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  1. Riley has already been replaced by Oluokun. With jones back healthy and Campbell we are good. We need O line help. No half measures. 2 stud starters in FA, then a starter from 1st or second round in draft. O-line improves your entire team. - run blocking = improves run game. Chews the clock, keeps your defense off the field. Takes pass rushers out of game. Reduces blitzing. Makes play action more effective. - better pass blocking = better pass game. Ability to pick apart a defense. Ability to push the ball down the field. Improves screen game.
  2. I used to hate Tampa more, but have grown to hate the saints more. Does anyone remember when some guy at the airport egged their bus after the saints flew into town and were otw to their hotel? I also think there was an instance of falcon players getting sick stomach from food at NO hotel. Basically 2 country cousins who were both dirt poor (not good teams) fighting for a shread of dignity in the form of bragging rights to be able to say “ya we both had a bad season, but you were worse.” Now that we are both reasonably good, the stakes are higher, but the rivalry is the same nasty blood feud. Saints laughed and cheered when we lost SB and falcons have had the laugh the last two years with the saints being denied a trip to SB on last play of game. It’s petty, it’s immature, it’s irrational....but it is what it is. We used to fight to not be the cellar dwellers, now we fight to be kings of the dirty south. I love it.
  3. Very good news.
  4. No more half measures. We need two starting guards and a starting RT. We also need some 2nd stingers who can come in and play a few games or the rest of the season.
  5. I feel ya bro. Also the scene of “no more half measures”
  6. Kazee.
  7. Makes sense
  8. Exactly, just look at the colts this year. They fixed their oline and now they have run and pass game and are dangerous
  9. Wow, I didn’t realize Mack was 33. That’s concerning.
  10. True and very valid points. With that said, I don’t think very many ppl felt we were going into 2018 season with a solid O-Line. More like bubblegum and duct tape. my point is simply that the Falcons have not done well with o-line. Yes that’s hindsight, but it’s valid and true. We barely have a starting line, then with injuries, it gets ugly quickly. One thing to consider is age of O-Line and related injuries.
  11. Multiple blocked punts multiple fake punts executed against us, 1 for a 50+ yd TD horrible average starting field position, often due to penalties. He ain’t good enough to be an @sshole
  12. I felt DQ did, but TD just avoided the obvious elephant in the room. OLine
  13. I agree. You need a math savant who understands football rules. Put a headset on him and let him advise.
  14. Agree. Ya the front office has to make a commitment to the o line. You would think this would be apparent as o-line problems were the major factor the year smitty got fired. I think we gotta draft line in round 1 or 2. With TD, we cannot rely on him hitting on anyone below that.