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  1. Takk and Kazee .......... DAWGG!!!!
  2. Yeah That Lamar Holmes was a real Bad ***
  3. Under Eli's still under center and that O Line couldn't block Grady high school.
  4. He was kind of right tho Jenkins jumped on the movement way after the fact mainly for recognition, don't agree with calling him a sell out but if that's how he feels so be it
  5. IDK if the front office is going to eat 9 million but anything is possible. I wouldn't be sad to se him go Ito has done well as a bac k up
  6. We will finish between 28-32 Defense is horrible and this next man up crap is a pipe dream Richards is the worst SS Ive ever seen. Neasmon and Duke Riley!!!-I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel we ****d
  7. You reaching Bro... No SB this year live with it
  8. Good should have been there weeks ago-Just rest up for next season -He will definitely be here no trades coming - 9 million cap hit
  9. Yeah he's going to be sharing a cell with Prince Shembo real soon
  10. Kazee got that dawgg game changer type- Takk Debo Kazee Grady Neal we're built for the long haul
  11. Sick **** R Kelly Jr. "It was her idea" WTF is that -Where is the father? Why did the mother leave the kid there? He deserves what ever he gets, the rapists behind the wall are waiting
  12. Terrell Davis CJ Anderson etc.... I think their line was a lot better but we don't get the same results with our zone blocking scheme
  13. Sweeps and Stretch plays aren't the move - pound the ball inside instead of taking the 3 yard loss -shytz frustrating
  14. Welp........ "The falcons are soft the falcons aren't tuff"