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  1. This is sad to read as it is this attitude that keeps the Falcons irrelevant. The Falcons consider the Saints games as their "Superbowl" - with two chances to claim victory. It is unfortunate that Blank also shares this attitude. Reminds me so much of Auburn and their "little brother syndrome" they have with Alabama. It's not healthy to care more about beating your rival and playing spoiler than competing for championships. I'm still shocked that Quinn was retained and I don't see how we move ahead as a relevant franchise anytime soon. Quinn is just too good at motivating
  2. Dominant RBs aren't needed in today's NFL and in many cases may be a hindrance due to taking up too much of the cap. Signing Freeman to the extension was a mistake - no need to compound it just to get a UGA guy.
  3. I hold Freeman single-handedly responsible for 28-3. Others messed up afterward, but without his screwup (busy thinking about getting paid), the others don't happen.
  4. Playing Arthur Blank at QB would indeed be a bold strategy. Reminds me of the movie "Heaven can Wait"
  5. The problems are well beyond being fixable by an inspirational speech - that's something that Quinn has never understood.
  6. You know who the next Mahomes is? Meanwhile, we have a top-tier QB that is stylistically similar to pretty much every SB winning QB over the last 20 years. Regardless, neither Watson or Mahomes have won anything yet.
  7. Every offensive scheme that does not require a dual-threat QB is suitable for Ryan, Julio & Ridley. If Blank does go the running QB route again, we should just have a fire sale and the Falcons file for liquidation.
  8. It is doubtful that a coach will be hired that will require a new offensive scheme. If that is the case, the Falcons should have a fire sale now. Far more likey is that the Falcons go with a standard Payton, Shannahan, McCarthy, McVay type coach rather than a Lincoln Riley. Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Hooper (if extended). most of the OL, etc will work with most offensive schemes. The new DC will likely want to build his own scheme, but the good news is that the Falcons defense doesn't have any truly bad contracts. The defense could be restocked in one offseason and augmented over the n
  9. Barring catastrophic injuries, the team doesn't have to do much though. The offense is mostly set and the defense can be restocked pretty easily without much (or any) pain.
  10. Yes, because it is *projected* and not actual. The Falcons don't have any true big money signings or extensions coming while other teams do. Another example, the Cowboys look to be in great shape in the graph, but they have both Dak Prescot and Amari Cooper looking for new contracts. That is potentially $60M/yr that is unaccounted for.
  11. This graph is tremendously misleading and doesn't mean what you think it does. The Falcons are actually in one of the best cap situations in the NFL. By this graph, the Redskins look to be in a much better situation, yet they've got another $71M in cap space allocated a QB that may never play again.
  12. If the Falcons coaching staff doesn't care about it, why would the officials or announcers?
  13. Coaching, both preparation and gameday, is by far the primary differentiator in the NFL. In college, mediocre coaches can ride elite talent to wins - not in the NFL. With the coaching being this bad, it is hard to judge the roster. The Patriots and 49ers roster would likely have the same record with this coaching staff.
  14. Something (perhaps 28-3) has sucked out all of the fight out of Quinn. He is a shell of a man walking the sidelines.
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