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  1. Pretty much it. Hate to say it but I'm done with football and this team. Don't care to be forever trolled for being a fan of these choke artists. Had enough pain being a Braves fan back in the 90s. I'm done.
  2. You do what I'm doing. Done with this team. Done with football. Not worth being trolled for the next 30 years.
  3. I'm done man. The team will never recover from this and I sure as hell am not going to subject myself to another 30 years of being trolled for being a fan of a choke artist. Done with this team and done with football. Ya'll be good!
  4. Unbelievable. Well at least I'll save money on Super Bowl gear. The most epic choke in Super Bowl history is complete. Cya next season.
  5. #RISEUP
  6. Trolls die if you don't feed them.
  7. Yeah Deion brought up the Falcons lost 5 games this year... Whatever!
  8. Renton, WA (home of the Seahawks... South of Seattle)
  9. Just saw the bold predictions over at NFL.com and his was the best... Willie McGinest Writer | NFL.com New England Patriots 34, Atlanta Falcons 21 Why the Patriots will win: New England had the No. 1 scoring defense in the regular season and held the Texans and Steelers to under 20 points the last two games. I think the Patriots will hold the Falcons far below their average. MVP: Tom Brady Bold prediction: Martellus Bennett has more TDs than Julio Jones. I mean, I know he played for the Pats and all that and is a hater like Heath Evans... but don't the Falcons have a bit better offense than the Houston Osweilers and the Pittsburgh NoBellSteelers? I mean c'mon.
  10. Brinson even nailed the score... .... and has the Falcons picked in this one. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/brinsons-2017-super-bowl-pick-the-falcons-will-edge-the-patriots-in-a-thriller/
  11. I share the same opinion. #RISEUP
  12. I pretty much share the same opinion. The Seahawk forums were a lot more constructive. All Pats fans are doing is humping the leg of the #1 scoring defense animal.
  13. Nobody here's disrespecting... I've got a lot of respect for B & B. All I'm doing is calling out the Patriots fans for claiming their D is this utter unstoppable force that is gonna shut down Atlanta. They haven't faced an offense the caliber of Atlanta... they haven't faced a QB the caliber of Ryan. Not even close on both counts. Atlanta didn't have the top scoring offense by playing a schedule full of garbage. They beat 3 of the top 5 teams in DVOA. If Belichick and co. shut us down I'll tip my cap. if they don't I'll be like "told ya." That's pretty much it... and whether you like it or not the Pats and their scoring D stats ARE inflated by playing a joke of a schedule. I don't blame them for that... you play who's in front of you. I will most definitely say however that I'm not shaking in my boots wondering how the Falcons are possibly gonna score on the Patriots.
  14. Sure I will... you really registered here to post yet ANOTHER comment about the Pats and their #1 scoring defense that is padded by a schedule full of Landry Joneses and Bryce Pettys? They played ONE QB this season who can even be remotely considered elite... and that was a game they lost to Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. As far as my comparison when I said this Pats D isn't even close to the 2013 Seahawks or 2015 Broncos... here, I'll spell it out for you. First numbers will be the 2016 Pats... second will be the 2013 Seahawks... 3rd will be the 2015 Broncos. YPG 5223 vs 4378 vs 4530 TOs 23 vs 39 vs 27 As said... the Pats aren't nearly the dominant force that the 2013 Seahawks team was ... or even the 2015 Broncos. The only thing the Pats have are the PPG... 250 vs 231 vs 296. They are 8th in YPG and 16th in DVOA this season and they Falcons have already beaten teams with better numbers that that. Now watch this.... LOL
  15. I was being sarcastic... and I was talking about Ryan's 117.1 rating. Point being NE hasn't faced anything even close to a QB of Ryan's caliber this season.