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  1. Great in coverage, great speed, terrible against the run, poor tackler, and only one year of looking the part at LB on film (last year). I'm glad we passed. You also have to bear in mind that he's coming off a 4 game PED suspension at the end of the season back in December (which could explain his elevated level of play). Next strike is a 10 game suspension. Too risky to part with a 6th outright in my opinion, a conditional 6th would've been a great deal though. Also someone mentioned that we gave up a 7th for Jordan Richard's but it was actually a conditional 7th and we still have it because he's no longer on the roster.
  2. Their Oline was better than ours last year and their run game was excellent. They've had bad lines but Russ is to blame for some of their past troubles because of how long he holds on to the ball (similar to Rodgers) as well as how he'll sometimes run into pressure. He'll run outside the tackle immediately after taking the snap sometimes or step up too far into the pocket. Doug Baldwin is pretty underrated tbh. Tyler Lockett is really good as well and they had Jimmy Graham who's above average to elite as a receiving TE (though the Seahawks used him pretty poorly for most of his time there). Harvin was a nice gadget player albeit a locker room cancer. Definitely no one on Julio's level but he had good options at times. But you're right he'd definitely put up numbers. He's so entertaining to watch. If you want to see a QB carry a team 2016 Russell Wilson is great film.
  3. To address another point, we tried to trade up with Detroit at 8 (presumably for Oliver but who knows?) and they didn't think it was worth the risk because they knew Hock wasn't going to fall. They talked about it during their press conference (didn't name us of course) and Tony Pauline talked about it as well (named us). I think it was the Round 1 recap podcast he was on. We also tried with Denver at 10 but they wanted our 2nd rounder which was too steep for 4 spots IMO. Lindstrom wasn't making it past 18 because the Vikings loved him a lot. Check a few pre-draft podcasts from 2-3 days before the draft and Lindstrom to the Vikings is what a lot of people heard along with the fact that he was climbing quickly to be taken top 20. McGary was one of 4 offensive linemen (2 guards and 2 tackles if I remember correctly) the Patriots worked out. Him and Cajuste (who they took) were the only ones worked out twice. I'd imagine that he was in play there right after us but even if he wasn't every team (except 1) that took an Offensive Linemen after the run started had met with him or worked him out. So he definitely wouldn't have made it to us at 14. I like DeAndre but I feel like he gets a little too grabby and he's going to get flagged a lot because of how physical he is at the top of routes. Our team as is would be a pretty poor fit due to our issues rushing the passer and less man coverage than he'll get in NY. He reminds me of Tre'Davious White so I think he'll have a solid career. We got some talented guys in the 1st round of the draft though and I think you'll be more receptive to the picks if watch some film.
  4. The 16 worst picks of the 2016 NFL draft 5. KEANU NEAL, S, ATLANTA FALCONS After seeing Gus Bradley and the Jaguars get “their Richard Sherman” in No. 5 overall pick Jalen Ramsey, Dan Quinn obviously wanted “his Kam Chancellor”, as both former Seahawks defensive coordinators look to shape their new teams after their old ones. Unfortunately, there really weren’t any players resembling Chancellor in this draft, and so they reached big-time for the closest thing they could find. Neal is great at making the plays that allow him to move toward the line of scrimmage, but when asked to do anything other than that at Florida, the results were scary. Neal graded out below-average in run defense and pass coverage thanks to 16 missed tackles last season. 7. DEION JONES, LB, ATLANTA FALCONS Linebacker is probably the last position at which we’d want to be drafting a pure athletic project, and that’s what Jones is. It would be one thing if they were trying to teach a guy that could cover how to play run defense, but Jones didn’t even post a positive coverage grade last season with his elite athleticism. And at 222 pounds, you don’t want him taking on blocks any times soon. Jones’ 40 total stops were the 88th-most of any linebacker in college football last year — that’s not good. PFF has stated before that our 2016 draft were among a few that had them go back to the drawing board a bit on how they rate players coming out. And that although they rate some players higher than others they can't quantify how scheme fit and coaching affects players. They had Keanu Neal ranked 176 on their draft board and Deion Jones ranked at the very last spot at 250. Hooper was 125 and Campbell wasn't even on the list. All of them are top 50 players in the draft class with Neal, Debo, and Hooper being top 20.
