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  1. Most successful offense in NFL for getting HC fired
  2. After losing to SC and 1-7 Georgia can sweep Louisiana 3-0 , and win NC in NOLA.
  3. Best offense for the present personnel is Air Coryell . 2 fast WRs to attack seams vertically TE, RB, WR. Intermediate routes Strong inside RB Mix in west coast principles slants,curls
  4. Falcons will draft Grant depit after finishing 5-11
  5. Keep both, sign bud Dupree to help Beasley. Championship
  6. Only took 2 hours of talking to yourself , but you found a friend
  7. DQ should seek input from the former HCs on his staff, and implement them. Mularkey has experience reducing team penalties. Mularkey and Koetter have both had struggling defenses as HCs. DQ has resources to help him, not taking advantage should cost him his job
  8. Depends on the OL and RBs really. A clean pocket, OL wearing down DL /LBs in run game, RBs forcing DBs to come up and tackle allowing WRs and TEs to feast on a worn out defense. MR with legitimate play action ,big and fast receivers, against tiring defenses forced to wait and react. The last 1/3 of his career has a chance of being much better than the first 2/3. His accuracy continues to improve. His TD/int. Ratio is reaching brady/Rodgers level while still taking shots downfield without having to throw the ball away if the WR isn't wide open. If the OL and RBs can allow him to become more of a game manager, its possible he becomes a better version of brady/brees with the ability to still go deep Ridley will likely be a top tier WR in next 3 years. Hooper a top tier TE. JJ should age well as MRs go to WR. If Gage/draft pick becomes a reliable deep threat MR could have his best group of receivers for the last part of his career.
  9. TD knows he is partially responsible for the coordinators getting fired. This offseason he knows he has to fix his mistakes. The outside tosses, jet sweeps ,etc. On 3 and 4th down. TD fault: building an OL incapable of blocking long enough to pick up negative yards without Ryan having ball knocked out his hands. Sark fault- relying on WRs and TEs to provide blocking in run game. Unable to be creative (maybe use a DL at fullback ,have TE cut inside to help C seal DT, Fullback crash down on DE, have Shraeder pancake chasing LB / Safety. TD fault- building defense strictly to fit 1 scheme. MM fault- having defense wait and react to keep any runner that can run faster than a 7.00 and ability to stop breaking 6 tackles by defenders running past the play. MM- maybe have VB in middle spying RB allowing him a key to become 4th pass rusher. Have DBs for runners inside to VB and Campbell. Some fault to the players for not being very good. Now you have run blockers, run stoppers, pass blockers ,pass rushers Coach with history of building smashmouth OL (jville MJD, Atlanta, only good thing about tenn. Defensive coach with a little success using different talents to field a respectable DL in Seattle. Anyone who really knows what will happen (besides the team having quality options on any play) like believing their own lies. Will the team win the SB? IDK as long as the offense haters ,defensive haters, and TD blamers are wrong. Maybe this can really become a place to TATF for actual discussion and not CNN/FOX football channel
  10. I started my account 3 years ago. I come on here when I feel others opinions are useful to draw a conclusion Not my fault there are only 2-3 times per year that it isn't the same argumentsover the same subjects by the same people. I dare you to try to find a spot to post your opinion without the ability to start your own thread on a board with 30 threads per day about the same arguments from the 30 the day before and the 30 before that
  11. I wasn't trying to quote you. I can't start my own thread, so I just picked 1 that was closest . Sorry I didn't read the OP, figured it was the same as the other 12
  12. Trashing players before they take a snap with the team isn't going to change anything. Lindstrom, mcgarry, and other players drafted won't be extra motivated by reading your opinion. Family and friends won't push them to work harder to please a fan base of doubters. Veterans may not read your posts but young kids, their friends, and family likely will Either you have absolutely no faith in blank, the FO, or the coaches to learn from previous mistakes . Or you can trust them, and believe in what they are doing. These decisions are a product of self evaluating and planning to fixing. They overestimated their players and coaches to overcome injuries. They overestimated the ability to scheme around weakness. They brought in 2 OCs with experience with college and professional experience developing OLine. They brought in REAL competition for 3 OL and 2 DT positions. They avoided drafting the higher graded players for players with less worry of failing. Taylor and Ford have executives that truly expect them to bust. Lindstrom and mcgarry don't have those. Matthews and Ryan were graded the same way. Sound fundamentally, but wont be first ballot HOFer. But they also weren't wasted 1st round picks. Drafting OL players because of how they were graded, and ignoring red flags have cost this team badly (LH,PK) Trust the team's evaluation process