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  1. Which one of their videos was heavily edited? I remember the planned parenthood thing where CNN and MSNBC showed clips that they, themselves, edited and aired in an attempt to discredit PV. I also remember that they, along with a few media outlets had to retract their lies when it was shown that PV, themselves, had the entire, unedited audio on their own website. Of course, that was a couple weeks later so I doubt anybody noticed that part. Either way, if you're going to dismiss someone for creative editing, surely you have to include and dismiss every single MSM outlet, too, right? How many times do you have to get caught lying before you're no longer a credible source?
  2. I hate to hear that. It's always tough to lose a close friend. My best friend died from a heart attack a couple months ago and it still doesn't seem real. He was a pretty heavy drinker and smoked a pack a day so he certainly wasn't doing himself any favors but you still don't expect a reasonably healthy guy to die at 52. I guess we all know that none of us lives forever but that doesn't make it suck any less when you lose somebody you love. Sorry about your friend.
  3. I didn't really expect the 10 people that spend their entire lives in this particular echo chamber to care.
  4. Dude, if you can find me on Facebook you will have done something that I can't do, myself. Do you want me to create a Facebook page so you can find it? I think I still have a Twitter account but I haven't been on there in years and I've never posted anything on there. I can go on there and say something if it'll get you excited, though. I'm here to help.
  5. For the one millionth time: The vaccine does not prevent you from getting or spreading covid. I'm sure you're a huge proponent of the CDC, right? Go read it on their own website instead of just trying to find a "source" that will tell you what you want to hear. It is now being pushed as a "symptom mitigator", not as prevention. Repeating the same lies over and over doesn't make them true. Wanting to force people to be lab rats just to be able to work and make a living has nothing to do with science or the health of the masses. You are just as likely to infect someone as anybody else. Trying to take away people's livelihoods just because you bought into the original lie and you can't admit you were wrong about something makes you a less than stellar human being. And your math is a little off, too.
  6. I wasn't aware that flatulence was a medical decision, but, ok. I'll make sure I'm wearing a mask. That'll keep me protected from it, right? In the spirit of grading false equivalent strawman arguments, I'll give that one a 6 out of 10. My decision on whether or not to take a vaccine that doesn't affect your life doesn't make an elevator smell bad but, whatever. And it's a very unlikely scenario. I almost always take the stairs, now. Extra steps for a healthier heart and all that.
  7. I'm in the cult that believes her medical decisions are none of my business. And it's 0.02%.
  8. That's according to 2 separate and very recent studies done in Israel. And it's not a global study, it's just the hospitals in Israel and, I think, Jordan. They might be wrong, they might be right. Either way, that part has nothing to do with it not stopping the spread. Plus, everybody knows it gives you swollen balls. Twitter can't be wrong about that.
  9. 120 people die every minute, most of them not from covid. My medical decisions have zero impact on your life. I've already had covid and I have a heart condition that makes me a little nervous about taking a vaccine that is untested and unproven and just might do me more harm than good. If they ever start doing open research with tracked controls instead of trying to silence any studies that don't bow down to the pharmaceutical industry I might change my mind. Until then, though, I think I'll just carry on living my life.
  10. Lol, I'm doing it right here, right now. Look, I'm not telling anybody to not get every vaccine they roll out, I'm just pointing out that it doesn't prevent you from getting or spreading covid and, despite what the man on tv told you, unvaccinated people aren't overwhelming hospitals. You can get the 3rd, 4th, 28th or 50th booster shot and it's still not going to prevent you from getting or spreading covid. It's here, now. It's not going away. Whatever they put in that thing they rolled out and approved in a matter of months isn't doing anything to stop the spread. The world has far bigger health concerns than covid. Improve your diet, get regular exercise and avoid harmful substances. If you want to get a booster shot every year as a sympton mitigator then nobody is going to stop you or complain about it. Your medical decisions are your business. If you want to force me to do it just to be able to go to the grocery store then I don't feel compelled to pretend you're a decent person.
