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  1. How are you doing?
  2. Braves arived to Atlanta with 2 titles. They are one of the oldest teams in sports. I try not to $h!t on them. I TRY.
  3. You ok? It's still early at the time of this post, but things look pretty bad for the "A".
  4. All false. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. I've been a fan since i was born. It's impossible for me to root for anyone other than this team. Growing up in Atlanta, I watched many many folks either jump ship to a winning squad or never get down in the first place. "The Falcons are sorry" was always the first thing out. But here's what stings.... The teams that many of them jumped to, have gone on to win Superbowls. Some even ended up with multiple HOFers and turned into dynasties. Over 40 years of dedicated support, and what i got in return can only be described as some kind of "severe emotional sports trauma". Its amazing! I see other teams and say; "why didn't we do that"? I often watch games in silence as if its a drama or documentary. I rarely watch in public. That's a recipe for disaster. The games have always felt like watching a mediocre college team with occasional talent to pass through. Im even beginning to feel a little shame about the stadium too. Especially while N.O. contiues to excell while still playin games in that murder toilet of a dome they got. What new gods do we need to make sacrifices to in order for this **** to change? Falcon fandom is hard, my friends .
  6. I have it on good authority that Satan is a defense mastermind and a cap wiz. I'm down!!
  7. See what i mean? Whe n the falcons come to town, how many dogs can you rattle off the top?
  8. I think there isnt any SUPER DESIRE to be elite. Good enough to get a contract seems good enough. Theres not a single player on this team who the rest of the football world recognizes as a feared competitor. Not 1! We have a lot of rah rah dancers and flight fashion show dudes, but no "dogs". Pretty boys!!! Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Alvin Camera, Christian McCaffery, Jamis Winston can all EASILY pick up 1 yard for a first down or a touchdown. Our guys cannot. Havent been able to for years now. Oh well, maybe we win next game.
  9. That's always the point. It makes folks feel smart. Like they are the cool cats who always saw it coming.
  10. The power of 6 hamster wheels running a porch light.
  11. We have an amazing ability to make subpar teams look like champions and backup quarterbacks look elite. It’s an incredible talent.
  12. I told my sister that he wasn’t going to get it because he’s gotten too soft. He got paid, he’s good. Lets see what the rookie can do.
  13. Vic Beasley hate hasn’t been dominating the board.
  14. Bubba Bean I was a kid. To my ears, that name was awesome! Which meant, that man was also awesome!
  15. Most football fans don't know much about football.
  16. This was so aweful, i got the cringes. Very poor.
  17. Why do you even waste your time being here? You are much too cool AND intelligent to keep trying to convince the rest of us that you've solved this issue a long time ago. What keeps you coming back to such an ungrateful bunch, as we are?
  18. Top 7 D
  19. 2nd.
  20. Check "Oxford's New Woke Dictionary: Mary J. Blige edition".
  21. It appeared to me that Julio has cut his locs again. Good juju.