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  1. I hope he did...and glad that the decision makers listened to him, if so.
  2. And...just something else for you and your ilk to cry about...30 other teams out there for you that need "fans"...hit the road
  3. Byron Leftwich has one heck of an arm - once threw it 70 yards - off his wrong foot, too...give him a call
  4. Absolutely...and they all hang out with FF in his basement all day waiting for TD and AB to call... Notice he didn't come up with a legit name or plan for this ever-elusive QB with the rocket arm...and with a brain between his ears
  5. Okay, for armchair GM's...who you got as your QB??
  6. Can we trade "fans"???
  7. Yeah...and you sound like the consummate Falcon "fan", too...sheesh
  8. And, somehow, these same refs always seem to overlook our defense being held over and over again but never, ever, miss a chance to make a call against us for defensive holding...dayum
  9. So...stop while you are behind
  10. Absolutely nobody did....some folks just like to be that guy who sees the glass as half-empty all the time
  11. ...but we have the largest fan base of malcontents in the league who accept nothing less than perfection on every play of every game of every season.... what did I win?
  12. I had the advantage of tv...no doubt about it... otherwise it was jump ball for JJ with single DB coverage
  13. No, not miscommunication between Ryan and Jones for the int...Matt’s arm was clipped by rusher on his release, thus the int
  14. And...for all the hand-wringing about losing Poe....didn’t even notice the guy...solid game from our OL