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  1. I think it'd just count towards next year's formula. So if we lose more free agents from expired contracts than we gain we'll still get something. May not be a 5th rounder though.
  2. Don't think he will. The list is pretty weird this year though. Players are all over the place.
  3. I wouldn't really blame him. The NFL had months to figure out a plan and only recently started working on one.
  4. That Bleacher Report article was pure speculation based on Gurley's health. I doubt we have any interest in spending trade assets to rework his deal to the 6 million he wants. That'd be 12 mill on him and Gurley alone (not counting our other RB's and Freeman's dead cap).
  5. I think he had a nagging injury that really affected his play last season. Teams are probably waiting until he can be brought into the building to check if he's healthy.
  6. Obi still struggles with the mental aspects of football.
  7. Exactly. Best young receiver we've had since Julio, ascending and on a cheap deal, and we're going to trade him to give a good pass rusher but terrible run defender 17+ mill or give a top safety a record breaking deal? With what cap space lol?
  8. They're fair game now, Trufant was one. That was because the new CBA wasn't agreed upon yet.
  9. I think sources already denied the report. He could still probably be moved though.
  10. I agree, that's why I said potentially in the title. Although I do feel like a trade today is more likely than it was yesterday.
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