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  1. I give that man all the credit in the world for what he helped us become.. Just didn't have what it took to get us to where we ultimately want to be.. Heck of a man and would CERTAINLY have my vote to be our AD
  2. Plenty of crow to go around...
  3. And now it's been said that the crew included a former Falcon player.. They're gonna have a field day with that info
  4. Go navy beat army
  5. Yes.. Sucks but yea..
  6. Like like like like like like like like like
  7. By far most deserving.. Congrats and here's to hoping he stays in red and black..
  8. Excuses Words words words Saying we won Name calling Nuff said UCF says hi btw
  9. W/e man.. Its like me giving you BS excuses then saying but yea you won...
  10. I wouldn't give a shyt.. And that had NOTHING to do with the outcome... If you want to point at injuries sure but pulling that BS.. Grow up with that shyt and the name calling... If that was the case they would have quit A LONG TIME AGO!
  11. He expected the sec championship to be a dawg fight too.. Too bad only one team had DAWGS in the fight..
  12. Right after making the excuse of the players not playing because of Gus leaving? "Gone regardless of the outcome"?
  13. really? Where?
  14. Bwahahahahahahahaha But but but he had a foot out the door which is the ONLY reason UGA WAXED THAT ARSE