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  1. I liked the "ATL is the best team in football.I dont think its even close exc for NE and maybe KC. So if the Bills give them a good game it would be huge."
  2. Just caught the replay.... Heath definitely wasn't as bad as he's been in the past. At least he did mention the Pats and their not so good D.
  3. I'll have to tune in to the replay. I turned it on and all I saw was him saying we'd give up 40 to Brady... and Deion was like "C'mon man." Hah... I missed the props.
  4. Topic of discussion on NFLN is who's gonna lose first... Falcons or Chiefs? Deion of course has our back... Heath being the hater he always has been has us going into Foxboro and coming out with an L with the D giving up 40 to Brady...
  5. http://seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=139158 Seattle fans seem to think Detroit got hosed... The irony is that the Falcons game today involved both 1) Golden Tate and 2) The Detroit Lions... both of whom were involved in 2 of the biggest robberies at Centurylink. LOL
  6. Pretty much it. Hate to say it but I'm done with football and this team. Don't care to be forever trolled for being a fan of these choke artists. Had enough pain being a Braves fan back in the 90s. I'm done.
  7. You do what I'm doing. Done with this team. Done with football. Not worth being trolled for the next 30 years.
  8. I'm done man. The team will never recover from this and I sure as hell am not going to subject myself to another 30 years of being trolled for being a fan of a choke artist. Done with this team and done with football. Ya'll be good!
  9. Unbelievable. Well at least I'll save money on Super Bowl gear. The most epic choke in Super Bowl history is complete. Cya next season.
  10. #RISEUP
  11. Trolls die if you don't feed them.
  12. Yeah Deion brought up the Falcons lost 5 games this year... Whatever!
  13. Renton, WA (home of the Seahawks... South of Seattle)