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  1. Ryan will have no picks in this game and the D will bring it up another notch. 24-13 Falcons
  2. Two (one on Offense and one on Defense) Barry Sanders & Reggie White
  3. Game just started and I’m the kind of guy that won’t call quits or say way to early that we will get the L but.... It looks like Philadelphia will have a really good spot on the field after our punts if Bosher is hurt. So if this team doesn’t get their sh** in gear we can hang it up tonight. even Bryant doing kick offs is not good. A few years back probably not an issue but tonight we are going to be giving Philadelphia great field position. come on Falcons !!! Let’s win this!
  4. Game just started.... give it a chance. MR & company will turn this around.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Video was well done. gives you goosebumps and can’t wait for kickoff!!
  6. lol
  7. I thought he said he wanted to play for a contender?
  8. The Atlanta Falcons might have something really special with Brooks-James.
  9. Brooks-James as well as the rest of the RB’s make me feel more at ease (if Freeman can’t play through a complete season again)
  10. I know it’s just a tape but wow. Keeping my fingers crossed and hope he can make the team.
  11. It’s official
  12. Lmao