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  1. The trade down would work if Giants take the bait. Hope they fall for it.
  2. Galliard from UGA would be nice pick up
  3. 1. Greedy Williams CB LSU 2. Juan Thornhill CB UVA 3. Jamel Dean CB Auburn 4. Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson 5. Ed Oliver DT Houston 6. Renell Wren DT ASU 7. Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson 8. Andre Dillard OT Wazoo 9. Deionte Thompson S Alabama 10. Will Harris S BC 11. Jonah Williams OT Alabama 12. Cody Ford OT Oklahoma 13. Greg Little OT Miss 14 . Michael Jordan G OSU 15. Mecole Hardman WR UGA 16. Issac Nauta TE UGA 17. Lamont Galliard C UGA 18. Benny Snell JR RB Kentucky 19. D'Andre Walker LB UGA 20. Jalin Moore RB App St 1. First tie breaker = Name the first 6 positions we take ? You don't have to pick which round , you can have 2 at the same position also.. Example,, = DT, S, OT, CB, DE, RB 2. Second tie breaker = If you could choose just 3 players you think we will draft , who would they be. Dexter Lawrence, Greg Little, Benny Snell 3. What position will we take in the second round of this draft? S 4. Will we trade down or up or both and how many times? Down once
  4. That’s a d heavy draft. We need some help there but not that heavy. We had some injuries. It happens