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  1. Camargone! utility?
  2. The framing this game.. beautiful
  3. Wow.. impressive
  4. Tough luck there Lt...
  5. Beautiful.. not the limp
  6. Lol.. I said I’d leave it alone.. but you didn’t.. now back to the “stalking” talk? Poor kid
  7. Do you understand how double negatives work guy?
  8. Never huh? Okay.. I’m gonna leave that one alone..
  9. It’s always the self proclaimed geniuses that get the most agitated when they’re shown how little they actual know.. and it always goes straight to the name calling too.. stay classy keep in mind even Newk had a little longer first inning than normal last night..
  10. And no hits.. but please continue with your “tough love” Mr. Right...
  11. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers as well as all the mothers who pull double duty!