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  1. "Intrest" is relative. I didn't have to justify it by post numbers or quality of responses. Just by what's interesting to me. Luckily, I got both. You showing up is an added treat!
  2. Meanwhile, 7 pages later.... Im right. You’re wrong.
  3. "Look mommy! There's no clouds up in the sky."
  4. This might get interesting...
  5. Just heard on NFL network, Suh visiting New Orleans after he leaves Seattle.
  6. Mediocre guy. Still waiting on a playmaker Falcons!!!!
  7. I will be forced to sear my eyes shut with a white hot butter knife.
  8. You new to American football?
  9. It will be unbearable around here if TD & DQ & AB whiff on all this available FA talent, pick up some mediocre journeymen and suck a$$ next season.
  10. thanx fam!
  11. Link or paste please?!
  12. Don’t ever do that again.
  13. If that happens, it will be only a matter of time b4 he EXPLODES on the sideline because TRU or ROCKY getting a big p.i.. It would be epic!!!! TATFers faces will melt like they seen the Ark of the Covenant! LOL!!!!