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  1. You're the one taking offense..
  2. Hard not to with the flooding of posts made.. And hate is a strong word..
  3. He says on a message board.. That he's been posting on.. Throughout the day............
  4. I know he's given credit for building just can't win the big one..
  5. .520 winning percentage and 9-14 in the postseason with no chips.. Ehh
  6. I had an edit that basically summed that up.. Lets also try not to make the mistake of comparing a hall of fame manager to either Fredi or Snit.. But let's go all the way back to what i was saying and that you essentially agreed with.. The comparisons between Fredi and Snit aren't warranted.. Even you admitted a monkey could do better than Fredi.
  7. But he did win 4 championships and MOY twice... Thing is we all know that New York had no issue spending.. So he was obviously given the best chance to win..
  8. Fuk the Yankees!
  9. You think Fredi would've played Dansby? Wins aren't a way to evaluate managers?
  10. But Snits record was better with the same roster last year.. PS.. Wins and being competitive don't mean squat top you huh? Who you trying to kid?
  11. There are going to be complaints about any manager.. All I'm saying is the comparisons to Fredi were unwarranted.. Fredi was horrible in every aspect.. Snit has this team competing..
  12. Dude you completely changed your whole stance...... And you know I'm right..
  13. Terrible? Nah.. Could we do better? Yes.. But I think it's more about trying to find ways to get Johan and Big City in the lineup than it is keeping Dansby out..
  14. You know I get it if you just don't like him, but quit with all the comparisons to Fredi.. Complete BS.. Fredi was the absolute worst..
  15. Man, what could have been with DJ.. Had he not been injured versus Florida and had he not gotten injured in preseason while with Atlanta..