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  1. Freeman: offense Grady or Neal: Defense
  2. Pool no doubt swiss army knife......
  3. Angry Bird
  4. No doubt i saw atleast 2 on that last drive
  5. Dam Shede ........the DV Charges and this being a Contract year sealed his fate.He will get picked up and ball out sumwhere i hope its not in the division Those charges must be serious if he beat that woman in front of her kid he deserves whatever he gets.
  6. Good he didnt show much in 3 yrs ......
  7. I was watching the line play specifically he was OK I guess but I didn't see anything that made me think he was the answer long term difference of opinion
  8. Exactly I don't see what the fascination is with Sam's I thought Torgensen looks better in limited snapslooks better in limited snaps
  9. Because he is hot garbage. 7th rounder but garbage all the same. Olatoye looked ok to me but we definitely need another vet DB
  10. Good i never saw much from him other than size. We should be watching the waiver wire for a veteran quarterback and OL help - im not sold on Sweitzer at all.
  11. I say Brooks Reed. Cutting him saves 4 mill per. Campbell is more than capable of filling his role.
  12. Olatoye...... wilson goodwin
  13. This may be the end for him 7th rounder who cant stay healthy. Time to cut bait. I wonder if spoon gets another shot
  14. I'm thought the same thing maybe 23-17
  15. Star..... Im sure most stars start in the League. Id like to keep Hageman I think his best football in ahead of him