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  1. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion man
  3. Lol.. Won't win a chip.. Quote me.. Makes Tristan look like a HOFer.. Got his lunch ate when he played against Dwight.. You probably forgot that huh.. And once again he chose to leave.. Maybe you should follow..
  4. Ps.. Whoreford isn't the key to anything...
  5. Can't say that I have.. But I have always told them we had it first..
  6. The only thing I hate about green bay is the color scheme.. Should be red and black.. Keep the G though..
  7. They're not immune around here.. The worst is towards coaches..
  8. Everyone receives a bit of hate around here.. If they're not producing at the moment, it's their turn..
  9. Grew up there.. Fighting Irish.. And home of the redneck games..
  10. He must have got put in timeout
  11. Ah Dublin.. Brings back memories..
  12. Was waiting for it.. Knew Blair would implode