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  1. Lance is a project he’s not A Mahome clone. Stay at 4 take pitts his game says so If trading back take Surtain There are plenty of O line/safety/ RB talent later in the draft
  2. If we don’t trade Thepick he’s the one. Our line is still suspect imo No Mack -Hennessy is a question mark, not sold on cement feet McGary. Slide Jake inside and hope for the best
  3. Hopper was a good TE for us but lacked the ability to stretch the field. Hurst will come in and give us the same production or better immediately. Hooper got paid glad it wasn’t here 11 mil !!!!!!. Sheesh
  4. I’m surprised they didn’t cut him last year I never thought he was an NFL caliber RB. He’s small and slow. John Cominsky is faster than Holyfield let that sink in.
  5. Would have love a Gurley Ito Ollison Dillon backfield. He reminds me of Mr Dirty Bird JA32
  6. Bradley Anea We needed another DE, this guy is going to make a Lotta team sorry they passed on him Who replaces Clayborn? Comisky???
  7. Right no knee bend and he plays really high, he needs coaching I don’t see him beating out the three veterans we have slotted for LG - hope I’m wrong
  8. Do whatever to get Bradley Anea can’t believe he still available. Bryce Hall with the second 4th if he’s gone Anthony Mcfarland Rb/PR/KR
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