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  1. So far so good! Go Chiefs!
  2. Thank you jesus! Prayers have been answered!
  3. Fail Mary... the Detroit game... Their fans out here are firing up the trash talk for the playoffs. I don’t think they’ve beaten anyone above .500 yet.
  4. I bet $100 preseason with a Seahawks fan and a Raiders fan at work that Atlanta would have a better season than both. Seattle 7-5 Atlanta 4-9 Oakland 3-10 I’m praying for a split...
  5. One of the few opportunities I'll get this year to watch... and I won't be watching. Not at all interested in watching this team get smoked by the Saints on national TV. My only wish for the rest of the season is the Saints don't win the Super Bowl in Atlanta.
  6. Same here. Falcons = Fans Always Left Counting On Next Season "Oh yeah, we're 4-4! Gonna be 6-4 heading into the Saints game after we beat the Browns and Cowboys!" I said it! LOL I don't get to tune into many games on the west coast but was looking forward to the Saints showdown on Thanksgiving. Not watching now... I'll play video games before I watch the Falcons get their ***** kicked by Saints on national TV. Please Jesus don't let the Saints win the Super Bowl in Atlanta.
  7. Garbage team. What was I thinking at the beginning of the season? After the 3 game winning streak?
  8. Garbage team. What was I thinking at the beginning of the season?
  9. Must have been a typo... I saw the title and thought it was 4-12.
  10. These posts are fun to read. Over on the Seahawks forums you'll find similar threads wanting to trade Wilson for draft picks. I bet $100 with a Seattle fan at work preseason that the Falcons would end up with a better record... and I didn't hesitate at such an easy bet to make. Now 4 weeks into the season I'm thinking I am probably going to lose the bet... mainly because the Seahawks get the 49ers and Cardinals twice! LOL
  11. Preseason I bet $100 with a Seahawks fan and Raiders fan at work that Atlanta would end up with the better record after 16 games. I was laughing at them calling it money in the bank. Now I think I might be out $200... and that's pretty bad given the state of both the Seahawks and Raiders.
  12. https://www.phillyvoice.com/2018-nfl-season-predictions/ This was a good read.