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  1. Do you $hit Tiffany cufflinks too? You're so perfect!!
  2. Hmm... How many years has Kazee been a starting safety in the league? Also, what's your definition of "some", "few" and "seldom"? I ask because i know for a fact that Allen got beat deep a few times, whiffed on some tackles and got caught with some costly penalties.
  3. Kazee led the league in interceptions. He was a pure ballhawk and heat-seeking missile the entire season.
  4. How old are you!?
  5. False.
  6. 4
  7. dead.
  8. There are absolutely ZERO hardships that that organization has endured or will endure that I would give 2 rat's a$$es about. ZERO!!! I don't want to be "the bigger person". I am petty. HeII, I'm not even mad at Steak, Nick and Chris.
  9. ANNNND here we go! Please lock this thread before it gets more stupid.
  10. The Discovery and The History disagree. They continually push that garbage down the throats of their veiwers regularly.
  11. Stupidest thread started this year.
  12. Exactly. Just another game.
  13. I definitely ain’t watching this Gleason garbage.
  14. New Orleans Saints winning a Super Bowl on our home field. The fans, on the other hand, care quite a bit. I predict that if taints win a SB in Atlanta, it will completely drive all the fence riders over the side. Trash talking any other team, especially the rats, will be suicide. Me? I’m just going to sit back and watch Atlanta burn again. IF it happens.
  15. Yeah, I guess we have to understand that. But man, what I would give for some real fire right now.
  16. Maybe for you and all the cool kids, but there is a significant difference between the way our fans feel about the Rams, 49ers and Saints. My guess is that you probably know this.
  17. Ok, I know it’s had to have been addressed, but the thread title!?!?
  18. I'm remembering myself sitting on the foot of the bed, directly in front of the tv. My girl wals in, looks at the score and says; "Your boys are kicking some a$$, huh"? I didn't say a word because I KNEW better. Sad times.
  19. Ive said a ton of horrible things. So much so, I purposely set up my work schedule to be off on Mondays.
  20. What say you, the fan!? Are you good with this?!
  21. Oooohhhh! Im trying to disagree. But......