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  1. Bruh I'm sick lol. I tried to bet $100 on Arthur Smith when the odds were +1600 and couldn't find it on any of the sites.
  2. If you want to check out some condensed games you can watch them here. Should only have to watch maybe 15-20 minutes if you skip the defense. https://nflfullhd.com/category/condensed-games/
  3. I think Holmes was the number 2. All the reports that came out were either Fontenot and Smith as the finalists or Fontenot and Holmes as the finalists. Fontenot was always the common figure in the reports.
  4. Nothing wrong with learning on the job but I think he's a lot further along than you think. He's one of the assistant GM's so I'm sure he has a good grasp on what a GM does day to day.
  5. The Panthers are trying to do the same from what I've read.
  6. Going through this soon with Google. Thankfully with everything virtual it's shorter than usual.
  7. If Joe Brady is our next coach I wouldn't mind him on the staff as OC (Joe would probably still call plays). He's going to need some experienced coaches around him. Otherwise I'd probably pass.
  8. If true it's the same thing as Ed Dodds. You might only get one shot, so you might as well wait until it's something you're comfortable with rather than settling with a bad organization. I won't really speak on the interview thing as there's horrible coaches who interview well (Gase) and good coaches who don't (Zimmer).
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