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  1. Let’s talk about the importance of mental health.
  2. Putting the cart before the horse isn’t always a bad idea.
  3. What "professional" qualifications do you hold? Particularly within media or sports. I THINK you just wanna be the 1st scary & fake fan to hide your pain of a Hawks loss behind your already existing pusified Falcons disposition. You and your kind live to be shat upon....and you have grown to like it. In a weird sado masochistic way. Don't try to pull us in on your scat fetish. We good!! #weirdo
  4. My brain plays thoughts like actions sometimes. So I may have thought about posting it and didn't.
  5. Thiss^^^^ Smith took the job already knowing what the deal was. Enter Kyle Pitts as your #1.
  6. Is that AB driving that golf cart like a ‘82 Cutlass on Cragars and 2” wws!!??
  7. Why is it so difficult for y’all to perceive that Pitts is a giant WR that was playing TE and not the other way around!?!?
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