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  1. Dude asked a question and I answered it. Just so I understand, did you delete the post because I happened to know his girl (in the Biblical sense)?
  2. Garage? Up late drinking again? I already let dude know when I told Roddy to his face, but the mods deleted it 😆
  3. I buy dmn near anything with the old logo. Love this. Would be dope to have a dart board i side a cabinet that looks like this.
  4. Roddy regularly dropped passes that hit him in the hands.
  5. Too bad this giggly little girl couldn't catch a football until Vick was gone.
  6. I'll take the QB that has won a Superbowl.
  7. Choking the pass rusher is a h3ll of a technique if you can get away with it. Wish he would have found another way to block the guy on that play though.
  8. Grimes was great until he got matched up vs Roy Williams and got burned to a crisp. Felt bad for ol' Mighty Mouse, the pride of Shippensburg until I saw his stupid wife.
  9. Agreed. Put Nobis on any big market team, and he's a first ballot man.
  10. If a guy can't win a Superbowl with a 25-point lead, he's a lost cause. 0% is the only smart answer 😂
  11. Arm around his throat was "borderline"? Ha, alright, man.
  12. I would be fun to shag your mom when she was young.
  13. Yep. And when he didn't, the QB should have taken over his team.
  14. The example I should be able to cite here is Ryan doing it in Superbowl 51, but he's NOT that guy, and has a Superbowl loss to show for it. Sorry, princess.
  15. Say it again for the people in the back. This was his chance to prove he was elite, alpha, or whatever, and he pooped his pants! He's never getting an opportunity like that again, 25-point lead or otherwise. And if he couldn't win with that team and that lead, he never will.
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