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  1. They were rejected. Multiple different offers. They were pretty **** good.
  2. I've sent a couple proposals for Gronk. I wouldn't even recommend trading with whomever has Gronk at this point.
  3. Well. I was available and ready for the original draft. Then it said the draft would take place next week. Instead it drafted later. :/ Good thing I set up a draft list for the computer.
  4. Seattle will be a cake walk. Their team is going down the drain and Russel Wilson had to go on a diet. Couple his size slowing down his mobility with that terrible O-Line....
  5. We are witnessing the greatest QB of all time. While Ryan does not have the team accolades Brady does; by the time his career is over the Falcons should have more SB wins than the Patriots and there will be no debate about who the G.O.A.T. is. People mention names like Montana, Manning and Brady to compare greatness. Within the next 7-10 years those three names will be obsolete and the only name you will need to know is Matt Ryan.