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  1. I think that is more of Dak not being very effective through the air. He only has 110 yards and 51 of that was on one play.
  2. I thought that Week 1 was the most difficult to predict due to it being meaningless.
  3. Pick the mic back up because I can beat that with Claude Humphrey. Humphrey was first team All-Pro 5 times. and 2nd team 3x. (Pro Bowls are a lot less prestigious that All Pro) Also, Humphrey is the Falcons' only true HOFer.
  4. That’s not the case here. In this case, the team is playing people out of position and then crapping on them for not playing the position at an NFL level. Players are rightfully upset that it will result in their perceived value plummeting. At the end of last year, Minkah would have easily fetched a 1 rounder in trade value. Now, a 3rd rounder may be tough to get.
  5. It is far more than that. The coach insists on playing players out of position for some bizarre reason. for example Minkah Fitzpatrick is being played as a box safety.
  6. I do agree that we need to be supportive though - this whole situation seems like a "cry for help". In other news, I don't think Beasley had a good game. It wasn't his worst game, but there is still lots of room for improvement. Vic seems like a good guy, so I hope he gets there.
  7. I wouldn't put too much stock into that actually being true.
  8. That really wasn't a correct assertion though. Successful franchises (other than the Steelers) churn through coaches. The Cowboys were also used as an example, but it was a very poor one as they haven't won anything in almost 30 years. Keeping a coach is a lagging indicator of success, not a leading one.
  9. Because hate is a loaded word and way too strong of one to use in this situation. Although most don't want Beasley on the Falcons, I can't imagine that anyone hates the man. Perhaps "derided" is a better way to word? (even that is probably way too strong)
  10. I don't know how wise it is to categorize this as a "breakdown"; it was more of a valentine. Beasley has a cult following so it is hard to take "breakdowns" seriously when skeptics are labeled as "haters" and the creator does a rant 20 minute response video while walking through a Walmart during work hours. The most effective propaganda is indistinguishable from a "straight presentment of facts".
  11. Yeah, that's a great point. One game in a 16 games season is a pretty big deal for teams with playoff aspirations. One game is usually the difference in hosting a playoff game rather than being on the road. And as you mentioned, it can easily make the difference from making the playoffs and not. Losing the first game of the year isn't the end of the world, but treating it so cavalierly is not a wise move.
  12. Why does it not go both ways? If the Vikings are bad matchup because they run the same system, wouldn't that make us a bad matchup for them as well? I'm not challenging, its an honest question.
  13. Before those three 7-9 seasons, Payton had already been in the playoffs 5 out of 7 years, reached the Divisional round 4 out of 7 years, played in 2 conference championship games and won a superbowl. The Saints have been consistently competitive the last 14 years and since Payton has been there, they are a team that has always been considered dangerous. The Falcons, on the the otherhand, are considered soft and "playing over their heads" when they accomplish anything. (Payton didn't coach in 2012)
  14. That is a great point - there is no "Patriot System". That is why their coordinators aren't very successful when they leave. Their system is essentially being super prepared and distribute the salary cap money around. Other than that, it is Bill figuring out weaknesses to exploit from one week to the next.
  15. Barely missed the playoffs last year? The Falcons were 4-7 at one point, finished with a losing record and were eliminated from the playoffs in week 15 even after a win. They were realistically eliminated far before that. The Falcons have struggled over the last 18 games - it's not just about the first game. Even when the Falcons haven' won, they haven't looked good. The unpreparedness and lack of situational awareness are what makes it troubling - not the lack of talent. Injuries had a huge impact, but every team has major injuries. I do agree with you though - let's see how this season goes. Not off to a great start, but let's see.