  11. I had covid about a year ago. I didn't go to the hospital and I still managed to survive a virus with a 99.98% survival rate. So stunning, so brave. Stop getting your medical advice from Twitter. Is it possible that an organization that gets the majority of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry might be more concerned with their money than your health?
  12. Does anybody remember when people were labeled as conspiracy theorists because they were a bit dubious about the whole "2 weeks to slow the spread" thing and suggested that, just possibly, this was gonna be an on-going thing? How about when you could go on Google and PROVE that the virus didn't come from a lab and pretty much anyone who voiced any skepticism was banned from nearly all social media for spreading misinformation? How about when you could go on Google and PROVE that the vaccine would stop you from getting or spreading the virus? Is it really out of line to suggest that a company that has never produced a functional product or turned a profit outside of government grants might be motivated by tens of billions of dollars? Again, the vaccine does not stop you from getting or spreading the virus. The fact that it's now endemic means that it's basically useless, now. Covid isn't going away, no matter how many shots you get. The only thing vaccines will do at this point is to accelerate the mutation. Israel (the most vaccinated country on the planet, per capita) is saying that it looks like you are more likely to be hospitalized after receiving the Vax and that natural immunity is far superior. Doesn't everybody here really, really love Israel? Are y'all antisemitic or something? They do say, however, that it looks like you're 5% more likely to die if you aren't vaccinated so, I guess that's something, right? It's amusing to see a group of people who are trying to force everyone to take a useless vaccine and restrict the movements and ability to partake in commerce try to accuse other people of politicizing a virus. I'm just waiting for the people with 6 jabs to start screaming at the people who only have 4. Maybe the twitteratti will have this thing figured out, by then.
  13. Medical malpractice kills between 300,000 and 600,000 people every year in America and is the 3rd leading cause of death. One out of every 100 people that are admitted to any hospital for any reason will be killed. You are more likely to die from a broken ankle than from covid. They just announced that over half of the people in the hospital for covid aren't even really sick and shouldn't be there. This has nothing to do with protecting the populace and if you haven't figured that out by now it's not very likely that you ever will. The CDC says that the actual death toll FROM covid is around 6% of of the number that die WITH covid but everybody still goes along with the inflated number. Why? And why are we pretending that the medical and pharmaceutical industries are some virtuous entity that only cares about your safety? Administrators treat killer doctors that same way the catholic church treats pedophile priests: They send them to the next spot to do the same thing. It's not surprising that the authoritarian leftists in this particular echo chamber are in favor of forcing everyone to bend to the will of the government. They've lied about pretty much everything from the beginning but they're telling the truth this time, right? We're talking about a manufactured virus with a 99.98% survival rate like it's the most dangerous thing to ever be on the earth. Covid is a lot less deadly than an unhealthy diet. The vaccine DOES NOT stop you from getting or spreading covid. Are we going to require a cholesterol passport? This isn't science. If you think you have to stop living in case you die then stay home and let the rest of the world carry on living our lives. Y'all pass all of these stories around your echo chambers like they're real but then when they turn out to be completely made up you just pretend you didn't hear that part. Or maybe y'all just don't bother to step outside long enough to even find out that the numbers you're pushing are "corrected" a week after everyone has already swallowed the lie. Do you not see what is actually happening here? Your masters aren't obligated to be vaccinated or wear masks or do any of the other things that they demand of you but, for some reason, that doesn't register. If the hospitals are so overwhelmed, maybe they should stop putting every person with the sniffles in a covid ward. They're not gonna give up that sweet cash, though, so that's not gonna happen. Don't worry, though, the government loves you and, as long as you never point out the hypocrisy, they'll take care of you forever and they won't even let anybody say anything that might hurt your feefees. Oh, btw, does anybody know which profession produces more known serial killers than any other in America? It's the same one that's full of cokeheads that are far more concerned about their next swinger party than they are your health.
