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  1. Was ugly but a W is a W. Proud of them being clutch in a key moment.
  2. Matt has to trust what he sees, he's had some good looks down field but he pulls it and goes for the checkdown. Pitts was there with the drag on the fumble.
  3. We can have a rotation with TI, Ludacris, and all 3 Migos. They can see the Mayfield experience up close.
  4. Fan prediction: 33-27 Falcons Realistic prediction: 35-17 Bucs I feel like we'll score a few TD's this week due to familiarity with a division rival but they're the more talented team. Cowboys did a solid job with the quick short passing game so that would be a solid route to help the OL. On defense we should avoid blitzing as 3 of Brady's TD's came on blitzes. Maybe toss a delayed blitz in here and there or only blitz on really long 3rd downs to force a checkdown.
  5. Smh you gave me hope. Thought we were going to be able to void his deal.
  6. Chiefs kinda. Brought in Andy Reid, went to the playoffs for a few years with their vet QB, drafted another QB down the line, won SB. Bucs too to an extent but they opted for a FA QB. It's possible to have success doing it our way, every path has no historical reference until it's taken. I understand being skeptical but we gotta see the on field product before we can make declarations either way.
  7. If anyone was curious on what was said in the QB poll, I'll post it below. They had Matt in the 2nd tier. "A Tier 2 quarterback can carry his team sometimes but not as consistently. He can handle pure passing situations in doses and/or possesses other dimensions that are special enough to elevate him above Tier 3. He has a hole or two in his game." 11. Matt Ryan Tier 2 votes: 32 | Tier 3 votes: 18 | 2020 Tier: 2 Ryan is one of seven quarterbacks to appear in all eight Quarterback Tiers surveys. Four from that group rank ahead of him: Rodgers, Brady, Wilson and Stafford. Roethlisberger and Cam Newton rank lower than him. Ryan is somewhere in the middle, with one foot near each camp. He has never rated lower than his 2.36 average this year, but with Arthur Smith taking over as head coach, there is some thought Ryan might stabilize. “He has enough weapons around him and Arthur Smith, based on what he did with Ryan Tannehill, I think Matt will do equally well, especially with the addition of (Kyle) Pitts,” an exec said. “Having a good tight end will help him a lot.” The Tennessee comparison is imperfect. “The reason Tennessee was so tremendously successful was because of Derrick Henry, no question,” a former head coach said. “And then Tannehill could extend the play and make some throws. (Matt) Ryan is smart and he’ll know where to go with the ball and get rid of it. If they can be semi-effective that way, he can play like a 2.” The year-over-year vote distribution on Ryan featured 10 votes shifting into the third tier from the top two tiers. Besides this year, the only other time at least 10 voters placed Ryan in the third tier was entering the 2016 season. Ryan won MVP honors and reached the Super Bowl that year. The supporting cast in Atlanta has fluctuated enough to blur the evaluation. “My gut is, he’s a legit 3, like the best 3, a 3 that can play to a 2 at times,” a GM said. The Falcons rank fourth in offensive EPA and 30th in combined defensive and special-teams EPA since Ryan arrived in 2008. The team has a winning record and a Super Bowl appearance over that span. There are some similarities with Stafford, whose Lions are 15th on offense and 30th on defense/special teams since he entered the league in 2009. Detroit has not won. “Ryan and Stafford were both 3s for me because they have proven they cannot do it without the running game or defense,” another exec said. “In Matt Ryan’s peak year, they were pretty good defensively, and the coordinator (Kyle Shanahan) helped him.”
  8. I'd say he should be in if Rivers gets in for sure. It'd be ridiculous if he wasn't. Rivers doesn't have the big accolades. Eli on the other hand gets the benefit of being a Manning and I'm sure winning SB's against a Brady led team will give him a big boost with the voters. He's a worse QB but he has the accolades and name recognition.
  9. To my knowledge the team's appointment they scheduled off site was fine, it was Cam doing his CV19 testing away from the facility that led to breaking protocol. It doesn't seem that they approved of that. This is the story I read though. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-frustrated-internally-with-the-cam-newton-misunderstanding-of-covid-protocols-per-report/
  10. To me personally he is but I don't think he gets in first ballot with how he's perceived by a lot of the media. For the national media he likely needs 1 more big accolade (MVP or ring) to be first ballot.
  11. Dunno if he's already been mentioned but Jimmy Moreland would be a good pick-up as a slot guy. Really surprised he got cut.
  12. With how serious the team has been with CV19 protocol and how we have a 100% Vax rate, I doubt it. Cam doesn't want to get it.
  13. He played better than the 3rd guy. Honestly looked the best to me but Mac wasn't far off. I'm thinking it's probably CV19 related. I saw a report a few days ago saying that they were frustrated with how he broke protocols and that could give Mac the opportunity to slide into the starting spot.
  14. Welp, back on the Rosen wagon. Time to act like I never said he sucked. #ChosenRosen
  15. I wish I could find that 1 on 1 I saw of him earlier. He destroyed dude with ease
  16. I've tried to temper my expectations but this joint practice has me hype.
  17. Yeah I enjoyed the different blitz looks we had in the 1st game. And that was without game planning so I'm interested to see what we come up with week to week. I agree about extending Foye, I'd try to get something done ASAP. O-line seems to be holding up today too from what I saw so thats good.
  18. Pitts cooking the TE eraser, love to see it.
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