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  1. Congrats on getting to the game and I hope you get to come over for more. Sorry they couldn't squeak out a win for you but how about we win the Super Bowl to make up for it
  2. He looked kinda tentative on his tackles today. Like he was worried about getting re-injured or something. Definitely not like himself today. That run into the end he grabbed and just fell back...not trying to stand up the running back.
  3. I know the halo board was bright as heck for some of the advertisements. Like the Home Depot and NCR ones lol! Had to look away.
  4. I agree with Tandy it truly was awe inspiring. I think I was in overload of so much to see! And still didn't see everything! Thing I loved the most was the food choices were pretty much the same for every level. That's the one thing I never really liked about having upper level seats and not being able to access the lower level. And there was something to see on every wall..no empty spaces..lots of artwork.
  5. 35 per month. They have a free trial going now for a month if you want to take a look.
  6. We are using Youtube Tv now and it seems to work great. We just cancelled Directv. You get all the local Atlanta stations and can watch it on your phone, laptop, or computer. Unlimited dvr too. And they are offering a free Chromecast right now too.
  7. Dude I swear every time we wear that uniform combination it seems like we just ball out!
  8. It's really quite exciting to think about! Vic and Takk squeeze you inside and then pow Grady or Poe take you down. Stay away from the inside and our headhunters on the edges will de-cleat you! I've always wanted to have a no bs in your face punishing defense and we are finally there.
  9. Found this one but I cant make a topic yet lol. So if someone wants to put it up i thought it was very good.