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  1. Yes sir...if there is any way the Falcons can knock him silly into an unplanned early retirement, hoo boy, talk about sweet justice and revenge
  2. This is YOUR opinion...and THAT'S a fact.
  3. With all due respect, the "whiff" refers to the 2nd contract that he should have never received and has never lived up to...a major whiff, indeed
  4. Touché...the power of perspective, my friend
  5. Couldn't happen to a better franchise and coach...they will get what they deserve if they do sign that a$$hat
  6. IF DQ does have to go, please for the love of all that is sacred, please let him take the AJC and all of its "professional" sports writers with him...
  7. ...but, but, but....he's a noodle arm who can't scramble and won't ever never ever win us a Lombardi....
  8. While Matt is making all of his DEMANDS known, maybe he should also DEMAND to have a real offensive line and a real defense and a real coaching staff...and some real fans, too!!
  9. Yeah right...you start running - to another team
  10. Ok, let's see you do it, stud...
  11. Prayers up my BC Falcons brother....if you ever doubted how much we all care about what really matters, just read these posts....much love and affection for Goober and his family!!!
  12. Those all look great, my man...really can’t go wrong with any of those...just suit up with whatever feels good and rock it! P.S. a throwback jersey with Nobis name and number would be true classic and probably one of a kind standout in a crowd
  13. Don’t forget the ignorant
  14. I thought maybe he had just finished off a frothy avacado latte...
  15. Or....guess we can go ahead and trade him now for Antonio Clown. Yeah....That’s the ticket