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  1. Literally looks like bottle of busted bump pus with bloody specs through and through. No thanks!!!
  2. Imagine having an idea, a dream even, and on the first few steps you take in the direction of your desired destiny, you're met with criticism and negative critique. It's the normal obstacles of the determined. I'm looking forward to the day when I can post the HASHBROWN3 and Red Falcon productions. I know it will be amazing from the jump!!!
  3. You know how some years we are witnesses to history being made? I’m always dreaming of the Falcons being the next incredible historical experience we all witness. Something like back to back Super Bowl wins in Ryan’s last 2 seasons. Solidifying him as a 1st ballot HOFer and exercising ALL the demons of this franchises history. it can happen. The universe just hasn’t unlocked our code yet. don’t “@“ me.
  4. I’m officially offended. TAKE IT BACK!
  5. Good morning, How are you today!? I hope you’re doing well. I’m ok. I am still working on my garden and taking care of myself. “Bo” is still chasing squirrels and almost catching them (LoL). That crazy dog. I’m writing you today to ask for a small favor. I’m a little nervous, so please be patient: Can you please post where you read, heard or saw that Marlon Davidson didn’t play last season because he “came to camp out of shape”? I really will appreciate it Respectfully, ADAMSVILLE GYM
  6. Confess!!?? For what!!?? She know who she married.
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