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  1. Im all for this Gary looking like a monster - we should double dip -Gary and trade up for Lawrence. We need difference makers.
  2. Gage will get his shot this year with Hall and Hardy gone. Intriguing
  3. Yeah I hope Julio retires here. It would be hard to match his production via free agency and the draft I don’t think Ridley is ready for the #1 spot. Those would be franchise changing picks double dippinin the first 2 rounds
  4. I say DL with the recent signings we probably take an OT 2nd round. Good value there
  5. Good that man fell off a cliff last year.
  6. Not trying to ship Julio But for a 1st and 2nd we would have to entertain the idea. Think about it Christian Wilkins/Jona Williams 1st DL and DE 2nd CB 3rd LB And C (Gillyard UGA) 4th RB 5th 6/7 Wildcard picks We would improve on both sides of the ball instantly. And we gain about 18 mill in cap space Pick up a WR in the draft and grab a veteran- Patriots stay winning with no top flight receivers. jus saying we would hv to consider it
  7. Benny Snell
  8. We still draft a OG or RT In rounds 2-4 Sambraillo is probably the new RT and with Garland and Sweitzer likely gone we need depth at OG
  9. I would do the trade ASAP 1/2 for Julio gives us 4 picks in 2 rounds We could load up in the trenches and grab metcalf
  10. Who would you put over him? I will say that he drops too many passes for my liking
  11. Hopkins is definitely top 3 he has the best hands in the league, but overall I have to go with Julio as the top dawg.
  12. We don't normally make moves in FA until the dust has settled- Then we get the left overs ….. BIG FACTS
  13. My bad bro -No purple font
  14. He said the same thing last year..... These slogans are getting old...….. fast and physical/ urgent athlete etc.. Just draft us some quality players and try not to blow the games with horrible clock management O wait they hired sumbody for that smh
  15. Really Bro???...…….Speak For Yourself- Big Guy but Id knuckle up with him everyday win lose or draw if that's what I had to do