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  1. Smh... Gonna be a long season..
  2. I have a hard time believing that
  3. #1 I believe was called for the same penalty what seems like 14 times in this game.. Illegal hands to the face.. Basically choking the offensive lineman.. Tennessee is one of if not the worst coached team in d-1..
  4. If not for some bone headed penalties by Tennessee, this might have been a game..
  6. We gonna suck.. But once a fan always a fan.. Go hawks!
  7. Man that's like 90% of the board...
  8. Another couple of wins and she loses
  9. Its hilarious that you're so predictable because you only spew this nonsense when it's a close game.. Guess we should have gotten rid of Smart like you said we should have gotten rid of Quinn after year one.. Get a grip
  10. Every... Single.. Time... Nah