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  1. Went through most of my training there (SERE in Coronado and FRAC in Oceanside, then back to Coronado for SAR PO school).. Those were definitely simpler times
  2. My low for the game announcing wise was when Joe suggested that they start with 12 balls and end when they run out of balls. Suggesting that the fans determine how long the game goes by whether or not they throw foul balls back..
  3. Luke Jackson more than picked up the slack
  4. Fastball command is not there for Julio
  5. "Isn't it nice to see Julio getting the ball on the ground?"... Smh
  6. Um.. The only reason he's saying that is because he's a knuckleballer and pitch counts don't necessarily matter because there's less stress on the arm.. He's not saying pitch counts don't matter..
  7. Wow! A positive post out of you?! Good to see
  8. Dang it! Missed that one..
  9. Nice inning bullpen
  10. He's on Tampa's A squad
  11. Win win either way
  12. Well, the cubs are 2 games ahead of us in the wildcard race so...
  13. Dat Dude at it again!
  14. Johan is so quick and fluid over there..
  15. And in the other thread you were saying that Collins will be a good compliment to DH.. So many people cling on to this "he's a cancer" rhetoric..
  16. He's an agenda driven poster who tries too hard..
  17. So 8 claps vs 10?
  18. My Falcons came up with a motto after the Super Bowl.. "embrace the suck".. well, the Hawks are gonna need to adopt it.. it's gonna get ugly especially if Sap is gone..