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  1. Calling Alex Gibbs! Alex Gibbs? is there an Alex Gibbs in the house?
  2. Who was that RB we had when Smitty was HC who did'nt get much playing time, but scored a TD every time we threw that screen to him? I think he broke his leg as he scored his last TD or something.
  3. It hasn't been discussed much, but it seems the "Falcon Filter" has become less of an influence on our players. I think, or at least hope, the Marlon Davidson pick is an example of that. I honestly don't think the Falcons would have picked a player 5 years ago who said in their combine interview they like to physically abuse people on the field. I think McGary is of a similar mindset. Yes he has work to do, but I think he has the focus to do that work and will play with the attitude we need. I do think our O-Line will make a big leap this year and if they do, that will change the per
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. My expectations are he catches passes thrown to him, so the expected catches would always be a negative number unless you catch a ball that was thrown to someone else, tipped up and you caught it. lol. Anyway, I guess it's offseason, so perfectly acceptable to make up stats to write a story about.
  5. I was going to ask a similar question. @Kayoh First, great stuff and thanks for taking the time to break it down and explain it. My question is not at all meant to pick at your process, but rather to ask an honest question I don't know the answer to. Similar to what @Rings said above. My question is what is the purpose/value of using hit share rather than just your 'total hits' number. I assume the hit share tells a truer story, but not sure how. On another note, I've often thought of similar analysis for what I call "clutch plays" Example: Most ppl did not consider Brian
  6. No Half Measures. Can't wait to see him on the field.
  7. I hope the O-Line is solid. If they are, it will make everything else work... including defense. - Run game - Play action - 3rd and long - More TOP and scoring makes the D much better
  8. To be honest, the consistent kick in the nuts from the Falcons since the SB lead to a great deal of apathy from me this offseason. With that said, I'm interested in what others think of the these questions: Offense - MR2 has a pretty consistent chart when mapped over new OC's. First year with a new OC, not bad, but not good. Second year with same OC, much better. Do you see this trend continuing in 2020 and it being an UP year for MR2? - OLine injuries to our #1 pick and a fail on the two OG's we brought in in FA, was just one more nut punch among many. Assuming they remai
  9. The thing I like about him is he's played and shown he can play against the best and still shine. I love his attitude. The comment about abusing and pounding on someone was classic.
  10. It's all about Risk Management. The risk factor for healthy 20-30 year olds is very very small. I can see games played in empty stadiums (no fans), but I think the NFL will do something like have players sign some type of waiver and/or guarantee medical treatment if needed should they catch the rona, but I do think the games will be played on schedule. If nothing else, America needs it.
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