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  1. Most football fans don't know much about football.
  2. This was so aweful, i got the cringes. Very poor.
  3. Why do you even waste your time being here? You are much too cool AND intelligent to keep trying to convince the rest of us that you've solved this issue a long time ago. What keeps you coming back to such an ungrateful bunch, as we are?
  4. Top 7 D
  5. 2nd.
  6. Check "Oxford's New Woke Dictionary: Mary J. Blige edition".
  7. It appeared to me that Julio has cut his locs again. Good juju.
  8. Rogers continues to prove his overation.
  9. To your point, mostly journalists vote. It is, indeed, a popularity contest. However, the fact that he is a good guy and is on his way to eclipsing some well known players, they will not just keep him out because of no ring. It will be too difficult for them to justify it on that alone. If he never wins a ring, retires, and statistcally lesser QBs playing now with 1 ring get in before him, it will look horrible for the NFL. Right now, the only ones who get in without question are P. Manning, Brady, Brees and Rogers. Ryan will probably still be playing when they are done. If Eli and Wilson get in before Ryan, it will only make make the process look worse.
  10. All it takes is a little bit of time and ability to read, and anyone can see Ryans numbers for themselves. But nah. Too much werk!!
  11. They just repeat what other people say or try to turn their feelings into imaginary "facts". They just like things to be easy, convenient and able to plug right in without any effort on their part. I'll bet not even half the folks commenting here has bothered to look into anything contrary to to what they spew. If they hear enough different people saying the same things they like, they don't look nowhere else. Quarterbacks MUST have a SB victory to get into the HOF. No other position has this requirement. Only QBs. Sounds dumb huh? Guess what else? They don't care how stupid it comes across, they will fight and die on Ignorant Hill.
  12. There are QBs that have lost 1 SB and still made it into the HOF without a ring. There are QBs that never made it to a SB that is in the HOF. If Ryan gets top 5-10 in yards and TDs, then he still gets in. Maybe not 1st ballot, but he gets in. Maybe even one more NFL MVP might do it. A ring will make him a sure 1st ballot with numbers. I like smart stuff. This was a very smart response to a basic and flawed statement. Gold Star for you DOTB!!
  13. I'm don't believe in gods or subscribe to any forms of religious ideology. However, everytime i see posts like this, i get on my knees and shout out a special request to all the "Big Gs", "to please please please make this happen, so i can go back see the reaction from MAD597. Hey-man". Then i sit back and wait.
  14. Look, I played Qb at the lowest level. From 1982 - 1998, i have broen my Wrist Collarbone'S' Ribs Ankle 3 fingers . I've lost 2 toenails 1 fingernail Half of a tooth 3 girlfriends and so many games, ive lost count. Bad coachin , gravel fields, trash equipment, horrible teams and always running for my life because my lines was always just big fat dudes plucked out of lunch lines or walking down the street. I knew exactly what ii wass doing and how dangerous it was. I bet my times would be a tad bit easier if my daddy was Oliver Luck. You will get no sympathy from me buddy.
  15. The visual just ruind the last swig of beer i was swallowing.