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  1. I'm in Seattle and the fans up here don't seem as confident. They'll be riding Wilson's magic as far as it will go... because they most certainly won't be riding anything that resembles a defense with a pass rush like in the past.
  2. Well if there's one thing going against the Saints it's the fact that (I think) the last 6 Super Bowl participants in the NFC have all been the #1 or #2 seed... so I guess the bye week does matter. That being said, my money is on SF vs Baltimore (or KC).
  3. CFB Playoff wins: Jake Fromm 1 Justin Fields 0 Last's night's game showed exactly why Fromm was made the starter at UGA and Fields had to transfer because he didn't want to ride the pine behind Fromm. He looked the same last night as he did at UGA... if first read wasn't open he was lost with no idea where to go with the ball. He has a lot of skills but he can't read defenses anywhere near to the ability that Fromm can. Bottom line. He's just not there yet. If he had been patient and stayed in the QB room at UGA who knows... but he left because he wasn't starting. He had a ton of poor throws last night. I'll give him credit for the throw on 4th and 2 and I'll give him credit for handing the ball off to the RB who broke the 2 big runs. That's pretty much it. His 40 TD 1 int stat vs weak competition went out the window last night. Fields is who I thought he was. Not there yet and definitely not the game breaker that you are making him out to be when you called Fromm "mediocre." I'm sure Fields will continue to break all kinds of records vs the West Virginia Community College's on their schedule... but we saw last night what he does against top competition which was the same thing he did at UGA... not a whole lot. Cheers!
  4. Like every other QB in the nation at one point or another. Done with this debate... but am looking forward to Pickens next year. Dude is only a freshman. Go Clemson.
  5. LOL... Fields looked lost vs good competition. Sure he's looked good this year playing the OSU schedule.. but you forgot to mention the 9 fumbles to go with the 40 TDs. As said though, my issue with the guy isn't his on field ability... it's the fact he played the race card... and I stand by that. Edit: In defense of Fromm... how many receivers did he lose from last year's squad and how many passes this season were dropped? Haters gonna hate.
  6. But will Fields play the race card and demand a trade when he doesn't get the starting job? Eason sat out a year when he transferred... obviously the NCAA thought Fields was special. Here's to him crashing and burning vs Clemson tomorrow.
  7. Yep. That's his legacy... 28-3. Now let me get back to being a 35+ year Falcons fan living in Seattle and listening to how great the Seahawks are day after day year after year. 56-0 with a 4 point lead at halftime under Carroll. Russell Wilson being Russell Wilson. 7 years of consistency since Wilson arrived. Wilson Wilson Wilson. Girlfriend and all my friends are Seahawks fans. I moved here in 2011 and never hopped on the bandwagon even when the LOB won them their SB. Still hard not to be jealous of a team that gets it done year after year... especially this year with IMHO less talent outside of the QB position than the Falcons currently have. Must be the coaching.
  8. Weird. Didn't pay any attention to the scoreboard today (I'm at work) and I just check and see the Falcons beat the Saints. I have that same "WTF just happened" feeling that I had in the closing moments of 28-3. Seriously. This can't be the same team from the first 8 games.
  9. I stopped by the forums to see if there was any news on the firing of DQ and decided to read this thread. Not gonna lie... the football fan in me died that night and I've followed the Falcons for 30+ years. I just lost interest. I mean, how do you recover from 28-3 as a fan? I remember sitting there looking at the family saying "WTF just happened?" Hasn't been the same since. Sure I'll check the scoreboard but I don't even have to do that this year... 1-7 LOL let me just check back on Black Monday to see if our new coach gets a top 3 pick. I'm over the 28-3 memes and endless trolling from Saints fans... but I can say with 100% certainty the Falcons could be up 50-0 and I'd be worried they'll blow it. What's funny is it's not just a Falcons thing... it seems like it's a Georgia sports thing in general. I mean, outside of 1995 what have we had to cheer about? 28-3? 1998? 2012 NFCCG? The Braves run of almosts... UGA vs Bama I and II... I mean wow. It's like teams from this state just can't close the deal and it's super frustrating to be a fan.
  10. Glad I moved out west 8 years ago... I don't have easy access to watching this s*#&show of a team on the TV. In all honesty I'm never gonna recover from 28-3... lost interest in football and this team after that. Now I'll check the scoreboards on occasion and post once or twice a year on the forums like I'm doing now. That being said... DQ is a joke of a coach. I was all for the guy when he was hired but meh...
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