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  1. Against a defense coached guessed it. We got both sides of the field covered this time.
  2. “A pickup of 3 on third down” = perfectly executed DQ defense
  3. Please change your handle to “Rogueposter” We don’t want other forums to think you’re a member here
  4. CB is one of the hardest transition positions. Not worried about Oliver at all
  5. That play looked like what Suh used to do in college WOW
  6. Looks like Beasley’s typical Sunday afternoon
  7. The article states in the beginning that QB must carry team without elite that automatically drops certain QBs off the list He’s penalizing Ryan for Julio and he almost drops Big Ben off the list for having Brown. He also conveniently forgets that Watson has Hopkins, Brady has Gronk, and Rodgers had Nelson for much of his career.
  8. I wish more people understood small samples sizes. 50 or so of anything is not enough to draw any meaningful conclusions of any sort, not to mention stretching those data points over so many decades that the game isn’t even the same.
  9. Settle had bad combine numbers. By sleeper I meant in the league and as a contributor in his first year. 3rd founders don’t usually start their first you and often never. If he plays great, then he was definitely a sleeper.
  10. I don’t think you know what sleeper means. Also, Who drafted after him is projected to be an impact player? (Other than Hurst and his heart condition)
  11. Got it. Will add to my list Debo Devo TeCo Free Jet Matty Ice The Ridler The Senator The Judge Tru Rocky Rico Puke (recently added - you can have guess who it is) I think I’m missing a few
  12. If true, Jalen Ramsey is average and still needs to prove that he can start in the NFL
  13. The Senator is my sleeper. I’m very excited what he can do next to Grady
  14. Vic got jealous of Poe
  15. DQ, TD, and Ryan are safe until the day Ryan decides to retire at bare minimum. These 3 have proven they are Top 5 in the league in their respective categories. They went to and should have won a SB a few years earlier than expected. Arthur is happy as can be. He knows he’s got the best management team. Just need a few lucky bounces to get that ring now.