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  1. Atlanta Falcons need to fire Dirk Koetter before Monday morning by Jeff Benedict 23 hours ago Follow @JBenSports Atlanta Falcons should fire offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter immediately. There are absolutely zero reasons that Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter should remain the franchise’s offensive coordinator moving forward. While today’s defensive game plan from the Atlanta Falcons was not great, it was good enough to beat the Saints. However, the offensive game plan would not have been good enough to beat West Georgia on the road. Sure, the play
  2. Many posts in here are clear examples of people who are "football stupid". They just be trying to say stuff. No clue at all.
  3. Your mother and I taught you better than that. We busted our rear ends to make sure you had everything you needed so that you would have the best chance to become a responsible and respectful person. Now look at you!! Look at how you repay us!! You insult people!? Because they don't share your feelings!?? The shame is unbearable.
  4. You know, I’m not an *******, but I play one on the internet. So I have to ask: Why the **** are y’all still talking about somebody who is a bust and gone? Takk says no more about this organization than A. Bruce or JA98. whine whine whine whine.
  5. What if the saints just threw the ball to the same receiver all game? All game. Can we stop that?!?
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