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  1. It's gonna be hard to get excited for this one, especially if Bennett or Mathis is starting. Even if Florida falters and let's us limp into winning the east (not very likely) we're not beating Bama with either QB we've seen, thus far. Might as well roll out Beck or Daniels and see what they're holding. Daniels is apparently healthy and has a year of starting in a power 5 under his belt and Beck is the most physically talented QB on the roster so I'm assuming we'll see....Bennett and Mathis.
  2. Georgia will never win anything with Kirby. He pissed away the best 3 rosters in the program's history because he wouldn't bench Mr. "2 yard pass to the flat" Fromm and now we've got this debacle. Did Beck say something bad about Kirby's mom or what? Does anybody really think that things will change next year? I can almost guarantee that he'll pick the worst QB on the roster. It's just who he is.
  3. Trevor Lawrence is going to disappoint a lot of people. He's a pretty good college qb and he has a big arm but he's not what he's being made out to be.
  4. I'm always amused by the events that are ignored and avoided on this board. Eh, I'll be back next month to check the narrative. I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. See ya in a month or so.
  5. Cops are rolling armoured vehicles down residential streets and using rubber bullets and paint guns and shooting people on their porches, now. They seem to be ignoring the rioters and looters and going after bystanders. I notice the thin blue line crowd sure has dried up in here.
  6. No problem, man, I know the deal. Just got wound up for a minute. I'll leave it alone from now on.
  7. It's not like it really helps. The video didn't save that guy's life. There were 4 cops there and 100% of them were "rogue" cops? It's only rogue behavior when it's not a pattern. What we're witnessing is standard operating procedure. And do you actually think, even with video evidence, that any of those cops are gonna be charged with first degree murder? The "public servant" kept his knee on the guy's neck for 8 MINUTES while 3 other "public servants" created a barrier around the victim and made sure no one could intervene and save the guy. Even a mental midget knows that you can't cut off so
  8. Yep, I'm pretty sure if I was recorded murdering someone the worst thing I'd have to worry about is finding a new job. The job market is tough out there, man, those poor officers are now UNEMPLOYED. Where's your heart?
  9. Well, I mean, they fired them. Seems fair.
  10. Fromm is a bum. He'll never take a snap in a regular season game in the NFL. I doubt he'll take a snap in a preseason game, either. I'll never understand what people see in him.
  11. I don't know who advised him to leave early but it didn't really hurt him. It's not like he was gonna stop sucking next year so I can't see where it makes a difference to his draft stock. People fell in love with the team's record and relatives success with him as a starter but they ignored the fact that Georgia lost every single game in which they actually had to throw the ball. He's a smart kid and, by all accounts, a pretty solid human being but he's not an NFL QB. He was barely a college QB and any other coach would have benched him.
  12. I'm doing pretty good, just had to change my lifestyle a bit (should have done that years ago, anyway) and slow down at work. If I start getting too hot I get a little lightheaded and have to sit down for a while and get my stuff together. I've got 2 good helpers now so I lean on them when necessary. I was very lucky to have been working right down the road from a hospital.
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