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  1. JJJ has alot of upside but we’ve been burned in the past drafting for upside ala Demarr Johnson/Marvin/Sheldon I will say that his three point shooting and shot blocking is very intriguing but he was the third option this year at Michigan State I think he averaged like 11 points a game. I’d like more production out of the third pick Bagley plays terrible D for someone with his size and motor. Aaron holiday is probably 5’11 he reminds me a lot of Isaiah Thomas we need to draft a point guard somewhere in this draft I’m not sure how long Dennis is going to be here
  2. Worst Highlight film ever. Camp body
  3. With 4 picks in the first 34 selections, we need to find some game changers. Imo Bamba is a better fit than Bagley, mainly because of his shot blocking and help defense.We haven’t had a solid Rim protector since Mutombo and .......Josh Smith ??? Bamba/ Collins frontcourt sets us up nice for the next 4-5 years 3. Mo Bamba 19. Dante Divencenzo 30. Aaron Holiday 33. Moritz Wagner
  4. Exactly 14 is terrible 26 not so much. Konz did 12 thats poverty lol. IM 6’4 220 -225 and I can rip off 15-17
  5. I’ll say G/FB/LB Wes was hot garbage last year Fusco is just average from what I hear and Garland is back up material. Richardson was a big-time fail and as of now all we have are UDFA We need a back up linebacker to play special teams that can fill-in in case of injury I know we have Ish but Reynolds leaving creates a whole. Maybe the rook can make some noise but I don’t want to rely on a sixth round pick that might not make the squad. Should be able to find a veteran reasonably cheap this summer
  6. Would have liked to see Ito in 35 he reminds me of Antoine Smith Cuts speed etc.
  7. Well he can’t be any worst that what Duke Riley showed last year. I think this guy will shine come July.
  8. Hahaha was just about to post this. It’s about time, glad that’s done
  9. I guess getting paid means he wants more that 5 mill per. Sux we can’t sign needed help because of our young guys that need to get paid. Good problem to hv I guess
  10. Grace yes Mbu
  11. How so? Ridley fills the void at Wr3. We still don’t have a vetrical threat at TE. Hoop is more of a possession move the chains type when he catches the ball. We still need a Vet LB and another DT
  12. Hankins is our best option if the money is right. Plug him into Poe’s Spot Same production lower price tag ......Hank Grady Senat Shelby Zimmerman possibly Rubin or Upshaw would be a nice rotation.
  13. I don’t understand this with good DT’s still on the board. Did RJ McIntosh get picked already? Maybe he’s Hardy or Nick Williams replacement or Bethels tag team partner our special teams suckd this year.....
  14. Hahaha. Im supposed to be at the Inman Park festival right now - waiting on that 6th and 2-7ths there it is Russle Gage???
  15. This^^^^ He’s shifty as **** - more quick than fast. Enough speed to run away from defenders