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  1. Shanny. I hate him for costing us the SB. Wish he had stayed for another shot at it tho
  2. Member when Derek Carr was elite? Member?
  3. I think we were very close to seeing it before everyone went down. We still lack depth though and need to spend more money and picks on our d-line
  4. I think there’s a big difference between soft and good. We’re far from soft. That was DeCoud and mike smith era. That’s gone. This defense lacks depth and thus gets tired. That’s why we can’t close out. Also d looked really good before they started dropping like flies.
  5. Neal, Poole, Takk. I’ve seen all 3 of them knock guys into yesterday. Soft? Lol. We’re badly injured plain and simple. You can’t take the 3 most important players off a d and expect them to compete.
  6. Yeah I think so too. But it’s not really an opinion like people say. It’s just math
  7. He don’t need bend when he knocks his man over
  8. There’s some pretty clear math on when to go for 2 pts. I’d be interested to see what it said for when we went for it
  9. How was that not in? Do I need to take another physics class?
  10. Duke made the first play of his career. And WOWWWWWW
  11. **** that’s terrible for Eifert. So frustrating for a guy to keep getting hurt out of his control
  12. How can you have PI on a completed pass??? Wah
  13. We need Debo back so badly