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  1. And we have a dumbass war on drugs because pharmaceuticals is a trillion dollar insustry and their lobbying groups, along with our corrupt politicians, have worked very hard to cut out the competition.
  2. Well, yea, I go to bars to socialize. If I didn't want to talk, I'd drink at home.
  3. Ok, Larry, that's the least pervy thing I've got.
  4. Sadly, your lack of confidence is grounded in reality.
  5. Or maybe parents could teach their kids that it's still possible and acceptable to think for themselves.
  6. Drug cartels are powerful because they have money. And the US isn't the only country that manufactures firearms.
  7. As peculiar as it sounds, cops aren't obligated to intervene in a school shooting any more than any other crime that they witness taking place. It's not their job to prevent crime and they don't have to even make an effort to protect anyone from anything. They aren't responsible for public safety. That was the ruling of the supreme court and it's been upheld multiple times over the years. I know it's crazy but that's the reality. But, yea, Israel should be handed his walking papers immediately. Not only did his officers hide outside while kids were being murdered, his department ignored multiple and specific warnings about the shooter being a likely threat to do the very thing that he ended up doing. Sadly, though, he's a democratic politician in a democratic stronghold. He'll just keep blaming Trump and the NRA and he'll get elected again. And to all of the people that keep telling me that I don't need a gun because the cops will protect me? Yea, no. I think I'll just keep my gun and protect myself.
  8. What message board is that? I've gotta play a wedding in May. My friend's daughter is getting married and he asked me if I would play a half hour or so of traditional classical stuff. I was kinda drunk when he asked and said "sure I can, nothing to it" or something like that. Now, I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into. I've played for a long time and I've been on stage hundreds, if not thousands, of times but it's always been with a band. And guess how much I know about traditional classical guitar? Zilch!!! I play electric lead, I never even pick up a nylon string acoustic! Now I'm doing a **** gorilla style crash course and hoping for the best. My gf is a classicly trained singer and piano player and is helping me out with some stuff but she doesn't understand why I'm so worried about it. She shows up at Carnegie Hall with a couple days practice and doesn't sweat it at all. I'm just not on that level. Does anyone on that forum specialize in classical guitar? I need help fast!!!
  9. According to the scotus, cops aren't obligated to even attempt to protect anyone from anything. "Protect and serve" is just something to write on the side of their cars, It's not an actual job description. Their primary purpose is to serve warrants. If they happen to see someone committing a crime of any type, violent or otherwise, they aren't obligated to make an effort to stop the crime or attempt to arrest the perpetrator. They can watch someone being murdered while hiding behind other people and they can't be held accountable for their lack of action.
  10. Looks like starting the "take 2" thread has created a much less hostile environment
  11. No. I can't really see myself reporting anything other than spam.