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  1. I would sign this guy tomorrow. Don’t think Simmons will be around at 16. Draft a CB at 16 and Blaylock at 47
  2. Ok sir no sleep loss If you think Jake is playing up to his contract then so be It
  3. Just one example boss he lined up in multiple positions and got to the quarterback at Will so everybody was at fault Jake Matthews has had his struggles this year. Most notably in the Tampa Bay games again he’s making elite money but I don’t think he’s an illegal left tackle just one man’s opinion
  4. The Tampa games as Well Shaq Barrett had his way with Jake he’s solid but not top 5
  5. We need a true edge rusher not a guy who shifts inside on third downs. He’s more of a 3-4 DE. I want the best edge rusher at 16 and I’m not sure if that’s Chaisson he reminds me a lot of Barkevious Mingo.
  6. I’m all for it if the price is right we paid Matthews as an elite LT and he’s not Dante Fowler beat our OL like they stole sumn
  7. Jus say No......... Let Cam and his church hats funk up sumbody else’s post game interview. We don’t need that. Say what u will about Matt u don’t hear about him Julio or Grady in the news and I’m guessing they’re not out raw dogging strippers ........
  8. If he isn’t ready this year we have to cut out losses and move on. I like Neal when healthy but he’s average in coverage and what does he really do besides the occasional big hit
  9. No a fan of Moss and I think A.J. Dillon will be gone in the 2nd. I could see a Seattle or Arizon getting him. Bruiser with speed 4.5 at 250 is impressive.
  10. I don’t see a move up this year unless sumbody releases a bong video of Chase Young. I would trade down for picks. Zach Baun and Ross Blaylock would be my targets.
  11. Machai Beckton at 16 anybody? McGary has slow feet and he has a lot of trouble with speed rush guys I say kick him inside if possible to LG problem solved. I’m not confident in brown or carpenter ...... he could use his power and strength to open holes on the inside versus kick stepping to get out on the DE. LT-Matthews LG- McGary C -Mack RG-Lindstrom RT- Beckton
  12. Simmons all day we can grab Bradley Anea in the 2nd
  13. I would be all over it for the right price. He gave Julio fits the couple times they matched up. He would be exactly what Quinn has been asking for the last three years a big physical press corner
  14. Why the he’ll would we do that.