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  1. Haha thank you. I respect how boards work. I get irritated with blog spamming when its really ****** articles. So this gives me an added incentive to produce better pieces for discussion. And its all good, I've got a gumshield.
  2. Thanks, I appreciate that. Yes I only watched footage from last season. I watched a four or five games. I picked the games that I thought would be best for analysis. So I looked at Mack v Donald, Mack v Brandon Williams (who will feature in the second part) and playing against the Denver D. Happy to answer any questions about process
  3. Can I pretend that this piece was written just for you?
  4. One thing I'm looking forward to seeing is how good Jake and Ryan can actually be and I think we'll get a chance to see that this year.
  5. My thoughts too. He also loves playing till the whistle. We can only hope he rubs off a bit on the other guys.
  6. In terms of team-building, I think getting Mack is a great fit. A good-great center can babysit two average-poor guards.
  7. I'm sorry if I broke forum etiquette and will happily not link my pieces in future if it is a problem. Anyway, I agree with Levitre on the penalties. I said 'surprisingly impressive' because the O-line was put together the week before our first game and looked like it would be a shambles again. But then we did pretty well at the start, then we really tailed off. But again, I think Mack will be a real confidence boost and cover up the problems with Chester and Levitre to some extent.
  8. Hahaha yeah I get that. I think the problem was that last year our best two lineman were on the edges and the line got gradually worse towards the interior. With the addition of Mack, we have 3 very solid lineman and most importantly, a solid linemen in the middle. I do agree, it was frustrating seeing Jake and Ryan defend the edge rush just to see the interior get crippled. But I think Alex Mack will do wonders for us.
  9. I'll do a better job of replying to thoughts- I do read them all but I'm new to this site. Anyway I apologise and I'd love to get more involved with this forum. If I ever talk to Alex, I'll ask him to pancake block me 10 times as punishment. Is that punishment enough?
  10. A few thoughts on what Alex Mack can do for the Falcons in the passing game. Made some GIFs for this one. Would love to hear your thoughts. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/07/07/what-the-falcons-can-expect-from-alex-mack-in-2016-part-1/
  11. My thoughts on somebody who hasn't received much attention. https://atlantasportspage1.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/what-the-falcons-can-expect-from-derrick-shelby-in-2016/ Interested to hear what you guys think Shelby can contribute.
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