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  1. I think he had a nagging injury that really affected his play last season. Teams are probably waiting until he can be brought into the building to check if he's healthy.
  2. Obi still struggles with the mental aspects of football.
  3. Exactly. Best young receiver we've had since Julio, ascending and on a cheap deal, and we're going to trade him to give a good pass rusher but terrible run defender 17+ mill or give a top safety a record breaking deal? With what cap space lol?
  4. They're fair game now, Trufant was one. That was because the new CBA wasn't agreed upon yet.
  5. I think sources already denied the report. He could still probably be moved though.
  6. I agree, that's why I said potentially in the title. Although I do feel like a trade today is more likely than it was yesterday.
  7. Every year people get pissed because they missed out on (insert name here) but the reality is that these guys have to play. The guy you wanted may end up irrelevant and the guy you got could end up all-pro. You gotta see how it shakes out. Oh and team draft boards are always vastly different than the media boards. The leaked Cowboys board from a few years back is a great example. You might have a guy top 10 and they have them graded early 2nd.
  8. My original point was more so that we'd still have a shot at Okudah if Washington traded up with Miami due to the Giants wanting to trade down. 1) Cin - Burrow 2) Mia (via trade) - Tua 3) Det - Young We'd have to trade up to 4 in front of Washington.
  9. Nah, Detroit. The Giants could use him too. I think Golden was their best pass rusher and most of his sacks were coverage sacks of cleanup. They don't want Golden back from what I've read.
  10. I feel like Chase would go 3rd in that scenario
  11. Giants still want to move down at 4
  12. If his man is clamped he won't really need to tackle much lol
  13. Here's the Henderson part of Bob McGinn's draft series: 2. C.J. HENDERSON, Florida (6-0 ½, 204, 4.37, 1): Henderson started 27 of 33 games over three seasons. “You talk about extremely explosive, extremely fast, change of direction, ball skills,” said one scout. “Just an excellent athlete. Has some lapses when he’s in man coverage, but when he’s dialed in in man, he’s super talented. The one thing I questioned was ball-skill finish. But he has rare closing speed.” He failed to intercept a pass in 2019 after picking six in 2017-’18. “Probably a better athlete and he’s faster than Okudah,” said a second scout. “The dropoff between him and Okudah is physicality. He has the size to match up. He can play press, he can play from depth. He’s not stressed by any kind of vertical routes. He’s not a great tackler.” He finished with 93 tackles (eight for loss) and 28 passes defensed. “You couldn’t create a better-looking guy, but he gets beat every tape down the field,” said a third scout. “He leaves you talking to yourself.” Henderson posted a Wonderlic score of 23 and is from Miami. “Just in pure coverage Henderson is better than everybody in the draft,” said a fourth scout. “Talent-wise, height-weight-speed, strength, he’s everything you want. He’s smart. He just doesn’t compete to the film.”
  14. I'd argue that LB and S are the two positions this staff has developed players the best at, so I don't see him being utilized incorrectly here.
  15. Yeah weed is good now. For other things I think it depends on if it was a positive diluted sample or a negative diluted one. In the old one you'd be placed into stage 1 of the "intervention" program even if your sample was negative. I think it's different under the new one.
  16. Normally he'd probably slide a bit because of this but under the new CBA he won't come into the NFL with a strike.
  17. These are pretty good in my opinion. Especially compared to most of the awful concepts that were consistently passed around.
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