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  1. I left out War blocking as a good.
  2. That's great. I'm with you brother
  3. @PeytonMannings Forehead, I'd love to hear your take on the Beasley hit, lateral fumble, scoop and score. I watched that play several times last night and it almost seemed like a busted play for the packers. Their Line all tried to immediately cut block everyone suggesting it was gonna be a quick pass over the middle or something. AR was looking left where he had 2 wr's, but it seemed they guy who was supposed to get the ball didn't get the memo. AR realized this, saw Poe coming up the middle and tried to turn to escape to the right and of course Beasley gave him a discount double check.
  4. Agree. on Teco. Derrick Coleman- Also agree. I hope he continues to improve. That position is really key for our offense. The Beasley hit and the Clayborn hit. Great stuff. I just loved the look on A-Aron's face. HD TV is great. lol
  5. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Ya'll come back now ya-hear Note to reader: Be sure to read this in your best southern drawl Southern hospitality is a funny thing. It's said so sweet and seems so honest and sounds so simple, but it's really an insult. "bless her heart, that salesman musta told her those yoga pants were stretchable and one size fits all." Anther good one is "Ya'll come back now ya-hear!" which is always said with a big smile as they head toward the door. We southerners have a unique way about us. Northerners just see it as simple and dumb; but we know it's they that are dumb and southern hospitality is many things, but seldom simple. Sunday night as the green and yellow flowed down the escalators and out of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium it reminded me of looking at a room full of pre-schoolers during pollen season. I choked back my disgust and yelled out in my best and sweetest southern gentleman voice "Ya'll Packer fans come back now ya-hear! We've quite enjoyed having ya'll down these past three times. We'd love to see you again in January." The Falcon fans standing next to us on the escalator laughed and I added for good measure; "bless their heart, I think they really thought they might win this time." Yes, southern charm contains all the things I love... the good, the bad and the ugly of human nature. The Good: Statement - A win is always good, but a statement game is really good. We made a statement this game. We put some stuff on tape for future opponents to consider and for teams that do not play us to say "Thank you Jesus they ain't on our schedule." QB Pressure - Lordy it's a good thing Mr. Blank decided to open up that roof Sunday night; cause that Falcons defense brought so much pressure on that Aaron Rodgers fella; why I'm certain that roof might have blown off it if weren't already open. Goodness sakes. Devondre Campbell - This dog can hunt. It's only game 2, but this guy looked great in game 1 and 2. He musta got his mama to come and fix him some good home cookin' cause his stature on the field just looks different. By different I mean Dominant. Big, Athletic, fast and c's just downright mean to celebrate someone getting injured, but from what I hear out'a Wisconsin, none of these were serious or season ending. Between you and me... I think those boys just done had enough and didn't want no more. As for that QB, mmm-mmm that boy done took a beatin'. We sacked him 3 times and hit him 7 times, add to that the fumble, the interception and the number of balls he threw away and you start to realize how good our defense was at both pressuring the QB and covering the receivers. At one point in the 3rd quarter, they came out with a play to throw a lot of very quick balls. He would literally take the snap and throw it immediately. We missed a few tackles and they got some yards, but on the next series, we tightened things up and shut that down. Offense - Some blown plays here, some missed throws there and some missed assignments on protection and blocking stalled some drives. But 140 yards rushing is always a good thing. I know it's hard to run the ball when they know you're gonna run the ball, but we gotta get to that point where once we have a sufficient lead, we can just line-up and say "we're comin' at ya' and get first downs. I respect the fact that DQ and Sark are committed to working on that. I liked the Sanu Wildcat with Free and Coleman in the backfield and it makes me wonder... will we see Poe back there sometime soon? At the end of the game, we pretty much ran the clock out allowing the Packers to have about a 3 minute lead in TOP... or about 1 more first down. 1 more would have allowed us to just run the clock out and 2 more first downs would have really changed the feel of this game by likely resulting in at least 3 more points and a TOP balance giving the Falcons 3-5+ minutes advantage. Bad: Penalties - We had 6 penalties for 35 yards which isn't great, but it's better than last week. Sadly 2 of these came on our last drive when we were trying to burn the clock and the penalty pushed us back 5 yards, but also stopped the clock. Coleman - You're probably asking why would I put Coleman in the bad category? Well, ya he did have a big run and that's nice and all, but he also had a play on the second series of the game where Matt seemed to change the play at the line (1st and 10) and Matt turns to hand the ball off to Coleman on his left, but Coleman is on the right side of Matt. Matt turned and threw the ball out of bounds. In the 3rd or 4th qtr, we are on a big 3rd down trying to keep a drive going and Matt drops to pass for a first down and Coleman missed the blitz up the middle allowing Matt to get sacked and us to have to punt the ball. Another set of downs would have made a big difference at that point in the game. Full Back - Ya, he played much better, but in the 4th quarter on 3rd and 9, we run a zone stretch right. He has the LB or DE to block who has penetrated the LOS. He gets stonewalled in his tracks. Coleman then cant' cut inside where a decent seam was opening and instead tries to go outside, gets around this guy, but then by the time he gets his feet going forward again, 3 guys are on him. If you're a FB, you gotta be able to take on a DE or LB and knock them clean into tomorrow. Ugly: Blocking on Punts -If I'va said it once I done said it a hundred times. Our special teams guys need a good smack up side dey heads. We gonna get a punt blocked. That's right, it's a gonna happen as sure as it's gonna be hot in July. Dem boys ain't blockin nobody. We're only 2 games into the season and last week we had 2 or 3 penalties in a row of running into the kicker and again this week the same thing. We done seen this before here in Atlanta, I can't recall if it was early last year or the year afor, but it was the same situation. We saw pressure week after week, then sure enough, we done got one blocked at the worst time. Missed Tackles - Overall we did better, but in the 3rd qtr when our D was back off the line and GB was hitting those quick short passes, our guys were coming up and missing tackles allowing gaings of 8-10 yards. This is why we couldn't get off the field on a few of those latter GB possessions. Packers Fans - Bless their heart, they are some dedicated travelin fans and some really nice folks, but lordy, dey some just downright ugly people in some ugly green and yella shirts. But we do love havin dem down, it's always a lotta fun for us Falcon Fans. Ya'll come back now ya-hear! 2-0 baby! Go Falcons.
