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  1. Here's an interesting article on Types of muscle fibers. I'm sure many of us could deduce how he is built. I think he will be fine handling this extra muscle mass.
  2. Well that kind of sucks. Something he did as a Seahawk will carry over to a different team... Why not dock his pay?
  3. I didn't realize the draft was about drafting positions that eventually eat all your salary cap.... If Howard has 1/2 the impact Tony G. did; I would call it a success.
  4. That's a great deal. We have him locked up for a long time. Barring no more Kaepernick Incidents I suspect higher cap increases to teams in the coming years.
  5. Doug Baldwin would lead if he caught an easy screen pass. The 2012s are unable to make an unbiased decision.
  6. Coulda had me fooled. They have temporary floating bridges that can handle Up-Armored Mraps..... They also can take one down and put one up within an hour.
  7. I want to see the look on his face when we go 15-1 and win the SB
  8. I'm sure they'll ask their National Guard bridging units for a temporary bridge over the area while they fix it.
  9. Interesting. I've seen reports showing that Marta had increased it's use there recently.
  10. Didn't MARTA help cause this by storing their flammable crap underneath the bridge?
  11. The Falcons won't collapse this upcoming season but the cities bridges will.
  12. A tad un-related but possibly related. I'd actually be interested in knowing the political beliefs of those like you that believe everything the TV tells you to believe and those like you that imagine the way somebody actually looks is relevant. It's not someones appearance that matters but more so their beliefs, their knowledge and their behavior. The moment you posted that picture you stooped to a new low in this thread. A low; I would imagine is against the terms of services for this message board.
  13. Us intelligent folks know this. He actually contributed nothing relevant to my comment. He is clearly butthurt. The best thing fans can do is to continue talking about the problems and not bury them.