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  1. Look up. Think his joke went right over your head
  2. I understand the game is changing and becoming scoring driven, but still with good d and rebounding, you have a better chance.. Give professional ball players another chance or take it away. For Giannis though.. maybe 🙃
  3. That’s a subject that I certainly find intriguing. Is it primarily finance driven?
  4. Please don’t trade Clint (or JC for that matter). Rebounding is becoming a lost art.
  5. JC will actually have help down low now with Clint. That acquisition.. mannn
  6. There, their, they’re I mean, if we’re being honest..
  7. Perception is not reality. Especially when the person making the perception already has an agenda. Inferences also rely on evidence. That evidence shouldn’t be fabricated by the one making the inference though. Understand?
  8. Where did I blame the coaches in this thread? This is getting even more comical now... lol
  9. Still laughing. You fabricated everything in that post. Show me anywhere in this thread where I spoke on the talent level of the team. You make statements like the one you started with, believing it to be truth, when it’s the furthest thing from it. Then, after multiple “butt hurt” memes, you’re saying I’m moving goalposts? lol
  10. No I’m really laughing.. you keep referencing me as being butthurt.. what about? You do remember I questioned your knowledge, or lack thereof, (because of YOUR statement of having to check and see if coaches played on the field) then you got offended. Now you’re trying to deflect your butthurt on me.. it’s comical. That means funny. Hence, me laughing. 😂🤣
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