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  1. You said "flip". Much better description than "body slammed".
  2. Come on guys. We all know what a bodyslam looks like. "Flipped" was the more accurate description. Dont add extra sauce to the schitt, is all im spittin. Reid was being pro active like the kid on "The White Shadow" (old heads know the episode).
  3. You like how a poster here said Reid "body slammed" Eartz? Fake news. Not only do they not tell the whole story, but they also make schitt up along the way. Fake news.
  4. Nevermind. I see the REEBOK logos. Old pic.
  5. Is that a recent pic? It looks very vintage. Like, early 2000's.
  6. Go after Blankenship next draft, if he comes out, is my wish.
  7. DayZ. The Purge. Party tricks.
  8. I agree with the request. If I get one, it needs to fit my head for wear. Why? I'd rather have it to fit and not need it than to, one day, need it to fit and not have it. You never know.
  9. I think its amplified. He's always been who he is athletically. Hence the "not quite elite" criticism. We fans are ok with that. Especially when you produce. But when you get into "elite" situations and come out looking a tic below average, that big salary starts to make everybody involved look desperate and delusional. I think he's top 10, but not top 8.
  10. where is this cigar bar?
  11. It's painfully obvious. He seems to literally give up and drop into a fetal position as soon as he gets a hand on him.
  12. The point is, there are plays he's expected to make in situations where the moment rests on his ability to do so. It, at this point, isn't about spectacular wins, it's. about instincts and ability. Too often he looks like a goofy drunk that stumbles and bumbles without the athletic instinct needed to maneuverer in those situations. He nneds everything to be perfect, in order to look dynamic. Folks see $100M, they naturally will look at the quality of that guy a lot closer.
  13. Takk said Big Ben hasn’t seen him yet. He was right.
  14. FYI, Randy McMichael called the Steelers defense “trash”. I know for a fact that organizations listen to opposing teams’ broadcasts before games. LOL @ “trash”.