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  1. Yeah, I think its a solid model as long as you can keep getting good hosts.
  2. I think the format they're doing for this one is new hosts each season. Last year in the 1st season Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll were the hosts.
  3. https://www.theringer.com/2021/6/16/22535556/falcons-hc-arthur-smith-tannehill-titans-unleashing-derrick-henry-atlanta-potential-late-night-bravo Sean and Peter are joined by Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith to talk about Sean’s and Arthur’s similar career paths, interviewing for other teams’ head-coaching positions, Arthur’s creative play-calling in Tennessee, their most regrettable play calls, Arthur’s unique family life, boys’ trips to Nashville, ESPYs stories, unleashing Derrick Henry, and Matt Ryan’s role in Arthur coming to Atlanta (1:59). Finally, we finish the show with som
  4. I agree, that's crazy. That's the main benefit of the trade.
  5. First WR with the fully guaranteed deal. Kirk Cousins had a fully guaranteed contract a few months before him. I agree with everything else though.
  6. He's a pretty cool dude (did some MMA training with him) and he's usually right but that situation was awful. He hyped up that story like it was crazy league altering news. That definitely tanked his reputation a bit.
  7. Some dude on reddit a while ago said he had inside news that the relationship had been rocky and he got roasted lol. Cant remember everything he said but I remember Blank being angry that Julio wouldn't show up to the promo shoot for the new uniforms.
  8. The simple explanation is the cap falling due to lack of attendance last season. Had the cap kept it's usual pace we'd be fine. We definitely have a cap problem but we could've made some of those moves you mentioned and kept some guys if we mortgaged the future more with restructures (Julio and Grady). But that's exactly what got us into our current situation so they only restructured what was necessary. Makes sense to stop the bleeding now as opposed to the future.
  9. Bleacher Report is a news aggregator basically. That article was quoting the Schultz piece on the Athletic. As for value I think Gridiron Heights and Game of Zones are both pretty entertaining. Outside of that I'd say the convenience of getting sports news from multiple sources in one place.
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