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  1. True
  2. Yes, but that makes since, Dummy-troff doesn't ever make since
  3. And superior blocking is definitely not found in Atlanta
  4. I think I like those days better, now with all the off season info I ALREADY know that what we've done isn't going to work
  5. I know how you feel ,many of us know how you feel tired of being the door mat
  6. I feel you, I'm 55 and a fan since the 70's, and I strongly feel I won't live to see the Falcons win the title mainly because I know we're not going to ever stockpile talent at every position, just enough to sell tickets
  7. GA sports really do leave a very very very bad taste in your mouth
  8. There have been lots of times I wish I never even heard of this team, been a fan since the 70's, but when I look back it's not been all bad, I've seen some of footballs best players play in a Falcons uniform and would be in the HOF had they played elsewhere.