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  1. My bad!!!!!! Sometimes i'm like a 20 year old or a baby rattlesnake. Just letting loose with no control!!! My apologies good friend.
  2. Don’t get me wrong. I complain too. But it’s usually DURING the season.
  3. The old “I’m a realist” technique. It’s really just a kind of defense mechanism. Like people with insecurities who point them out themselves in an effort to beat you to the punch.
  4. They can’t help themselves. They have bee so guilt stricken and embarrassed by others for being Falcons fans, that their only strategy left to make themselves feel like they are, somehow in front of their pain, is to **** on anything positive and to come around other fans, to try and infect them with their juju. Poor saps.
  5. pitiful. Yous all should turn in yer cards. I'll see if i can find a Tom Brady story for yas.
  6. Falcons' defense ranked No. 11 by Touchdown Wire Matt Urben May 26, 2020 12:02 pm The Atlanta Falcons stumbled out of the gate in 2019, starting the season 1-7 and frequently trailing by insurmountable deficits at halftime. The team’s 6-2 finish may have been too little, too late, but defensive coordinator Raheem Morris established a strong foundation that the Falcons can build on in 2020. Atlanta’s defense allowed 24.9 points and 355.8 yards per game last year, numbers that reflect an average unit. However, the impressive play by this group down the stretch was enough to make the top 12 of Touchdown Wire’s defensive rankings. Check out what Doug Farrar wrote about the Falcons’ defense below: The Falcons had as drastic a defensive turnaround as any team in the 2019 season, which occurred when now-defensive coordinator Raheem Morris took a more pronounced role. From Weeks 10-9, Atlanta gave up 24 passing touchdowns and came up with just two interceptions. From Weeks 10-17, the difference was graphic — just nine touchdowns allowed, and 10 interceptions. The team lost cornerback Desmond Trufant in free agency, but selected Clemson cornerback A.J. Terrell in the first round, and Terrell is a much better player than he showed in his team’s loss in the College Football Championship. Expect this defense to play far more to its talent with Morris firmly in charge. As Farrar pointed out, Morris has proven to be a great asset to the defense, and assuming he picks things up where he left off, Atlanta has a chance to be very good this season. The team’s secondary is young and relatively untested. Plus, without De’Vondre Campbell, Desmond Trufant and Vic Beasley, it could take some time for this group to gel. Some of the team’s early struggles in 2019 can be attributed to a painfully one-dimensional offense. The Falcons’ averaged 85.1 yards per game on the ground and often had to abandon the run game altogether by the second quarter. Todd Gurley has a chance to turn that around this season. If Atlanta can get off to a better start, the team should be able to compete in a vastly-improved NFC South.
  7. I don't believe many of the whiners do. They regurgitate media talking points and project the traumatic abuse they've received from fans of other teams who've clowned them for being Falcons fans. They are in so much pain because they can't find the words to stand up for themselves and justify their choice of team. So sad.
  8. Atlanta Falcons will force Drew Brees and Tom Brady into retirement by Matt Siegman 6 days ago Follow @matt_siegman Tweet Share x Comment Every media outlet has written off the Atlanta Falcons for the upcoming 2020 NFL season. The main reason is because of the New Orleans Saints and Tom Brady joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Atlanta Falcons made great offseason moves that made the team a lot better but wrote them out of the playoffs just because of Tom Brady and Drew Brees. The Atlanta Falcons are going to change the script this season and force Brees and Brady into retirement. What the majority of NFL fans and analysts do not understand is Brees and Brady are not the same quarterbacks they used to be. The Atlanta Falcons will prove that this upcoming NFL season. Before the offseason, the Atlanta Falcons were already built to beat the Saints and Buccaneers. Brees struggles tremendously when teams have fast linebackers that cover Alvin Kamara out of the backfield. When Brees plays the Falcons, his numbers drop heavily when Deion Jones is on the field. The New Orleans Saints have had a good roster the past couple of seasons but have not added any major additions the past two NFL seasons. They signed some players, but none are going to make a huge impact against the Atlanta Falcons. In the playoffs, Brees could not get the job done and they had to use Taysom Hill to get the offense going against the Vikings. Even when Brees went down with an injury, the Saints still went 4-0 with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. This will benefit the Falcons greatly playing the Saints this season. The hype around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is misleading because they have a 43-year-old quarterback this season and is not the same player he used to be. The Buccaneers also traded for a tight end that hasn’t played football in over a year. Rob Gronkowski is a future Hall of Famer but at his age and being out for a year, he is not going to get open when Deion Jones and a healthy Keanu Neal are covering him. The Buccaneers also have a terrible offensive line. Brady is going to struggle with the Buccaneers offensive line this season despite his offensive weapons. Expect Mike Evans and Chris Godwin’s numbers to drop this season because Brady cannot throw the deep ball which Evans and Godwin thrive at. The Atlanta Falcons secondary is going to thrive because of this. Drew Brees and Tom Brady are going to be Hall of Famers. However, both quarterbacks are in their 40s and are going to struggle because they are not the same quarterbacks they used to be. The Atlanta Falcons are going to take advantage of this and win the NFC South. Both quarterbacks are going to struggle which will lead to their retirement. In a way, the Atlanta Falcons can force Brady and Brees into retirement as long as the team stays healthy.
  9. Oh geez! Once you come to the realization that this is entertainment, you'll be better capable of dealing with whatever it is that's causing you stress and anguish. I've been a fan for more than 40 years. I've seen just about all of the major heartbreaking moments. It's disappointing, but it's not catastrophic. It's a **** soap opera. A long running TV series. An epic and ongoing story about this one particular franchise and how they're faring. When an episode or season ends, I talk about the highs and lows, the good and bad, then I do "life". All the while, passing time in excited anticipation about what new things the next season may bring. I'm not still dwelling and whining about "who shot J.R." , "Why didn't Dudley leave when Arnold did?" or who left the Starbucks cup on the table. That's over. You either move on, or find another story to follow. You don't spend 20 years *****ing and complaining and wishing about something that will never be re-done. "51" happened 4 years ago. 10 years before that, what were you complaining about? 27 years before that, what were you complaining about? My daddy used to say "These **** birds will never go to the Superbowl". I've seen them go to 2!! Guess what else? I got my sights set on that 2022 C8 Z06!! Ya dig!?
  10. Yes. Why wouldn't it? that's why I used the word "everyone". I'm very fluent in English. Did you think you discovered something magical?
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