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  1. This probably sealed his fate. He got burned a lot that year too.
  2. Had me excited for a second. What a letdown lol
  3. Seems like a Ravens guy for some reason (besides the name). I feel like he'll be dangerous if he can stay healthy.
  4. Eat dog eat
  5. Yep. None of the recent signings have hit the transaction log yet (outside of the 2 extensions and BWW).
  6. Nah, it was from the conference right after the season if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Don't know if it's been mentioned already but I remember Dimitroff saying that Quinn is usually looking at pass rushers following the season but this year Quinn told him that he's been looking at corners.
  8. Don't think he'll be making enough for us to lose one.
  9. Both college and pro guys. I saw some tagged in the Instagram stories if they're still up.
  10. I agree. He's made some good moves despite being tight with cap space.
  11. Sounds like what he dealt with last season lol
  12. I just saw a correction that it's up to 48 mill and not exactly 48 mill. We'll find out soon enough.
  13. Cryptic tweet
  14. He's ok, definitely above average. As far as a few points the article made, I think we'd have been worse off financially having traded Freeman last season due to his bonus accelerating. And if the comp pick from Hooper is higher than what they were offered then they made the right move there too (if getting a comp pick is the plan).
  15. PFF? I like Football Outsiders way better for Offensive Line rankings, they're 22nd on there.