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  1. I see what you did there with the title slick "Sark is going nowhere" I agree. He is going nowhere.
  2. AJC

    good read. Thx
  3. Good read. Thx for posting.
  4. Nailed it! thx for sharing
  5. I feel you brother
  6. thx man! Go Falcons
  7. Well written and well said. Thx for the insight and perspective. On to next season!
  8. Sorry, I probably didn't write that clearly. I feel like "execute" became an excuse. We all know this team CAN execute we saw it in 2016 and in prior years on offense. This year? no. so to me saying 'we didn't execute' is an excuse for "we didn't call a play that attacked the defense" Or we didn't call a play that would get our WR's open or we didn't have a way to check out of a bad play and into a good play. We can all agree this team has talent. We've seen the offensive production they can deliver. This year, we suddenly forget how to score points? C'mon man. It ain't the execution. Sure that may help, but that ain't all of it and we all know it.
  9. Ya, we did have a brutal schedule.
  10. ah.. ok then scratch that positive off my list.
  11. I would just reply "Then why do you need more than 1 play in your playbook?"
  12. If your goal is to win the SB, it's a failure. With that said, I see the following positives from this season 1. Defensive improvements were significant and will likely continue into next year. 2. I can't recall 2 seasons where we have made it to the playoffs in back to back seasons. We did that this year. 3. We had a brutal schedule and had some serious adversity from bad calls (buffalo game) to bad plays (dropped passes for INT's), but we still had a winning schedule, made the playoffs and got a win in the first round of the playoffs. Moving forward: 1. We need a FB. Can anyone here argue that we don't need a new FB? 2. Sark will likely still be our OC next year, so Sark, DQ and MR2 need to figure out something that works and they need to start this week. We could have and should have won the Eagles game and it's a shame we didn't. 3. We need some O-Line improvement. 4. I don't wanna hear "we didn't execute" As a coach you should know what plays we can execute and call those plays that can be executed 100% every time.
  13. I agree with this guy. I've heard the "We didn't execute" all season long. Let me read between the lines on that. I draw up a play. If everyone executes it correctly, it should get us a TD. if we don't get a TD, someone didn't execute correctly. The problem with this is there is another guy on the other side of the field who also drew up a play or coverage and he's trying to blow that up or at the worst limit it to 1-2 yards. So saying "we didn't execute" just tells me you don't see the whole picture. Kyle Shenanagan could scheme people open and attack the defense. I've not seen Sark actually attack a defense all year. Which tells me he doesn't know how to attack a defense. Likewise I haven't seen Coleman (FB) blow up a linebacker all year, which tells me he can't be our starting FB next year. We all hate the Saints, but we can all also agree that Sean Peyton and Drew Brees know how to attack a defense and they will score some points. If they go 3 and out, they learn something from that 3 and out and will come out the next series and adjust to what happened.
  14. I think the shift is toward Defense. You need an efficient offense, but you need a lights out defense. Also, one contributing factor is that the Ref's try to 'let them play' in the post season. So Defenses get a way with a lot more in the post season, thus making them stronger/better. While we lost Saturday to the Eagles, I don't think there is a single Falcons fan that felt we got outplayed or that our offense should have put up more than 10 points. If we get a few things sorted out this offseason with the offense, we should be back and ready to make another run next year. Back to back playoffs is a big step for this franchise.
  15. I agree. I'm not happy with the offensive decline we saw, but I think this is the first time our Falcons have made back to back playoff appearances. We could have easily gone 1 and done, but we won then were done at divisional round. The frustration part is that most any other year, MR2 ends that drive with a TD and we win. We've seen him do it so many times in his career. Moving on, I see the D continuing to develop and improve. We need a new FB and IMHO, 2 top notch linemen this offseason. Hopefully Sark and MR2 will get it dialed in and we can make another run next year.