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  1. We need to build a statue for that guy. He's like a thread saving super hero.
  2. I don't see why this is such a big deal. I mean, come on, we've all come home from a tough day at work, accidentally walked into the wrong apt and murdered somebody. It happens all the time. Plus, the guy had weed!!! You can't have people like that just walking around in a civilized society! Just don't break the law and you've got nothing to worry about! Seriously, though, for anybody that hasn't figured out what cops are by now, well, there's really just nothing that can be done to convince them. I keep hearing people say "My uncle/dad/brother is a cop and you have no idea how tough that job is" or whatever. I've got news for you: your uncle/dad/brother is a piece of ****. There are no "good cops" in America. They might start out with good intentions but, unless they're willing to go along with the program, they'll either be dead or forced to resign. If you see a person that's been on the force for more than 6 months and they aren't disgusted with what they've seen and actively looking for a new job, you can rest assured that they are a horrible person. It's not a training or protocol issue. You can't really stop an individual cop from doing something wrong, that's just not realistic. But you CAN put them in prison when they break the law. That's the real issue. Cops are above the law and they know it. Every time I have any interaction with a cop, I'm super polite and I move very, very slowly and deliberately. They might kill you just for inconveniencing them. And then they'll come up with some bs to show that you made them fear for their life.
  3. I'm so clueless about rifles that I thought I was buying a single shot. The guy did his best to keep his contempt to a minimun and had to show me that it holds 4. Now that I know how to load it, I'm basically like a special forces badass! These deer don't stand a chance!!!
  4. I picked up a Remington .308 today. It came with some kind of no name scope. The guy at the gun store straight up told me that the scope wasn't holding much. He suggested that I look online for a mid-level Leopold because they were great for the price. I told him that some lawyer on a forum that I frequent suggested the same thing. His response: "Well, not all lawyers are stupid." South Georgia is a trip. I can't wait to shoot this thing!!!
  5. I'll check it out. I've kinda got my heart set on the Remington .308 now but I doubt it'll be the only rifle I get. I was just lusting after an m&p 15 sport 2 a half hour ago. I have absolutely no need for it but just looking at it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  6. Luckily, I have a few acres of land and I live in the boonies. I practice with my pistol most weekends and I have a sorta rudimentary target range set up for me and a couple of friends. I've cleared out an area for a feed plot (yea, I know that's cheating but I forgive myself) that's roughly 90 yards from where I'm gonna have my stand. I'm fairly proficient with a pistol but I have very limited experience with rifles. I'm gonna try to get everything set up so I can get enough time in to get comfortable as soon as possible. I've never shot or cleaned a deer so I'm kinda leaning on my friends to show me the ropes until I figure out what the heck I'm doing. I know I can hit a target at 100 yards but I have no idea how I'll react when I actually get a deer in my sights. I just hope I'm not so jacked up that I'm shaky.
  7. Thanks, I'll check out the book and the scopes. I doubt I'll need anything super fancy because I'm not likely to shoot more than 100 yards or so. And I'm a bit dubious about my ability to hit anything farther than that.
  8. Lol, I just finished another comment asking about that!
  9. Thanks, man, that's 2 thumbs up for the Remington. I'm looking for a good deer gun and both of y'all seem to agree that it's a good choice. I think I'll pick one up this week. Now all I've gotta do is figure out what kind of scope I want, lol. Any tips on a good one for a reasonable price? I'm probably not going to be shooting more than 100 yards.
  10. Thanks for the info, man. I'm looking for a deer gun, as I have a shotgun for home defense. I've never really been a hunter (my dad was an avid fisherman but he didn't hunt) but I went with a friend a couple times last year and really enjoyed it. Plus, I like the idea of putting some healthy meat on the table occasionally. It doesn't really have to be bolt action, I just figured that since I'm only likely to get one shot at a deer, I wouldn't really need semi-auto. I have several friends with AR style rifles. They're fun to shoot and I wouldn't mind getting one eventually but right now I'm just looking for a dedicated hunting rifle. I was already kinda leaning towards Remington because they seem to have a pretty good rep for price/quality. That's probably what I'll get. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback.
  11. This question has nothing to do with this thread but you seem to be a pretty knowledgeable guy in regards to firearms. I've always been a pistol guy and I don't really know much about rifles. I'm looking to get a decent .308 at a reasonable price. I'm kinda leaning towards bolt action but semi-auto is fine, too. I don't really care as long as it's reliable and accurate. What would be your suggestion for a good hunting rifle for maybe $800 or less? There is so much brand loyalty, mud slinging and conflicting opinions on the internet that I'm kinda at a loss. I keep seeing Savage and Remington pop up but then there's always a handful of people bashing them in the comment sections of various forums.
  12. Lol, dude got hit on nearly every passing play. That's generally not conducive to highly efficient qb play. Yea, he had a bad game and could have played better. It happens. Luckily, though, we don't have to play against a ridiculously stacked d-line like that every week.
  13. I'm pretty sure I never argued the point of "randomly showing up" on here. Being "right" about something that's blatantly obvious and uncontested isn't really much of a feat. I like to drop in when I have a few minutes to spare but I don't have the type of job or life that allows me to post hundreds of comments per week on social media. I wish I did but I don't. Plus, I've spent enough time on here to have a decent grasp of the atmosphere without having to get too wrapped up in every issue being discussed. When I get my business sorted out a little better maybe I'll have a bit more free time. Until then, though, it's gonna be kinda hit or miss.
  14. Right about what? Eh, whatever it is, you're welcome.
  15. Debate what? I've never gotten a straight answer from you on a single issue. You like to throw out talking points points and criticism but you seem to conveniently ignore those pesky "yes or no" type questions. Plus, this thread isn't here for the purpose of debate. It's here for partisan name calling, selective indignation and the amusement of its participants. We're not curing the ills of the world here, we're just passing time. Anyway, I'm at the dr's office and I think I'm finally about to get called back. Y'all have fun.