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  1. Hageman. good work. enjoyed it.
  2. I guess the difficult part here is 'unexpected players' I agree on Hardy. Primarily because they seem to rotate Julio in and out quite often and when Julio is out, they will roll coverage to Sanu or Gab more likely than double or focus on a 4th wr in for a few plays. Kazee - I really think this guy will jump out this year. I may not happen until the mid to latter part of the season, but I expect he will get in the game on obvious passing situations where the offense is reaching to make some plays. Hooper - I know he had a good rookie season, but I think his numbers will jump this year as he is more familiar with the offense and MR as well has just being coached up and working to improve his game.
  3. Or the Packers. In the NFCCG, there was PI on a pass to Tiololo in endzone and he said "not PI" the former Ref guy was like "I have to disagree." Then Troy said (which was a hilarious 'bless your heart' moment) "I'm just saying, these guys are having a rough evening out their and maybe some consideration." Of course Joe Buck always references Aaron Rodgers as "The great Aaron Rodgers"
  4. Great read. Just went to to see about a #98 Jersey with "FineMeL8tr" (only 10 characters of space).
  5. yup, that pretty much sums it up. With a few exceptions, Dimi only hit on round 1 and 2 then rounds 3+ were just crap with a few exceptions. Now we are getting real talent in rounds 4+. That's why we suddenly have depth at most position groups. I would expect in the next 2 yrs we will also have solid depth at o-line. Right now, do we have anybody who is challenging for a spot on the oline other than the guard spot that was vacated?
  6. Good read. Glad Kyle Shenanagen is gone. From several different articles it comes out that MR2 was tweaked about a few things with KS's OC skills. Several games I saw him walking to the sideline or into halftime yelling about getting the play in on time. One telling thing will be watching how San Fran develops and if their offense has similar problems with play delay. Also, I think KS was of the mindset "this is my offense and you run what I call." Which is fine, but there is also consideration for giving people options.
  7. Good read. thx for posting. I will say I've been wrong on some of our draft pix, but I was excited about drafting Hooper. I hated to see Tamme go down, but was glad to see Hooper get some playing time. Ya, I think he will be a solid player for the next several years.
  8. Ya, it was a great game. The last drive was like clockwork. The thing I loved and was excited about after that game was the way our D closed them out on 4 downs to end the game. Sorry, let me say it in my Joe Buck voice "The GREAT Aaron Rodgers, just couldn't do it all himself today."
  9. I love the season reviews. I remember those from way back in the day watching the "NFL Films" show that aired on one of the big 3 networks in the 70s and 80's and I guess until the NFLN came online.
  10. But hey, good news is he re-signed Peppers. Now people can pull out their old jerseys and act all cool and in-style. lol I love seeing our NFCS rivals have trouble in paradise.
  11. thx man!
  12. Thanks, but I think the Jax game is a Thursday night and it's a school night so and my wife is a teacher so, sorry, but can't do that one. but thanks!
  13. I'm looking for 2 tix for the Cardinals preseason game 2017. Ping me if you are looking to sell yours.
  14. sweet. Since this post is already here. i'll tag on that I am looking for 2 tix to the same preseason game if any of the STH want to unload one of their preseason game tix. I figured it would be a good time to check out the stadium and cheaper.
  15. Doh... you're right. I'm gonna blame monday morning and not enough coffee. lol.