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  1. Are you new here? If given an opportunity to complain about our GM, he takes it.. every time
  2. The kid is top 5 in ppg and top 2 in assists.. but just can’t seem to shake this dude
  3. Now honestly, who didn’t see this coming? From the beginning..
  4. Yea.. I’m the only one calling you out on this bs in every forum.. keep telling yourself that guy
  5. Dude.. you’ve seen him purposely take everything so out of context, yet you still pop up to defend his posting repeatedly.. think about it
  6. Types with a wooden spoon.. constantly trying to stir things up
  7. Happy birthday you old fart
  8. Now do you see FI2012?
  9. Dude.. he was referencing Spts post.. smh
  10. You have to consider the source
  11. And that analogy sucked.. what if they were dropped or tipped?
  12. If you’re taking offense to being called a name, without being quoted.. may wanna reconsider who is calling you what