  6. ya, Stafford's legit and these stats seem to prove that. The 5.2 seconds thing is very odd. I don't watch much Lions football, but I can only guess he runs around a lot to buy time. I would be interested to see what his stats are against the Bears and Vikings since they both have good defenses and he plays them 2x a year. I think our D has proven we can handle QB's who move around and buy time (a-la A-Aron Rodgers).
  7. I only watched the first half of the monday night game as I was too tired from being up most of the night Sunday night. The first thing I noticed was their left tackle #73 I think, looked really bad in pass protection. I think it's an opportunity there for us to get pressure and possibly some sacks. As for their defense, i just can't judge based on the Giants and Cardinals. Both are 'considered' good teams, but so far neither have proven it. We faced solid Defenses last year and always made them look silly. I think their D may be good, but it's not good enough. I believe in our offense. The challenge will likely be the 4th qtr even if our offense puts up 35+ points. Stafford has like 21 come from behind wins so he will test out 3rd and 4th qtr defense for sure. Falcons have been working on their run game, and we will need it this game to keep their offense off the field in the 4th qtr and to extend our lead and keep the game out of reach. I look for the Falcons offense to roll and put up points. We cleaned up a lot of stuff from week 1 to week 2 and I think we'll further refine in week 2 - week 3. Also, the Lions played MNF, so one less day of rest is good for us. Plus the Lions are likely thinking they are 'all that' right now being 2-0 and leading their division. I was watching NFLN and they were talking about the Lions and asked someone what they thought about the Lions (are they for real?) and he replied "Um they play the Falcons Sunday right? So ask me that on Monday and I'll tell you."
  8. thx! not sure how to do that... but will see if I can.
  9. I'm ok with it. don't love it, don't hate it. However, context is always a bonus. Recommendations for improvement: 1. Add a falcon train video to the halo board (don't make it look like thomas the train... more like ozzy - crazy train) 2. Tell the players that after ANY big play (sack, fumble recovery, TD, Big stick tackle) they can do a train dance and make the 'pull the horn' move and the effects guy will blow the horn in the stadium. Picture this.... Sack... Takk gets up and does a little train move, then raises his hand and pulls down and the train horn blows... video clip runs on halo board, then it fades into the start of Ozzy's Crazy Train "All Aboard...ha-ha-ha-ha" Just the horn blowing by itself is kinda lame. Honestly I was at the game and I had no idea that it was supposed to be a train horn. Sounded more like being at a basketball game when they call a time-out or something.
  10. lol. I was noticing the same thing. The animated gif of the view from the other side is also classic. A-Aron sees pressure from his left and turns to get out of it and his eyes get real real big and his face gets that "this is gonna hurt" look.
  11. Agree. It was a great win Sunday night, but there were some serious mistakes. 1. on our second possession, it's 1st and 10. MR2 looks like he changed the play at the line. he turns left to hand off the ball to Coleman, but Coleman had gone right. MR2 has no choice but to throw the ball out of bounds. 2. On Defense during GB's first (I think) series, we missed covering a guy. Rodgers threw a quick pass to him and he rumbled down to the 3 yrd line to setup their td. There were some passes Ryan missed connecting on and there were some open receivers that Ryan missed seeing. Despite all of this... we are 2-0 and taking care of business. It's a good time to be a Falcon fan.
  12. Over 100. Had season tix from 1999 until they hired patrino. Since then I do about 2 games a year. Before that from 1993 - 1997 did about 1 game a year. Was at game last night. But going to games doesn't make you a better fan.
  13. Actually the best part of that was they had all the Falcon hits and sacks of A-Aron. lol.
  14. OMG.. what a bunch of crap. On Injuries: Yes, Packers had 2 o-linemen out. also true, Falcons lost starting right tackle on first series of the game along with league sack leader and another D-Lineman. On Packers losing: Yes, this looked an awful lot like the NFCCG... That tells you Atlanta is not only a better team, but a consistently better team since we beat them 3 of the last 3 games. Packer Love: I get it that the media loves them some Packer cheese and that the packers win some games every year; but at some point you gotta realize, they just ain't that good when they roll into the ATL.