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  1. I’ll take what you said last year for $1000 Alex..
  2. Why not build around the younger Acuna, Albeis, Riley, Camargo, should I keep going?
  3. Oooohhhh.. well since Mark Bradley said so..
  4. Someone’s got an agenda..
  5. Fitting he signs with the Padres.. you know, since he’s your daddy and all.. i kid I kid
  6. So far the offense has been clicking. But yes, we will see what happens in conference play.. when was the last time we were ranked though?
  7. With football season over for now, and basketball season looking like a wash.. how bout them Diamond Dawgs? ranked to start the year, sweeping Dayton to start the year.. are we looking at a possible CWS this year?
  8. Same pot stirrers every year
  9. Oh wow.. some people agreed with you? Oh.. well in that case..
  10. Sometimes I like to scroll through some posters' posts.. Just to see if it is indeed possible for them to post something positive.. or if they choose to see the glass half empty all the time.. It's a mind frame thing..
  11. Did Nick win a gold glove last year? and Mac a downgrade from Kurt? nah..
  12. Then he goes out and replaces our 3rd baseman (with a recent MVP candidate) downgraded catcher () and brought back old *** Nick Markakis (it’s nice to have veterans too)
  13. Next you're gonna tell us you haven't seen Breaking Bad..