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  1. We lost the 31/32 ROG in Chester. Wes vs Garland vs Hugh for that position. You must be out of your mind if you think OG is a position of need. We lost our backup OT in Tom, so yeah I don't know how u can't see that???
  2. I agree for anyone to say we don't need depth at OT is outta they mind. This offseason we finally have the ability to improve our teams depth with late round picks. We are definitely not drafting a TE OG RB FB QB and no WR
  3. This the best draft I have seen. @Lornoth
  4. Tanoh kpassagnon
  5. Spot on no real lateral movement or bend. I think tap is the bettter pass rusher @31.
  6. Can't deny the fact he is a play maker. At 31 he could be an option but man there are quite a few good DE that are going to be available here. Veryyy tough call but if we land tap or tj at 31 Jesus.
  7. I won't cry if we got Tim williams 1st and fs 2nd.
  8. If you think about it better defensive line play would not only help everyone else in the back but maybe contribute to us getting less injuries on the defensive side
  9. Cut brooks reed!
  10. How about we trade next year's 3rd for Sheldon Richardson of the Jets, and if he leaves we get the comp pick!
  11. I wouldn't draft an edge unless someone fell to us. If not Baker will be the best FS available and I don't see why we would shy away from a position that we have no depth at... In BPA draft you draft upgrades over what you have. In the first 3 rounds you want to get as many guys as you can that Quinn co think will be an upgrade. FS DE OT(no depth) are the 3 positions we should target that are weakest on our team.
  12. Any mock that doesn't have us taking a defensive end or safety in the 1st is more than often a horrible mock.
  13. 1) BUDDA BAKER (FS) Yes he would take Rico off the field but Rico would backup the slot and FS. 2) DEMARCUS WALKER (DE) Pair him up and rotate him on the line. 3) Daeshon Hall (DE) Solid rotational piece young and explosive lots of untapped potential. 4) ADAM BISNOWATY(OT) Great safety blanket for us on the line. Can come in and compete. 5) DEVONTE FIELDS (LB) Off field issues but the kid is a ball3r. THOUGHTS?!?!?
  14. Ok with the first 3 picks, but the 4th has to be a tackle/gaurd!
  15. Freeny is going somewhere between 35-50. Also Watt will probably be there in the 2nd.