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  1. OU beat Texas in blowout fashion? They didn’t put them away until 2 minutes left in the game..
  2. Don’t believe you quite understand the word embarrassment.. nothing about what they’ve accomplished in such a short period of time should be considered an embarrassment.. theyre headed in the right direction.. and will get there soon enough
  3. Nooooooo! pittboss must stay at UGA! Lets find another way to fix the Falcons issue.. don’t create an issue to solve another..
  4. Wow.. go figure.. the ones screaming they wanna get rid of all teams in Atlanta aren’t answering this question.. the ones screaming that they want to see them get demolished since week 5 aren’t answering this question.. weird huh? Anyways, born and raised.. bleed red and black.. do I ***** and moan when they lose? No.. it’s a game.. now if I was playing, competitive juices would be boiling
  5. Explain to me why... someone explains.. nope nope nope not good enough.. someone else gives an opinion... nope nope nope not good enough.. why even try to converse with those who aren’t open to others opinions?
  6. Ok ok.. good game..
  7. Boooooo
  8. This thread is still alive?
  9. I understand chances, but to guarantee a higher draft pick to pan out better than a lower one is just wrong.. I mean there’s too many examples to name.. Lol.. not even worth it..
  10. I’m the only one going on about guarantees yet you start your post with “I guarantee”... and I’m being called dense, even though it’s clear you don’t understand the definition of the word guarantee.. this coming from a poster who has stated that he’d love to watch us lose every game.. even when we weren’t mathematically eliminated.. man, you’re something else...
  11. I understand chances are better (even though there’s sooooo many variables that need to fall in place), but a chance is not a guarantee.. people that view a higher draft pick as a guaranteed player are the same that drop the word “bust” very quickly..
  12. You keep saying terms like “chance” and “better shot”, but keep refuting my premise that there are no guarantees.. ok? See above.. I started by saying that there are two guarantees in life.. and it doesn’t matter where they’re drafted.. there are no guarantees
  13. And again no pick is guaranteed.