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  1. This is audio for the Simpson’s gif
  2. Maybe it’s just coaching and scheme? NE keeps plugging in nobodies every year...
  3. Yeah that’s what happens when you deliver a ring to a starving city. All your sins after that are forgiven.
  4. I just said the evidence
  5. I’m going to put him at #2 until everyone shuts up about firing him. I’ve said it 1000 times - if Shanny kicks the most obvious FG in NFL history, we’re building TD a statue and forgiving him for the rest of his career for any mistakes.
  6. Out of 32 teams. So he’s the 4th best backup QB in the league
  7. This. It’s disgusting we could be the best team in the league by week 16
  8. His stats say otherwise. He would be an above average backup and borderline starter
  9. TD is the best GM in the NFL not named BB
  10. Eat crow on what? A SB roster with zero chance to make the playoffs?
  11. Should be a different reaction. Tebow can’t throw a football (though probably one of the best competitors to ever play. Shame he wouldn’t switch to fullback. Could’ve had a long NFL career)
  12. Kaep would be a solid backup QB if he takes a cheap deal to get back in. The political stuff is out of the news and was overblown to begin with.
  13. TD is a Top 5 GM easy. He needs to get more comp picks though and stop paying RBs. I don’t blame him for Vic bc DQ specifically requested we keep him.
  14. Let’s make TD a Falcon for Life. Guy is clearly a Top 5 GM. I’m the biggest TD homer and happy to admit it. This team has SB talent. You don’t walk into super dome and stomp 7-1 saints without it (and 7-1 was without Brees). My man got so much hate the last few weeks and deserves an apology. And DQ still needs to be fired because he waited until 1-7 to make this change. Falcons have the talent like many of us have been saying. We’d be 8-1 if we had started the season with Shanny as HC. Time to go find a new HC. But let’s give TD some love.
  15. Troffed I hope we TD forever. McNasty is gonna be a good one