then, we almost had the second punt blocked. It was at this point in the game that I realized I needed to start drinking doubles. Defense - Not all, but many on our D looked like they were surprised the other team was hitting them. Vikings had over 100 yards rushing by half time. I guess it can get uglier, but I honestly don't know how. MR2 - Matt was off. Yeah I know he got sacked a lot and didn't have time, but there were also bad throws and open people he missed. I can only assume this may be the new OC slump we have become familiar with. OC - I was not impressed. Sweeps, Reverses, long developing plays? C'mon man. We knew who they were and the only way to beat that is to line up and run right at them, over and over and over. It's not the end of the world, just a horrible week 1. We knew the first 3 games were a brutal test and we failed the first test. We gotta block, we gotta tackle and we gotta not show up looking like a deer in the headlights.
  14. I’ll go to the end of the line and say it’s Takk and Hooper takk will have Crawford next to him and they play well together. Minny’s D is legit so they will be focused on JJ and CR so that leaves Sanu and Hoop. DK will design for the WR’s to clear out and allow Hoop to eat in the mid area to catch and punish DB’s
  15. did I miss something? Why would Gono not be able to go? is he injured?