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  1. Simply put... Cheerleaders I didn't care so much about football, but I liked the cheerleaders and supposedly the cheerleaders went out with football players.... so i wanted to be a football player so I could go out with cheerleaders. I started in 7th grade. I watched football on TV, but didn't know anything about the rules, positions, how to line-up, etc. Complete idiot as to how it all worked. Played from 7th grade to 12th grade. Loved it... and the cheerleaders
  2. send them to the pit of misery
  3. Fair point. Please dismiss my hyperbole and replace it with "Our best 2nd string tackle is Ty Sombreo(?) who has not yet proven to be a successful starting right guard and likely could not fulfill the duties of starting left guard." Based on past results from the draft, I do not expect our FO to haul in 3 starting calibre linemen (LT, RG, LG) to allow us to plug the existing deficiencies/holes in the line AND restock with a solid LT.
  4. Do we really have any choice? our FO has proven they are terrible at drafting Offensive Lineman, so we have to keep him. If you wanna see MR2 get killed, let him go and replace him with one of the TD's guys from NSU (Nobody State University)
  5. Yup. But, in true ATL manner, we just love heartache too much to admit 'that dog won't hunt'
  6. It's all Sark. lol But seriously, yes we need a solid OLine and a FB who can actually block. But we also need an OC who can put together a valid game plan and can hang intellectually with his peers at this level. So far Sark has NOT shown he can execute at the NFL level. So DQ and TD were right... SARK under-executed.
  7. Because our offense was not good at putting 7 points on the board. In a close game, teams can continue to try to pound the rock. last year our offense was putting points on the board and teams had to abandon the run in hopes of scoring quickly to get back into the game. Best run defense is an offense that puts points on the board like a pinball wizard.
  8. Falcons made it as far as they did this year DESPITE sark being our OC. Defense was huge in us having the wins we did and determination by MR2 and others on offense.
  9. Consider this.... You are a veteran with several years of experience in the NFL (most guys on our offense fall into this group). A new OC comes in with little to no NFL experience. You're a professional, so you give him the benefit of the doubt and come in ready to learn something new. But after a few meetings and game planning sessions, you learn that you know more than this guy and are many levels above him in knowledge of the game and strategy. Do you respect him? If you don't respect him, how can you follow him as a leader? I think this is some of where the 'execution' comments come from. Guys are not executing 100% because in the back (or front) of their minds, they don't believe in what this guy is preaching. The players know more than he does as far as NFL. They were just a part of the top 7 NFL offense ALL TIME. Who is this Sark guy? What has he accomplished? Sure they gave him a chance, but as the season went on, you saw the offense head into the pit of misery.
  10. Our Defense made significant improvements this year and hopefully will continue to improve with more talent and more experience. My question is, will we ever get to that point where teams fear our defense? our pass rush has improved, but I don't think any of us expect game in and game out, we are gonna harass the QB on every series. Furthermore, when we need a sack to close out a game, can we expect to get it? Does the opposing QB take the snap on 3rd or 4th and long, late in the 4th qtr thinking "I gotta get rid of this ball fast?" We have a ways to go IMHO
  11. Good review. I would add to the Cons: Hooper - Love the guy and I know he's better than what he showed this year, but he's gotta figure it out and show up this year. Sweitzer - From what I saw, this guy is/was not ready as an NFL Calibre Guard. He looked very 'off balance' and often looked 'lost.' I saw plays were he drove out to pickup a LB, but just stood there like he was waiting for the LB to run into him rather than attacking him. The result was the LB moved toward the LOS and into the hole and blew up the play at the LOS. Other times he tried to attack/block someone and just plain missed. I realize the other guy is trying to NOT get blocked, but you're in a phone booth in the interior, and your job as an NFL lineman is to at a minimum make contact and then maintain contact. He had trouble even doing that on a consistent basis. Penalties - I would add this because he really hurt us this year. There will be some penalties, but presnap penalties, holding, etc are a sign of an undisciplined team. Perhaps is was due to changes in the offensive scheme and guys were having to focus more on 'what do I do here?' than just knowing what to do and focusing on lining up right, snap count, etc. Kick/punt Return - We had some of the (if not the) worst starting offensive field position in the NFL for the past 2 years. Some was due to penalties on kick/punt returns, others was due to poor decision making and lack of a real punt returner. Pass Rush - I think you mentioned this on individuals, but it's a team effort. Many times the passer had way too much time to find someone. Coverage can't last forever and it seemed out D-Linemen were getting locked-up against the o-line and just standing there. Maybe there is a scheme they are running that they want to maintain their lanes, but for the love of god almighty, rip your arms up or down to get their hands off you and/or make it obvious they are holding. Do a spin to get free and make the o-lineman change his balance/position or something, but don't just stand there.
  12. We need 1-2 O-Linemen. However, DQ and TD seem focused on 'developing' drafted talent. Which is not a bad thing... unless the talent drafted just isn't NFL calibre. TD has been horrible at drafting linemen and horrible in the latter rounds of the draft with a few exceptions like the 2016 draft. He want's athletic, explosive, fast Defense. I expect us to draft an o-lineman in mid rounds unless we are able to handle in FA. I expect us to pickup a FB in FA familiar with the ZBS. I expect us to spend our early draft picks on Defense.
  13. competition always improves the product and the marketplace. Consumers are the winners. We should be supporting the new league even if only to improve the NFL.
  14. I think our draft last year regressed from the 2016 draft. Historically TD has down well with rounds 1-3, then rounds 4-7 have not yielded anything. 2016 being the exception. 2017 regressed back to that. You really need to have some solid players from the latter rounds to build a solid team with depth. If not, you're one injury away from having a rough season.
  15. Got it thx for the 411