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  1. Yea please don't do what's working....
  2. Why are they running the football..... Geez... W
  3. Smh... Our defense sucks.. Our offense sucks.... W
  4. These types of threads are asinine.. If they're wrong, they're so happy to be wrong because they're "fans through and through".. And if they're right, "see i told you we suck"
  5. Gotta be an attempt at stirring a pot by a rival...
  6. Thing is I guarantee that if we did practice the passing game during some of those blowouts, and it resulted in a turnover or two, then some of these same fans would have complained about veering away from what was working..
  7. Wtf.....
  8. Fromm is capable.. Just need to trust him.. They were stacking the box all day daring him to beat them.. Sometimes we will need to pass to set up the run.. Should be a good learning experience for the boys.. First true road game environment too.. Hope it humbles and reignites the fire within
  9. Man..... Hope those boys see this..
  10. Here we go....
  11. Fuk this
  12. But ask the auburn fans.. Shouldn't malzahn be gone by now?
  13. Speechless
  14. They are playing scared.. Game over.. Guess I'm shaving
  15. Been there
  16. Here comes the south Carolina fan to rub our nose in it
  17. Felt bad before the game.. This one is over
  18. Man I'm the eternal optimist but this is a loss..
  19. Not liking this at all fellas
  20. So I heard baze took to social media to call out Collins for not passing the ball to Babbitt instead of dunking against Cleveland the other day?
  21. What a slant pass....
  22. Need to blitz
  23. Please come out ready.. And not complacent
  24. Its easier to be negative and "hope to be proved wrong" than to remain positive and end up being wrong.. It seems to lessen the blow to those with thinner skin..