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  1. Takk for DRoY - GMFB tip Love this prediction - Vic Tak Poe & Grady make Takk DRoY - please let this come true... Sounds like the GMFB crew may be paying a bit more attention to the ATL in the future.
  2. Ulverston, Cumbria - UK (Lake district) 1:30 am here. In Brotherhood we RISE!
  3. UK based fan - been lurking on on this board for years - rarely post. Been a fan since the Glanville years - That red gun offense, Jerry and the black duds were a real hook. Remember Case and Tuggle owning the middle of the field on D. GREAT to see Keanu and Debo finally giving us that intimidation factor again. With Beastly off the edge and Quinns aggressive attitude to D to go with an AWESOME O - not surprised were picking up fans over here again. Helps that Osi is co-presenting the BBC coverage and gives props to the ATL (when not touting the Gmen). PERSONAL HIGHLIGHT - Seeing the Dirtybirds play 1/2 a game live at Wembley - lowlight watching them NOT play the 2nd half. Still cant believe they got a 2nd chance at that FG...