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  1. LOL. It appears you’ve missed Ryan’s entire career. He’s made tons and tons of throws under pressure
  2. This kinda reminds me of the Ryan incomplete pass that the Bills returned for a TD. We should have b*****ed louder
  3. Ok so you’re not giving your opinion off random posters? No intelligent person said Free can shred any defense. Gurley got stuffed for a year behind a patchwork OL before leading the league. Your point is silly. Make real points instead of debating random posters. Your point still entirely contradicts itself.
  4. You said we play really stout run defenses that can shut many run games down. And then you said if we don’t succeed against them then we have no excuses for failing to get our run game going. That makes zero sense.
  5. You some how completely contradict yourself inside one paragraph
  6. I would agree with you except he kept doing it every time something bad happened to them. I rarely mute commentators but I had to mute him
  7. RBs play differently. Teco sometimes had higher YPC than Free too. Point is that Free didn’t just lose his vision. He will get better as he shakes off his rust and learns how to run behind his new line
  8. There are a lot of QBs with better arms than Peyton had
  9. OL will start to gel more. DL looks amazing. Matt will get settled in. Wasn’t surprised we got rocked in Minn. Wasn’t surprised we won tonight. Was surprised Ryan sucked. But this is our first defensive win in a long time
  10. 3/5 new OL
  11. He was ecstatic Wentz knee wasn’t down. He whined when they got called for holding. And a lot more. I had to put him on mute.
  12. Yes that was said in my post. He still made the game-winning clutch throw
  13. Bc it wasn’t Wentz or Rodgers
  14. He praised “players” sure. But he constantly celebrated every positive play philly had
  15. Ryan actually looked surprise he had a decent pocket all night. Maybe that threw him off. Kinda like when I miss a wide open layup in street ball