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  1. He may get 10 mill if im not mistaken hes at 6.5 now- probably wont get ti here but 10 mil is doable for a good veteran FS
  2. Falcon - Prime Time/Debo NFL- Barry Sanders/Bruce Smith
  3. I really hope we can keep Sanu he's like the glue to our WR Core the man does it all.
  4. Fucc'em we had injuries last year nobody gave a dam -I think im in the majority that want Bridgewater over Brees
  5. Agreed he was awful 2/3 of the game and that's with a sum what clean pocket.... He made key throws but the 3 int's almost sent us to 0-2. If we had lost night the server would hv crashed im sure
  7. Ehhhh I wouldn't be shocked if Philly came in here and beat us up in our backyard. We always have problems with them namely that front 4. Ill say 16-10 Falcons
  8. Dissappointed in the effort scheme etc, We have the weapons and a top ten QB but we never seem to just enforce our will and kick ***. Hoping for a big turn around on Sunday We could easily be 0-3 But im staying optimistic.
  9. Truth Matthews didn’t have a good game at all
  10. 16-10 Falcons.... Ridley TD Money -Matt 3 FGs
  11. Bro we've all suffered as Falcons fans, I was wearing my JA 32 jersey in a room full of Broncos fans in 98-I took that beating lol. Julio is still number one for me but I will say Hopkins is like 1B the guy has the best hands in the league no doubt. Julio's route running and physical nature puts him on top
  12. No Deon....Best player on Defense doesn't get the nod? I know Rico's like a coach on the field but come on......