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  1. They'll probably get Jeudy over a QB
  2. We don't know what Lindstrom is or isn't at this point. Takk I can agree with. The thing is that we wouldn't be giving up those two, we'd be giving up the future (and potentially a top 5 or 10 pick in 2020). Ramsey isn't worth that on top of having to pay him (especially with all of the heavy contracts we just gave out and being in the cap hole in 2020).
  3. That's steep. Especially since you gotta pay him.
  4. I feel like we're probably going to hire an outside firm to pick both so the connection between the two might not matter much.
  5. The funny thing is that he's a Texans fan. Rather than being excited for the win, he's pissed off at how poorly coached we are lol.
  6. I thought he'd have been the best choice outside of Kubiak. I think back in December when we were discussing the looming OC change, I had asked some of my Seahawks buddies about Bevell and they said he was handcuffed by Tom Cable. I'm not sure if I posted that here or not.
  7. Correction: Race for Chase (Young)
  8. I think a big issue is bringing in coaches to run someone else's system.
  9. Beasley is a free agent. Why not a retread coach? If Tomlin got fired he'd be a great candidate. No losing seasons on his resume currently. So would Kubiak, if his health is fine. I agree on the GM portion. Quinn's playcalling was fine in the first 2 games so I don't know that I'd relieve him at this point. And even so, who would call the plays in that scenario? There really isn't anyone prepared to do so. I think we need to let the first 2 quarters of the season play out and see what happens. There's always teams who start out hot that falter off and vice versa. This time of the year usually reflects very little. Weren't we like 4-0 a few years ago and ended up 8-8 or something like that?
  10. He's been pretty good at playcalling in my opinion. He comes on with a clear plan and makes solid adjustments.
  11. Awesome. We're so blessed to have him. I wonder if this will send Antonio Clown even further off the deep end.
  12. AB is such a head case, that video was cool though.
  13. He'll probably sign somewhere after Week 1. Teams are probably wary of guaranteeing his contract because of injuries.
  14. I'm not sure if I was active here at the time but I was one of the people with that terrible take. I envisioned Cravens in a SS/LB hybrid role kinda like we do with Keanu.