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  1. Have no idea what’s up your A** but I literally posted this topic a minute after I heard it on the radio. in my original post I was asking if anyone heard the same thing or if they could confirm who this guy was and if it was posted on his facebook, like they mentioned on the morning show. and I wasn’t pretending anything. i hardly post and probably would never have posted if I knew people would get all like you. i was just looking for confirmation and that’s fine that I didn’t. no biggie and hope you feel good about yourself. keep being who you ar
  2. Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook so I could not confirm if this was true. I was seeing if anyone knew of this Michael Cunningham, who is in Atlanta. He is a beat writer and has been around for a long time. he posted the Peter King comment on his Facebook page. so if anyone could check, that would be cool. this is probably all none sense but like I said, I heard this morning and wanted to get confirmation from those who might be familiar with the writer, etc... Not trying to be that guy ( I heard from a guys sister who heard from a girl a
  3. Just trying to see if anyone else heard the same thing or can confirm the Facebook page etc... “Confuse Folks” (if there are any that are confused by this, all I can do is
  4. Totally agree. Enough is enough. i believe these two games could be the writing on the wall. if DQ gets out coached again, AB has to strongly consider a change.
  5. I think it’s Michael Cunningham don’t have Facebook, so can’t confirm if that was posted on his page.
  6. (First- I live in the Midwest and have this radio app that I can select a radio station of my choice. This is just another way to keep in the loop on ATL) So I was listing to the morning show on 680 and I don’t know the other two that were talking but it was the morning show with Brian Finneran. they were talking about breaking news (allegedly) over night that Peter King was on a radio station and mentioned that AB was considering a coach change. This was then posted on a Facebook account by an Atlanta beat writer (unfortunately did not catch the name , Michael something... I think ?
  7. What identity? sorry but this is the only thing that comes to mind when it comes to coaching and this season.
  8. It’s a no for me. I was a big believer in DQ but enough is enough. But on the other side of the ball, I think they will get better and not start off so slow.
  9. Ryan will have no picks in this game and the D will bring it up another notch. 24-13 Falcons
  10. Two (one on Offense and one on Defense) Barry Sanders & Reggie White
  11. Game just started and I’m the kind of guy that won’t call quits or say way to early that we will get the L but.... It looks like Philadelphia will have a really good spot on the field after our punts if Bosher is hurt. So if this team doesn’t get their sh** in gear we can hang it up tonight. even Bryant doing kick offs is not good. A few years back probably not an issue but tonight we are going to be giving Philadelphia great field position. come on Falcons !!! Let’s win this!
  12. Game just started.... give it a chance. MR & company will turn this around.
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