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  1. Buffalo was a joke because the refs gifted them 10 points and the massive momentum swing which changed the entire game. Miami was just we just blew it.
  2. Wes is terrible and making Shredder’s job more difficult. Replace Wes with a decent RG and I bet this line looks amazing.
  3. That’s a ton of categories to be Top 10 in. Fix ST and this team will make some noise
  4. Nah he’s a big Jaquizz Rodgers
  5. Not calling an onside kick when you’re winning is NEVER a coaching mistake
  6. Last game of the season. Winner stays, loser goes home. Book it
  7. Yeah, I was referring to in-game coaching. Not in the general sense of our ST sucking. That falls on Quinn Bc he hasn’t canned Armstrong.
  8. Special teams and refs are the only reason we didn’t blow them out. Quinn as far as I know has nothing to do with calling special teams during the game. So, that was all on Armstrong. One really bad defensive drive doesn’t negate a very-well coached game for me. Seattle is not overrated and certainly not at home with those refs. Wilson is still somehow underrated. Yes, injured but again ST only thing that kept them in the game at all. I stand by my statement.
  9. It’s very weird. Some games we have amazing last drive stands and others we look awful. It’s like there’s nothing in between.
  10. 1. Yes must have new ST coach 2. Yes, more focus on KR though 3. Naw, I think the 3 we have are solid. Free can get the tough yards if Sark actually hands it to him. 4. Yes, we need a RG badly 5. Naw, drops are all on the players imo. More time with jugs machine please.
  11. ...this board would be in full meltdown. I thought this was one of Quinn’s best coached games. He snuffed out the fake, took the FG (correct call), and managed the clock well at the end. Fixes: Missed a challenge on Graham 1st down. Has to fire Armstrong - Just has to be done. Terrible defensive series on 2nd to last drive. All in All a very well-coached game IMO
  12. Run Offense - B- but up against a stout DL Pass Offense - B+ Don’t care Ryan didn’t get 200. We looked good and had fewer possessions and shorter fields with TOs. Run Defense - B - Wilson killed us, but rest of the runs were pretty well covered. Pass Defense - B Good until the 4th unraveling. Special Teams - F, expelled, summer school. Worst ST I’ve ever seen in a game (Bryant has been moved to the gifted class) Coaching - A- I believe Quinn sniffed out the fake, took the smart FG at the inch line, and actually played proper clock management. One of Quinn’s better games. (Armstrong would drop this grade to a C- but he has been suspended from class until further notice).
  13. Ward looked he always does when given touches. He’s like quiz used to be. Solid and unspectacular. But sometimes all you need is solid.