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  1. I was at the super bowl and I was amazed by how loud the crowd was and how great the atmosphere was. (The crowd was about 90 percent Pats) The problem is that Falcon fans either show up late (underestimate traffic) or sell their tickets to opponent fans. Also, the between play entertainment is terrible during Falcons games. Too many “honoring xyz” announcements instead of just playing music and hype videos to pump up the crowd.
  2. Can’t blame TD for this. Quinn has final say on the roster - if Quinn wanted to retain Poole, he’d have TD work out a contract.
  3. NFL has strict rules against hiding injuries as it would give gamblers the incentive to glean inside info. The Patriots pushes the envelope on this a few years ago (almost everyone was questionable), but the NFL has cracked down since.
  4. Noise for the Ram’s 3rd down near he endzone was incredible. We can be just as loud as the Superdome.
  5. Atmosphere here inside the stadium is amazing. Much more energy than any Falcons game I’ve been to.
  6. Atmosphere here is amazing. Much more energy than any Falcons game I’ve been to. Crowd here is about 70 percent Pats.
  7. This could definitely work. Guys like a DJ Fluker who have played well, but not worthy of a top-tier contract could come very cheap and could be real difference makers.
  8. Good points. You also get a GM that doesn't have a lot of power; Quinn and Blank have tremendous input on contract negotiations (especially with the "brotherhood") and Quinn has final say on the final 53-man roster. Head scratchers Ricky Ortiz and extending Beasley early likely don't originate from TD. TD is probably one of the top 5 in the NFL when it comes to drafting, if not the best. The Falcons have been mostly drafting in the mid-late and late end of the draft during TD's tenure, so the transcendent talents have mostly been picked by the time the Falcons get a shot.
  9. You can likely find plays where Williams stymied Celin. You can also probably find lots of plays were Oliver is completely neutralized by lineman that will never play a down in the NFL. Respectfully, I'm just saying that one play out of thousands is just an anecdote and not real data.
  10. Interesting note on that game. Quinn gets credit for the worst coaching decision ever in the NFL for the 2015 49ers game. A fumble would have been better than the Falcons successfully executing the play he decided on. The worst NFL coaching decision was so bad, a turnover would've been better
  11. Go to almost NFL message board and you hear this same claim against their GM - especially if the GM hasn't been longer than 4 years. Every fanbase thinks that their GM is clueless, while every other GM lands all-pros with their 1st and 2nd round picks every year and solid starters with the rest of their picks.
  12. The research is appreciated, but the impact of QB salaries makes the conclusion pretty dubious. The bottom line is that the talent level differences in NFL teams is razor thin - in reality it all comes down to coaching and QB play.
  13. Ford lining up offside affected the play though as it hurried Brady's throw.
  14. That's true, but the Patriots winning their division every year means that they have to play the other AFC division winners every year. Also, the division being terrible is likely due more to the Patriots being so good - not the other way around.
  15. In football, every moment is a "key moment".