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  1. Those all look great, my man...really can’t go wrong with any of those...just suit up with whatever feels good and rock it! P.S. a throwback jersey with Nobis name and number would be true classic and probably one of a kind standout in a crowd
  2. Don’t forget the ignorant
  3. I thought maybe he had just finished off a frothy avacado latte...
  4. Or....guess we can go ahead and trade him now for Antonio Clown. Yeah....That’s the ticket
  5. We're doomed...we're all doomed
  6. Wow...a world class talent scout AND a clairvoyant, too...your folks must be so proud...
  7. Yeah.....why the **** didn't Sanu tackle Nick Chubb...we need to cut Sanu...first he fumbles trying to get extra yards and then he misses tackle on Chubb...bonehead for sure...Sanu is the only reason we lost
  8. I hear John Rocker is still available, too....
  9. Thank only to Shanny...never to be forgotten or forgiven
  10. what about our defence?
  11. Prayers up for you, Mash...
  12. Silly rabbit...don't you know that emotional ignorance totally trumps logic and reason all day, erry day on TATF???
  13. Yes, indeed, he was guaranteed to be there...and TD snagged him...right when he wanted to snag him...in the 4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft...I love it when a plan comes together...great job, TD!!
  14. I can dig it
  15. Well, thanks for the heads up on our season being over before it even started... I’ll find something else to do