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  1. As much as I feel bad for the kids being temporarily seperated from their parents, I feel a lot worse for the thousands of kids we're going to murder this year in an ongoing attempt to set up global dictatorships friendly to the idea of privately owned central banking. Eh, this is too depressing. I'm gonna spend the rest of my lunch break watching cat videos on YouTube.
  2. I'm far from being an Obama supporter (although I did vote for him the first time around before I learned my lesson) but I don't think what he was doing was for leverage. I'm aware that kids have been used as polititical leverage ever since politics was invented but, still, this isn't the way we should be going about it. The sad reality, though, is that there isn't one politician on either side of the aisle who gives a **** about these kids. It's just a talking point for them. There isn't one of them that would give up their seat at the elected table to make this situation better. When they get what they want, this will go away and there will be a new talking point to garner outrage. PEOPLE may have empathy but POLITICIANS only have agendas.
  3. No, I'm complaining about how PARTISAN this board is. This is one of the few places where I can interact with, what seems to be, reasonably intelligent people. It just seems like a mud slinging contest with accusations of [insert unflattering analogy here] so I kinda figured that my mindless finger pointing would fit in perfectly. As far as the randomly showing back up, I've been super busy starting a new business that is taking up most of my time while I try desperately to stay afloat.
  4. I haven't gotten to those yet but I'll certainly check them out.
  5. Just more evidence to support my theory that most people will ignore any fact that contradicts their opinion.
  6. King has held my interest since childhood. He's a top tier story teller disguised as a horror writer.
  7. My agenda is the abolishment of the fictional 2 party system (they're on the same team and it's not our team) and the abolishment, or at least some extreme oversight, of the privately owned federal reserve. That's pretty much it. I've heard a lot of talk about how "centrist" this board is but, outside of one guy, I certainly haven't seen any evidence of it.
  8. Lol, you think this board is predominantly non-partisan? Come on, man.
  9. And why would you assume that I'm talking about being programmed to listen to Dems? Does Fox News not exsist? The point being, as long as you are looking for an initial before reacting to a topic, you're approaching it in a dependant/partisan manner. The "R" jock riders are absolutely no different than the "D" jock riders.
  10. What political doctrine do you think the Dems are pushing? I'm starting to think you haven't read much history at all!!!
  11. Yea, it's a wonderful gift, no doubt. I'm able to view blind partinship for what it is with a minimal amount of fake indignation or self righteousness. It's pretty cool.
  12. Only if it's the New York Times and there is an article bashing Trump
  13. And vice/versa. That's the point. When you learn that initials are meaningless, you'll free yourself from the chains that bind you and stuff.
  14. Dude, you're talking to people who romanticize Marx.