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  1. Oh. Hmmm..... I dont have a PS.
  2. I want that. I roll ATL. XBOX
  3. *sigh
  4. Well, we gone still preciate chu and erry lil bit a salt chu wanna sprankle. Why? Cause we still folk an errboby entita to they own. Tell Mi Allen wusup.
  5. Whew!!! it was a nothing story. Still under the radar.
  6. Wow! The 2nd teaser was better (or worse) than the 1st one. Basically saying that just in case you forgot, MVP QB, top ten D, played the Champs better than anybody, never mentioned among the “usual suspect” glamour teams. This should be interesting.
  7. They just teased a story saying “The SuperBowl is in Atlanta this year and the Falcons are good enough to be in it”. Oh boy! The media can see us.
  8. Now THAT was funny! I actually "LOL"ed.
  9. Yeah but......... our coaching staff picks really good college kids. So.....
  10. I use it for all the young punks and jezzabelles. With their long hair and short skirts.
  11. HANDYMAN!!
  12. 2nd!