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  1. first, thank you for the educational responses. Second, please don't assume that everyone that logs on to the AFMB is as well versed as some of you are in the strategy and nuances of football. Lastly, i don't listen to 8 track tapes, but i do own records, both Lps and 45s. lol some on this message board know what those are. I was solely going by Worrilow's comment, and the fact he was not associated with the "DL" group, I guess he floats between both groups.
  2. http://espn.go.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/20417/falcons-linebacker-paul-worrilow-welcomes-his-competition-literally "We have a whole linebacker group text message that we have going on, so it's not just me at all," Worrilow said. "It's everybody in our linebacker room. That's something we always keep going, whether it's football-related or we're talking about getting together and doing something, just chopping it up. It's Spoon [Sean Weatherspoon], Philip [Wheeler], LaRoy [Reynolds], [Vic] Beasley, Tyler Starr, and myself. After the draft, we added those two dudes. They are part o
  3. NFC South Atlanta Falcons Draft pick: Keanu Neal (No. 17 overall) Day 1 grade: A The skinny: Neal will likely play as a linebacker for the Falcons, flying all over the field and aiding in coverage. That's exactly what they needed.
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