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  1. whoo hoo. represent my man!
  2. Just listened to segment on 92.9 where they had the sports radio guy from Seattle. He said that their leading rusher this season has like 112 yards for the season. One of there Tackles has a dingled up ankle and the other Tackle is garbage. Said our Front 4 in passing and front 7 in rush game should have a fun night. As for their defense, he said they are down, but not out. My take is that the opportunity is there to exploit Seattle on both sides of the ball. I'm confident our defense will do that, not so confident Sark will figure out how to do that on offense... we will see. Could be a very low scoring, slobberknocker type of game with the weather expected to be crappy. Partly cloudy skies early followed by increasing clouds with showers developing later at night. Low 42F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 50%.
  3. Mismatch of talent and strategy. Ferrari, lamborgini, porche are all great sports cars, but if you put them on a 1/4 mile track against a dragster, they will lose. We have talent, but it's being used incorrectly. Free and Coleman and our 0-line are not built for running between the tackles. The ZBS is 'designed' to force stud D-lineman to play a game they can't play well. Movement. They are designed to eat up blocks and hold the point of attack. The ZBS forces them to move to the sideline and it creates natural gaps that a RB like Free and Coleman can exploit and burst through. Sark is crap and frankly DQ is quickly losing his allure with this decision to keep him around.
  4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I hope Blank is working to backchannel the Rams OC and get him back to the ATL as 'assistant Head Coach of Offense' and a big pay raise
  5. BTW, Ram's OC was our QB coach last year. He is running the Shanny WCO. insult to injury. There are many things wrong this year. Yes the dropped passes are an issue and the penalties on O and D and ST. Missed blocks by the O-Line can also be included and poor tackling by the defense. With that said, I think a big part of the offensive struggles are the play calling and game plan. We had dropped plasses last year, but we would come back and complete a pass for 17 yards the next play or rip an outside zone run for 9 yards or a bubble screen for a TD and you forgot about the drops and penalties. We are running a very predictable and defendable offense. We are coming out and running right for 2 yards, left for 1 yard then throwing on 3rd and long. Last year we didn't get to 3rd down very often because we were ripping off chunks of yards. If we did get to 3rd down, we had a good play that got someone open for a first down. This year we have WR's running down the field, sometimes they stop and turn around other times they just run down the field. If they are open matt is supposed to throw the ball them, but this is the NFL and open is a relative term and since it's 3rd down, Matt is holding the ball because he want's to get the ball to someone that is open and can get a 1st down. When was the last time we saw a stretch zone run? Sark just want's to run it inside right then inside left, then expect someone to get open on 3rd and long. Good coaches put players in a position of success. We don't have an offensive line that can knock guys off the ball, we don't have a RB that can run into a pile of guys and move the pile 3 yards. We can't run the ball the way Sark is saying and showing he wants to run the ball. It's extremely frustrating to watch. Looking forward to the draft, we are gonna need use our 5th - 7th round picks to move up wherever possible to draft new O-Lineman in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. I'm still a fan, but I have no hope for this season other than Sark gets fired.
  6. We gotta come out and put up some points and punch them in the mouth. If we let them hang around (a-la Dolphins/Bills/Bears/Lions) they may decide to keep fighting. Let's make him mopey
  7. Here we go, this is always fun. What are your bold predictions for this game? - Falcon's offense will be hampered by the Panthers D-Line. Sark will continue to run inside zone plays for 1 or 2 yards then try to pass on 3rd and long and Falcon's o-line will not be able to hold up while MR2 figures out who to try to throw the ball to. - Julio gets his first TD - Coleman gets the majority of the work and finally converts a long run into a TD - Falcons win, but barely.
  8. We definitely turned a corner with that win.
  9. I would think Deon Jones knocking him into concussion protocol last year would be his biggest deterrent to being quick to run the ball. lol
  10. Wear the Tak one to the Uptown Lounge Saturday night so you can have the 'fine me later' mentality. Then the Jones jersey to the game Sunday.
  11. I don't blame you. Rules of buying: 1. You can't pay too much for a service (haircut, surgery, massage) 2. You can't pay to little for a product (pen, car, house) 3. Don't pay in advance for what you can buy later, inflation reduces the value of money quicker than prices rise to reflect the devaluation 4. Avoid long term contracts. Situations change a-la personal/professional/economic PSL's to me are like those 'vacation clubs'
  12. If Matt's 'fumble' against Buffalo was a fumble when he had control of the ball while he threw it forward for about 10 yards... then this should have been a fumble. Furthermore, I think every QB pass this isn't caught, should be reviewed against that Buffalo play to determine if it's a fumble or a incomplete forward pass. Just saying...
  13. I was trying to read his lips. It was clear he said Fuhck a few times, and I thought it looked like he said something about either 'get the right Ef'in play in' or 'get the right ef'in players in'