  14. Yea, I've got a sketchy ticker. I had covid about a year ago and it sucked for a couple of weeks. I'm not telling anyone they shouldn't get the vax, I'm just saying that it doesn't stop you from spreading or getting covid. My cardiologist told me (before the CDC admitted it) that the vaccine, at best, will help to reduce the symptoms if you do happen to get covid. He told me that, since I've already had covid, he'd trust my natural immunity over the vaccine but he also said that he saw no big issue with me getting the vaccine if I wanted it and it's basically a crap shoot at this point because they just don't really know enough about it to say for sure. For me, covid was like a really bad flu but it seemed to linger a lot longer and it took a lot out of me, even after I was no longer sick. I'm guessing that my age (nearly 50) and my pre-existing heart condition were factors in the severity and the recovery time. I've been living a lot healthier since my heart attack and surgery so it certainly could have been worse for me. I'd hate to think what it would have been like if I was still carrying around an extra 25 pounds and smoking 2 packs a day. I don't know if I'll get the vaccine or not but, if I do, I'll do it with the knowledge that it's only for me.
  15. The CDC says that getting the vaccine doesn't reduce the chances of spreading covid and it doesn't reduce the chances of getting covid. Supposedly, it CAN reduce the severity of your own symptoms if you get covid but it's basically a meaningless virtue signal as far as protecting someone else goes. The percentage of people getting covid right now is higher among vaccinated as opposed to non-vaccinated. I don't really understand why it's such a big deal. Get it if you want to, don't if you don't. You're not helping anyone else by being vaccinated and the latest studies show that you are more likely to spread covid after vaccination. Oh, btw, medical malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in America so the medical and pharmaceutical industries could possibly have motives that don't involve the well-being of the populace. You are more likely to die as a result of going to a hospital for a minor injury than from covid.
  16. It's gonna be hard to get excited for this one, especially if Bennett or Mathis is starting. Even if Florida falters and let's us limp into winning the east (not very likely) we're not beating Bama with either QB we've seen, thus far. Might as well roll out Beck or Daniels and see what they're holding. Daniels is apparently healthy and has a year of starting in a power 5 under his belt and Beck is the most physically talented QB on the roster so I'm assuming we'll see....Bennett and Mathis.
  17. Georgia will never win anything with Kirby. He pissed away the best 3 rosters in the program's history because he wouldn't bench Mr. "2 yard pass to the flat" Fromm and now we've got this debacle. Did Beck say something bad about Kirby's mom or what? Does anybody really think that things will change next year? I can almost guarantee that he'll pick the worst QB on the roster. It's just who he is.
  18. Trevor Lawrence is going to disappoint a lot of people. He's a pretty good college qb and he has a big arm but he's not what he's being made out to be.
  19. I'm always amused by the events that are ignored and avoided on this board. Eh, I'll be back next month to check the narrative. I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. See ya in a month or so.
  20. Cops are rolling armoured vehicles down residential streets and using rubber bullets and paint guns and shooting people on their porches, now. They seem to be ignoring the rioters and looters and going after bystanders. I notice the thin blue line crowd sure has dried up in here.
  21. No problem, man, I know the deal. Just got wound up for a minute. I'll leave it alone from now on.
  22. It's not like it really helps. The video didn't save that guy's life. There were 4 cops there and 100% of them were "rogue" cops? It's only rogue behavior when it's not a pattern. What we're witnessing is standard operating procedure. And do you actually think, even with video evidence, that any of those cops are gonna be charged with first degree murder? The "public servant" kept his knee on the guy's neck for 8 MINUTES while 3 other "public servants" created a barrier around the victim and made sure no one could intervene and save the guy. Even a mental midget knows that you can't cut off someone's blood supply for 8 minutes without killing them but I can almost guarantee that he'll be charged with some type of negligence instead of murder. I'm not gonna get started on the state of law enforcement in this country because I'm pretty sure anything even approaching some of my previous rants about cops would get me banned for life from the new kinder and gentler ABF. I'll just say this: camera phones aren't the only weapon some of us carry with which to protect ourselves against killers in costumes. If they're just gonna snuff you out, anyway, why not....eh, I'll just leave it there.
  23. Yep, I'm pretty sure if I was recorded murdering someone the worst thing I'd have to worry about is finding a new job. The job market is tough out there, man, those poor officers are now UNEMPLOYED. Where's your heart?
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