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  1. Find another team
  2. Ah yes.. the classic preseason knee jerk reactions have begun
  3. Blah... so typical
  4. It’s night and day difference turtle vs Crump.. handles - crump.. scoring - crump.. defense - slight edge to crump..
  5. A story on how a guy from Michigan became a falcons fan... well, it was either that or Detroit.. the end..
  6. Lol @ UF
  7. We? As in Mullen and whom? I don’t remember a Mullen head coached team in the SEC championship much less winning one...
  8. I viewed it as a positive..
  9. His reluctance to play certain players and then to watch guys like Edwards get minutes is ridiculous.. Crump finally gets minutes (just wish he’d run point because he can actually create more than Turtle) and ends up doing well.. needs more leash.. heck diatta finally saw the floor and didn’t miss.. but nah let’s play Edwards and wilredge right?
  10. Decent win against Florida then go and get bullied at Mississippi State... smdh