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  1. My Falcons came up with a motto after the Super Bowl.. "embrace the suck".. well, the Hawks are gonna need to adopt it.. it's gonna get ugly especially if Sap is gone..
  2. Just completely befuddled by this trade.. bring on a bad contract and get a worse pick..
  3. Football season can't get here fast enough...
  4. Seriously, who will want to come here now? After seeing this, AND our history...
  5. Obviously.. we've beaten that horse.. just a really bad feeling we may be becoming the next perennial losers..
  6. Thats right.. my bad.. but I've heard the Colonel was against him going to LA.. so with both he and Bud obviously in love with him, I'm wondering if he ends up staying
  7. Lots of rumors about SnTing Sap.. next year is gonna be ugly..
  8. Who drafted Baze? I've also heard he was against trading Baze to LA... this isn't looking too good..
  9. Horrible return.. brace yourselves for the upcoming tank..
  10. Looks like the tankers are getting their wish..