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  1. Yeah, some fresh peyote before bedtime always gives me those kind of dreams, too...
  2. Happy Birthday you big ole hairy Goober!!! Nothing but love for my BC broheim...
  3. We all know the answer to this question...wish she would just Hurry Up and Leave
  4. Preach on, my brother...it’s a never-ending display of:
  5. There you go with all of those facts that just drive the haters nutz...nice job!!
  6. I won't name any names, but there is an overabundance of well-qualified haters that I would like to nominate to the Board of Directors of this long-awaited, much-needed institution...
  7. Love to see this type of positive response to you and your wife, Goober...I hope you're feeling all of the love and affection coming your way. As a personal friend of this classy poster, I say thanks to you all for giving this wonderful family all of this well-deserved support. Keeping The Faith...
  8. Good deal, brother...because this ain't working for you - not a good look at all
  9. Just be happy, man...or try to love another team that runs their organization exactly the way that YOU think they should
  10. Yes...yes, you do...a supreme loser's mentality. You are a professional Whiner...
  11. LOL...you would be that other guy - you know - the guy that gets spooked by other teams...stuff that keeps you awake at night, huh? Yep, the rest of the league just needs to roll over and mail it in this season...TB and Gronk rule
  12. All of those teams had a real defense AND did not have Kyle Shanahan blowing calls as their OC at the end of their SB... Final point...Matt Ryan has the least to do with us not winning a SB
  13. Jameis Winston has a "cannon"...and nothing else...smh
  14. This thread doesn't dispel the notion that too many of our "fans" have a noodle brain...
  15. So, just curious to know...who exactly are your "erasers" that you would recommend to deliver our Lombardi?
  16. Yes sir...if there is any way the Falcons can knock him silly into an unplanned early retirement, hoo boy, talk about sweet justice and revenge
  17. With all due respect, the "whiff" refers to the 2nd contract that he should have never received and has never lived up to...a major whiff, indeed
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