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  1. Florida again :/
  2. Seriously, though, if coach had put him in, they woulda won state. No doubt, no doubt in my mind
  3. Lol, that's good advice. And, not that you asked me, but you can get a decent mim strat for really cheap if you look around. It's pretty common to see them for 300 or so. And if you don't like the electronics you can order a preloaded pick guard with texas specials or whatever else you like. You can have a pretty sweet playing and sounding guitar for 450-500 all in.
  4. I've heard it both ways about them. My knowledge of them consists of a couple of YouTube vids so I never really knew what to make of them. That's not really the point, anyway. I really was just kinda curious about how y'all felt about a bank banning someone based on political ideology. The guy might have been banned for being involved in criminal activity or something for all I know because they didn't give a reason for it. Whatever, though, I've gotta take a shower. Can somebody ask the time bandit if I've been on here long enough, yet? I don't want him to think that personal hygiene is part of my shtick
  5. The FBI classifies them as a white supremacist group?
  6. I don't believe I've ever "complained" about making less than you. I just stated that I probably make less than YOU. And I was just actually curious about the popular opinion on this board about a bank banning someone for political beliefs. And have you ever considered just ignoring me? Or at least not using the word "shtick" every single time you reply to me? I think I mentioned having to get up early to go to work once and you've been obsessed with it ever since. So, yea, when every reply from you is the same thing, sometimes I repeat myself. And, as usual, you replied without answering the question.
  7. I saw it on YouTube. I'm not all that familiar with them but I've been told, on here, that they're a white supremacist Nazi group. I've also been read that they've got people of all races and backgrounds and that the chairman is a black guy. I guess he's Clayton Bigsby in disguise or something. Color me extremely surprised that your one word sentence includes the word "color".
  8. Apparently Chase Bank has banned the chairman of the proud boys and closed his account without an explanation. I can't remember the guy's name but, according to the slueths on YouTube, he's a black man. So, is Chase righteous for banning the chairman of a group that y'all hate, or are they racist for banning a black dude?
  9. Lol, actually, you're right
  10. I bet 2 of those racist, smirking, maga hat wearing, anti-baby murder bigots are the ones that attacked that actor in Chicago. They're probably the same ones that murdered Jazmine Barnes, too. Somebody really needs to do something about all of these racially charged attacks.
  11. At least nobody is talking about his stance on post-birth baby murder anymore. Good thing somebody finally got accees to that secret yearbook
  12. Because **** you, that's why
  13. I'm not on twitter. That's for you and your ilk that have to hide from reality. It's my understanding that statistics aren't allowed on Twitter, either. Haven't you noticed who's posting all the links to Twitter on here? It certainly isn't me. Maybe if I hit up the onion I can find something good. Facts are facts and math is math. It's not my fault that your narrative is flawed. It's ok for people on here to make up **** about how white people are the most violent segment of society and post comment after comment of anti-white racism but actual facts are off limits. What have I ever said that is even close to being as abusive as the abusive comments I have received? But, hey, it's your world, boss. If you want to play god on an internet forum and silence reality then just do it. Actually, I'll save you the trouble. Math isn't racist, dumb***. Ignoring facts that destroy your narrative about race is racist. Kicking me off of this forum isn't going to change reality. 6% of the population will still be committing 54% of the violent crime. You'll still be a **** of a lot safer surrounded by whites than blacks. Victimizers will still pretend to be victims, fake news will still be fake news, snowflakes will still be too delicate to function in an uncensored setting and you'll still be too scared to admit the truth for fear of being called a bad name. Good luck with your power trip, cuck. Maybe if you bow down far enough, you'll get to lick the frosting.
  14. No attempt at condensation at all, sir. I'm legitimately apologetic for any emotional discomfort that I have caused to anyone that has had the displeasure of ever having to read one of my comments. This forum should be safe from any ideals that differ from the average participant and, for not abiding with that, I'm infinitely sorry. By the way, you are awesome. You're morality is only surpassed by your strength of character and overall goodness. The education I have received from our brief, yet, enlightening interactions have planted a seed that will resonate with me for the rest of my life. I can only hope to pass on the message to future generations so that they can also benfit from the superior knowledge that you have put forth into words. Thank you, sir. A million times, thank you. I sincerely apologize for any distress I may have caused you. Please forgive my arrogance.
  15. That's an excellent rebuttal. You are a wise and distinguished gentleman of utmost intellect and character. My apologies for attempting to impune your superior debating prowess and morality. It won't happen again, sir.