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  1. Thanks, man. I'll be back in Georgia, eventually. I don't want to move back to Philly but I live in a small town with very limited opportunities. The last few years have been a bit tough for me and it's been hard trying to adjust to making half as much money as before. Moving back there is pretty much the only option I've got. We're just waiting for my gf's kids to finish up the school year and we'll be making the journey. She's not thrilled about it but it is what it is.
  2. Lol, Philly is ok for what it is. I've got some really good friends up there. But, yea, there are definitely some messed up people there. I'm not crazy about the weather, either. I'm probably going to be moving back up there shortly. I don't really want to but I have a good job opportunity that I'm hesitant to pass up. I'll most likely be in the suburbs this time, though. I'm not looking forward to the commute but my gf has 2 young boys, 8 and 10, and she doesn't want to raise them in the city. I don't blame her, it's pretty crazy there.
  3. Tennessee has gone from being a circus to getting (what I think, anyway) the right guy for the job. I haven't been concerned about any of the guys that have been talked about but this guy makes me nervous. He's a great recruiter, he's passionate and be knows what a great defense looks like. All of us UGA fans have had a pretty good chuckle over this UT coaching situation but I'm genuinely happy for the Vols. The east is just more fun when Tennessee is relevant.
  4. I lived in Philadelphia for many years and I can assure everyone that the south doesn't have a monopoly on racism. Philly has to be the most racist place ever. It's not just black and white up there. Everybody hates everybody else and most of the city is segregated. The Italians hate the Irish, the Irish hate the Germans and the Germans hate everybody. The Hispanics are broken down into groups, too. The Puerto Ricans hate the Mexicans, the Mexicans hate the Cubans and they all hate the Dominicans. The Chinese hate the Koreans and heaven forbid someone from the Philippines tries to talk to either of those 2. I can't even count the times that I had some idiot ask me if I was in the klan. And I had 2 different black guys that asked me (with all forkin seriousness) if there are any black people in Georgia. Most of the people in Philly truly believe that everyone in the South is racist farmer that spends their free time lynching any black person that is "uppity" enough to try to go to a "white" school. I was at a Christmas party for the company I worked for and 2 of my bosses were carrying on about how they just knew that I hated black people because I'm from Georgia. About 3 minutes into that unpleasantness, my date (who was always late for everything, btw) showed up. She was black. Those 2 arseholes had always been nice to me when my southern accent made them assume I was a racist. As soon as they figured out that I was dating a black chick and didn't share their views, they treated me like dirt. The Yanks can talk all the guff they want to but I've seen the reality of what they are.
  5. I have absolutely no idea what Chicago was thinking when they took that got over Watson. He's got great footwork and a decent arm but I never would have expected him to be a 1st round pick. Jake has an ok arm and he still has time to get a bit taller but he just doesn't look like an NFL qb to me. I had most of my friends mad at me when I said the same thing about Murray. I think he'll be a really good college qb, I just don't see him in the nfl. I'm not a gm, though, so it doesn't really matter what I think.
  6. That sucks. He's a darn good mlb but he's had too many chances already.
  7. I agree, the NFL is a different game. Murray, Greene, Shockley and plenty of guys from other schools were great college players and I don't care that their abilities didn't match what NFL GM's are looking for. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. I don't think Kirby will have the luxury of redshirting Fields. Having too many good qb's is a good problem to have.
  8. I think he'll be a really good college qb and he's very poised for a freshman but he's not an NFL qb. He might get drafted but he's not leaving early.
  9. What an idiot. I guess he'll be playing for Auburn or Bama soon.
  10. Fromm isn't an NFL qb.
  11. Holy crap that's awesome!!!
  12. I'm thrilled that Georgia won but I still can't get over how bad those refs were. It will be ignored and forgotten because of the outcome but that was ridiculous.
  13. This is ugly
  14. I got ya, thanks. I see in your previous post that the jury did have the ability and the justification to charge him with involuntary manslaughter. I can't imagine what their reasoning was for letting him walk on that one. I feel bad for the family. I can certainly see why they feel like they were let down by the process.
  15. The wording is a bit ambiguous, no doubt. I'll certainly not trying to argue that Trump isn't an idiot that likes to hear himself talk, even to the detriment of others. Just saying the Smith character was kinda painting with a wide brush.