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  1. What the heck is a Celtics fan doing here whining about Trae? Don’t you have 32.74 million reasons to be whining about your own PG?
  2. Come on now.. you know what they say about glass bottl... I mean glass houses
  3. Well, we’ve lost to each of them already this year.. so, that’d be about right..
  4. Couldn’t agree more about Matt Jones.. Big time bust, but he never played for Bama..
  5. The phrase “pissing in one man’s cereal” comes to mind..
  6. We’d be better served investing on the opposite side..
  7. Currently batting .000 in his accomplishments in the NCAA he foresaw. 🤷‍♂️
  8. I don’t always agree with you.. but when I do, you’re probably right. 😉
  9. True, but I’ll point out that word “supposedly”. I wonder if we might be better served poaching a coach that has actually coached in the AAU and has garnered such relationships with the locals.
  10. Have we never given any thought in the local AAU coaches?
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