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  1. Umps this weekend have been some kinda bad
  2. Because Richt “didn’t want to win”... gtfoh
  3. the reason is, they’re winning..
  4. Kinda my point.. everyones got em
  5. I’m happy with the top down currently of the organization. This is a special team...
  6. Even in a 10-1 game, throwing shade at Snit? lol
  7. Not sure.. still not talking to you, due to you calling me names.. jk
  8. Savage pads was it 2 years ago?
  9. Officially my favorite Brave.. and that’s saying a lot.. He’s a lunch pail guy..
  10. But our bullpen doesn’t suck..
  11. I’ll say it again Welcome to MGM.. have a seat! And enjoy the SHOW!