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  1. It all depends how much Rico is willing to play for. He’s a smart guy. He knows the Falcons can’t pay everyone. If he wants to go after top-dollar, he will have to change teams. What team is willing to pay him top-dollar though? My guess is he’s worth more to us than any other team anyways. He hasn’t signed Bc he wants a long-term deal, not because he wants crazy money. If the Falcons offer mid-market rate (which they should) and pay him like a just outside Top 10-20 FS, then he’ll decide whether to take it or not.
  2. I always liked his commercials and he just seemed really fun from it. Like just wants to be laid back and joke around.
  3. Thanks that was really funny. And no idea what the riddler was drawing
  4. No, our best chance was 2016 with 5 minutes left to play. But this is our second best chance
  5. Really? I’d much rather hang with Matt. But if I got to choose any QB all time to hang with would probably be Peyton.
  6. I think depends on length of the deal and guaranteed money. If they give him extra years and guarantee enough of it he might do it
  7. I sent a letter for Mash to get the job
  8. You can lock up other guys first though depending on the deal. If Rico will accept 3-4M/yr you can do it right now
  9. Offer him a 4M/yr deal and sign him now. I still stand my belief that if we can get nasty on the interior, we don’t need a top 10 FS. Rico is probably just outside the top 10 and should be locked up for a reasonable salary.
  10. Most articles ever written about a dissatisfied player who hasn’t said a word and hasn’t missed a single mandatory practice.
  11. They should really let like 10 fans win entry to the combine. Would be hilarious to watch, especially the macho ones. Make it a TV special after the real athletes are off the field
  12. They need to just get rid of it already. They can preserve onside kicks like this: If the ball is caught in the endzone or hits the ground, it’s dead and goes to 20 yard line. This would make kickoffs go into the endzone again almost every time instead of the 25 which makes it more incentive to want returns. Still allows for onside kicks.
  13. 1 year prove it deal he proves it we get comp pick profit
  14. I hope he doesn’t get too small or Takk might try to eat him
  15. While pass rush is great and sought after, it doesn’t hurt to have a top run defender like Shelby