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  1. My bad thought you were OP
  2. Lol yeah the Falcons trade for diva players all the time /purple
  3. Mingo would be a really interesting replacement for what we tried to have Vic do last year and probably really cheap
  4. I think you are selling TeCo short but I agree Free is much more complete back. I do see a lot of similarly with Sony. TeCo is also a great receiver. Sony could be really good, but I don’t see him as a complete back either.
  5. Sony Michael = TeCo clone. Pull the trigger
  6. Takk is a future prow-bowler and potential All-Pro. He already looks like he will be better than Vic. If you get one player like that in a draft, you had a good draft. Period. We don’t have the snaps to see how good Kazee is. Duke was bad, but the talent is there. Grady Jarrets don’t fall from the sky every 5th round. We won’t ever get a 5th round pick like him again. Saints also had much higher picks than us in each round so can’t directly compare. I give us a B
  7. Yeah but how many people continue discussing once it’s moved? Is it really better to have “fresh” parmenion or lostinmexico threads??
  8. They were never gonna pay him Garp money, but they were gonna send 2nd and 3rd round picks to Cinci for him. You don’t do that unless you plan on at least paying him league average money ($15M I think) even if his play is just...league average. Otherwise it’s really stupid to give up that much draft capital. Browns got saved from themselves though. They’re getting to pick Rosen or Donald as long as they don’t eff it up again.
  9. Yeah I think it’s a little excessive with all the crap threads out there. This was a legit discussion about bringing him in as a backup. Maybe next time put “Falcons next backup QB?” in the title
  10. The Browns already traded for him and would have presumably ended up paying him starter money had it gone through
  11. Jags will keep Bortles. He had a bounce back year and Bradford is made of glass. I think any team would be crazy to trust Bradford as their starter with his injury history. Its crazy Bills let Tyrod go without a plan. Wouldn’t be surprised if they jump into Cousins sweepstakes. You’re missing Josh Allen. He’ll be a starter somewhere with a short-term fill-in vet if needed. I’d be surprised if Tyrod didn’t get a shot (maybe the Jets) or if offers aren’t made for Foles given his SB run. This draft is loaded with QBs - Mayfield and Lamar Jackson may get shots to start too.
  12. Why does this go by adjusted sack rate though? Shouldn’t it go by hurries? If Matt gets the ball out 1-2 seconds faster because of poor OL play then that’s less sacks but worse passing results. I’m an analytics guy, but you gotta look at the right ones. I’d rather see the OLs ranked by hurries/knockdowns/sacks than sacks alone.
  13. ^This is me exactly
  14. Might be too many draftable and FA QBs this year for that: FA: Cousins, Tyrod, 2 of the Keenum/Bridgewater/Bradford, Foles (via trade) Draft: Rosen, Donald, Allen QB needy teams: Browns, Jets, Cardinals, Giants, Broncos, Colts (if Luck is still out)
  15. Foles had major ups and downs but hasn’t been a desired starter in the league for anyone. McCarron has barely played at all and the Browns still tried to trade for him and make him their starter. Foles has a longer track record sure, but I think McCarron is on that level.