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  1. Special squad
  2. Lol.. “yea but”..
  3. Evander front and center tonight
  4. I always wanted Griffey Jr with the Braves when I was growing up.. that youthful energy that he brought.. the sheer athleticism and sweet swing.. looks like I finally got rewarded
  5. Man I love that kid
  6. Consistently.. at a major league level.. 95+...
  7. Or maybe he was saving them for this run...
  8. I’m liking Chewbotka..
  9. That 0-1 pitch to Galloway was sick
  10. Settle for Sobotka?
  11. You’re thinking freeman.. 7 is good for peter
  12. So let moylan finish it...
  13. Got him out on a good note.. Paid off.... but we get it.. you don’t like him
  14. Lol.. who didn’t see that response coming?