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  1. ||)amn! ^^^^^ I don’t even have that kind of knowledge about you and your history here, and I immediately recognized that you were a Massengil product. Thanks GZ1985!!!!
  2. Wow!!
  3. I’m actually impressed with this season. I’m disappointed, but impressed. Mourn defense elevated to a top 10 unit and our offense stayed healthy. Playcalling and execution was horrible, but, like an awkward teenager, I could see the potential in them being back to great with another year in this scheme. Overall, I’m optimistic about next season. Also, for the 3rd time I’m super exited about who this organization will draft and what they will surprise us with.
  4. So do I. So do many others. It’s abundantly clear that you’re just shatin on errbody’s experience, yet you just selfishly keep trying push your unwanted message. You’re actin like an annoying kid on a bike in a backpack wearing a button collar and slacks. Chill!
  5. Exactly!!! Be a fan. Don’t be a b!tch!
  6. Glad to be of service good sir!!!
  8. News flash duma$$. This has been £uckin “Loserville” since 1966. You tired, go be a pats fan and stfu.
  9. Because you’re not pointing out anything nobody who’s a fan knows. All you’re doing is looking like you are expecting some sort of pat on the back for keeping bringing the sh!t up. As if it’s gonna change or something. No woman!! It’s cemented in history. Can’t do nothing about it ( except b!tch and whine like you). All we can do is hope the team gets better, enjoy our fanfare and sh!t on the taints err chance we get. Go change your pad.
  10. I really like this perspective.
  11. Thanks dude. So sick of all these battered wife syndrome cats that just love to wallow in a past beating like it makes them look strong and resilient. No! Stop!
  12. I just don’t get it. Who goes around and brag about their own a$$whooping? Inly a Beta would keep finding joy in constantly referencing their failures. Each one of us know people like that and they always bring everyone else down. So you avoid them and never invite them out to have fun. So what, we lost the SB!?! If we lose 50 of’em, I’m not gone just keep harping on it like puskator. Jeez! Man TF up!!
  13. Heath Evans and that other Taint rapist are now in the category. Sexual predator. I’m much happier about his new status than I think I would’ve been seeing his head explode.
  14. This guy get’s it! ^^^^