  5. 17. Keanu Neal, S, Florida C- Grade Not a great pick. Keanu Neal was seen as a high second-rounder who had a chance to stumble into the opening frame in the late 20s. This is a reach, especially when considering that Myles Jack and Shaq Lawson were on the board; not to mention Darron Lee and Kevin Dodd. There were better options for the Falcons, who could've obtained a decent safety in the second round. I don't like this very much, but it's not Millen-worthy. Follow @walterfootball for updates. 52. Deion Jones, LB, LSU C+ Grade I was shocked to see the Falcons pass on Darron Lee and reach for Keanu Neal in the first round. This is yet another reach, though not nearly as blatant. Deion Jones seemed like a mid third-round prospect, but he definitely fits a need. It's also not completely surprising to see him chosen, as he fits Atlanta's athleticism requirement. Jones has great upside, but his floor is pretty low as well, as he doesn't seem to have the strength to play very much right now. Note that Walt has been known to got back and change grades when players are more/less successful than he expected. I'll trust our Front Office's judgment.
  6. He was definitely in the preceding Spring and not at the time of the articles. He attended 2016 offseason workouts and 2 days at training camp. It's looking like the same pattern honestly.
  7. Bevell would be fine. I'd prefer Kubiak personally but he'd be fine. From what I've been told from Seahawks fans he was handcuffed to Tom Cable and his terrible blocking schemes along with his projects on the OL (converted D-Line guys). They were hoping to see him in Indy without Cable but the Josh McDaniels situation happened. Oh and to the poster who mentioned Brad Childress getting creative with Harvin, Bevell was Brad's OC during that time and the OC during Harvin's only Pro Bowl year. Harvin's problem was that he was brittle and couldn't stay on the field. He played 16 games once and more than 10 games only 4 times in his 8 year career. Then there's the many lockeroom cancer stories.
  8. Nah no carrying involved, I just think they worked well together. It was mutually beneficial. I can be long winded lol so I'll only use an example for each. Ryan had to work on his mobility and that's helped him with extending plays, scrambles for yardage, and accuracy on the move. Whereas Shanahan got a veteran QB who could not only understand all the verbiage within his system, but execute it at a high level and critique it's weak points (he mentioned in a presser a few weeks ago that Matt helped him improve on some of the setup plays to use and his situational awareness in when to use them).
  9. It's still too early to tell if we made the wrong decision. Ridley can be a bust, hall of famer, or many other things in between. Same for Big Will. I don't know what the views were here but on a few other Falcons related sites/groups/boards people were happy with the Falcons taking a BPA style approach. Drafting Hernandez higher than projected would've been following our traditional needs based approach that has been hated by a number of fans. It's still year 1, lets see how their careers take off.
  10. I'd say that the preseason record is just a coincidence. We heavily played a bunch of depth guy's (which as it turned out, was a smart move despite most of those guys not sticking). Dallas was 0-4 and might be heading towards winning the division and Seattle was as well and are still in the hunt. If anyone feels the lack of playing time factored into injuries I'd disagree. The starters who were injured all got pretty decent snap counts outside of Deion Jones and Freeman. And then you look at a team like the Bears who held out all their key players for the most part and are 8-3.
  11. He was spying Dak on some of those plays.
  12. They're getting beat worse than our backups while at relatively full strength lol
  13. Julio. It looked way more effortless
  14. Extremely versatile guy but he gets beat like a drum everywhere for the most part. He's someone you might be okay with filling in to finish a game if someone gets injured but if we're starting him, it's gonna be a rough outing.
  15. Clinton-Dix and Fowler would've likely been 2 month rentals (3 if we made the playoffs) so I feel like both of those trades would've been a little steep. The Snacks one recently would've been great though.