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  1. Dallas line has been injured though...
  2. I’d rather just get a better OL. Any back can pick up a yard if there’s a hole.
  3. Yeah I think Levitre and Ty are great uses for 6th rounds picks - you get former high draft picks that need a change of scenery Wes was a 6th rounder. Come on. How many 6th rounder starters are currently in the league? I don’t think he’s good enough to start full-time, but it’s not his fault. He’s just not that talented. He was a 6th rounder for a reason.
  4. Grady is a big reason Shanny had a chip shot for a SB ring. You can’t just draft those guys every year. Clowney was supposed to be miles better than Donald. If we can make 17M/yr work then we make it work. If he’s asking for more, I think we have to tag him.
  5. So it’s a one year prove it deal at a bit higher rate. Sounds good for both sides
  6. Only if we could backload some of his guaranteed money to 2020 which is when I believe the earliest we can cut Free. I’d be so down for this.
  7. **** you guys are huge 5’9 150 So I’m probably one of the Falcons assistants or trainers
  8. Agree, Jake has been great but he’s not Aaron Donald /s Baker was actually a good and necessary pick - he was above average when healthy. His second contract was a mistake, not drafting him. Mack was an amazing signing. Levitre also a great signing. Sombrero was a decent signing. The rest has been scrap heap draft pickings and udfa. You can blame TD for not drafting OL in rounds 1-3 (I do) but not for the players he’s picked. And he’s killed it with OL in FA
  9. Need Rico and Debo healthy - our on-field coaches of the D
  10. I agree with everything you said. Sark and Armstrong were the biggest problems and they are gone. If this team stays healthy, they will contend big time.
  11. Ugh paying schaub 3M....gross. And don’t see why we need to pay a new RB
  12. Is this value or talent? Bell should be higher if talent or lower if value (his $ demands are insane) TeCo doesn’t play anything like Bell so I didn’t understand the comparison. Man, Falcons staff really tried to get top pashrushers Ford and Lawrence in the draft but just couldn’t make it happen. Grady still getting better so not quite Top3 but could get there for sure
  13. Oh I don’t watch that show
  14. I like how they use the horror movie font for “agree to terms” lmao