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  1. Don’t like the 4th either. Sony Michel had a good season in 2019 (900 yards and 7 TD) but we shouldn’t have to give up a 4th. in a few days we will know.
  2. Total BS! I only took a quick glance but it looks like Saints have four-five primetime games as well (ummm…. No Brees) I also don’t like the fact that we have no back to back home games (I don’t count London) it could take a toll on us but will see. I’m happy regardless. It’s going to be a fun season and a exciting future. it’s just me personally being picky and selfish in regards to schedule, but I’m over it now. 😎
  3. “Nothing Personal It’s Strictly Business” Love Julio but if there is an offer that is going to help us now or in the near future we have to take it. I think (Hope) Ryan will finish his career here in Atlanta. Ryan has at least 2-3 years in him maybe a total of 4. (I say this because I feel AS is building a better and stronger line that will protect Ryan for the next couple of years as well as for our future QB) This leadership I trust. So if they decide it’s time to change QB’s… let it be so. This goes the same for any player on the team. I’ll never question this lea
  4. I’m not saying next years class will be better (as we have no idea how the following players will play) But 2022 class is definitely more consistent in size and though AS is 100% focused on this upcoming season, the scouts, etc… might be looking already at this class. 2022 NFL Draft Top Prospects First Look: Running Backs 1 Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M 6-1, 225 2 Breece Hall, Iowa State 6-1, 215 3 Brian Robinson, Alabama 6-1, 228 4 Zamir White, Georgia 6-0, 215 5 Master Teague, Ohio State 5-11, 226 6 Ty Chandler, North Carolina 6-0, 210 7 Kevin Harris, S
  5. Malik Herring- DE signs wit KC per Georgia Football Twitter account.
  6. I think with Davis and Hawkins and whoever else we keep, we will do just fine. It seems AS is focused on the OL and making it a superb unit. A line that can protect Ryan but also open lanes for any of our RB’s to run through (mentioned this yesterday). our offense is going to be legit going forward. can’t wait!
  7. Reminds me of Warrick Dunn (similar running style). Love the pick up. I think he will be a big contributor to our team. Has really good speed and great vision.
  8. Copy that. I thought there was a small chance we would pick him up.
  9. NFL Draft Diamonds @DraftDiamonds Florida WR Trevon Grimes is headed to the Philadelphia Eagles 6:05 PM · May 1, 2021
  10. Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero Former Wake Forest and Georgia QB Jamie Newman is signing with the #Eagles, per source. 6:07 PM · May 1, 2021
  11. Rakeem Boyd-RB Malik Herring-DE Marvin Wilson- DT Paris Ford- S
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