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  1. Man, this has gotta be THEE MOST tight with a secret that this organization has had. Ever! Besides war room boards, this is some magic bullet ****. Geez!!
  2. Yeah! Like Diddy & Mase.
  3. Nah. There have been some very cerebral discussion on many of those pages. Your post does, however, add to those other useless posts you speak of though. So you're part right. westside.
  4. Is that what you think or is it what you know?
  5. Either way, I zoomed in and the edges of the decal has that photoshopped fuzz on the helmet.
  6. Because they want it to be realistic. I thought that’s what photoshoppers goals are.
  7. Snap chinstraps coming back i guess.?
  8. Hmmm...
  9. I also think that Falcon is pointed up on this image. Odd.
  10. Zoomed in really close. Looks photo sopped. Experts here please double check the edges.
  11. Real talk, I still can’t watch that.
  12. Someone please get drunk and tweet.
  13. What else did he say other than "fire"?
  14. Just trying to keep the juices flowing.