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  1. Oh...ok...well then...never mind everybody...I quoted some schmuck who knows as much as I do about Deonte Brown...my faux pas...nothing to see here - next topic (and no quotes puhleez)
  2. It’s not actually arguing, more like cyber jousting with the emotionally impaired
  3. Wow! If that’s real talk, then I seriously underestimated his brilliance, especially in running a defense
  4. I respect your opinion and will admit that I’d have a different outlook on him - and even tolerate his arrogance - if he hadn’t completely blown the SB for us looooooong suffering diehards. I can’t forgive him for that, but that’s just a serious character flaw of mine...peace
  5. I understand to a certain degree, but with all due respect, I really don’t think he’s the last great OC to grace this earth in our lifetime...it’s not like he has a total monopoly on running a stellar offense in the NFL...not to mention his dipsheeyit attitude
  6. So Shanny is getting frustrated, huh? Poor baby...that is absolutely delightful...I hope he gets so frustrated that he starts bleeding out of every orifice in his body - he deserves to be more than frustrated after screwing us royally in the SB. In my book, he’s in the same category as James Stone’s boyfriend
  7. Pray tell...who do we have to trade to get YOUR *** out of here? We all celebrated your announcement to leave back in 2015, but here you still are, stinking up TATF
  8. For that matter, Bobby Pigtrino was a much better coach than this doosh ever will be as a poster...unreal...must have never gotten over his dads refusing to breastfeed him
  9. With all due respect, that was maybe his 2nd biggest mistake. #1 unquestionably was allowing Shanny to f¥ck up the Super Bowl
  10. Well, he is “employed” by the AJC, so there you go...the pewter standard for “journalism “...
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