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  1. Ok we'll revisit this week 1. Wait he's suspended. We'll revisit this week 5 if he even plays
  2. Turner or the running game wasnt a factor in the first half either. The greatest receiving group we ever had was though. Maybe we should have stuck with that and put more points up.
  3. Yeah maybe we should have kept scoring in the 2nd half
  4. Dude is a bust. Everyone knew he was a reach from day 1. He was on PEDs and STILL sucked. Thank you TD or was this a Quinn pick?
  5. the saints were ranked 25 overall in the defense that year. they did generate turnovers. **** they went 13-0 with that crap defense. So why can't we do the same. Stop trying to give Matt an out. No team will be perfect in everything and you give them credit when they overcome their weakness and still win, not look for an excuse
  6. Yes to everything you asked. Any more questions genius? If so the answers are Yes to those in advance so no further reply from you is necessary. Good day champ
  7. Did the Saints win with a playoff quality defense? Did the Broncos win with a excellent offense? No team is 100% perfect. But far as what he controls on his side of the field there are no excuses. Before we bailed him out saying he didnt have a good line or a running game so him underperforming was ok because it wasnt his fault. If he can't do good this year, it's clearly him
  8. I;m saying NOW he has every advantage. There are no more excuses
  9. obviously we can start out 5-0 and still not win the division
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