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  1. Why do we need to bow down to either one of them? Israel has been caught, red handed and multiple times, committing acts of terror against America and trying to pin it on various Muslim groups. The King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair/Operation Susannah and the attack on the USS Liberty are just the ones they stopped denying. How many other attacks carried out by muslims with indestructible passports might they be responsible for? Saudi Arabia has a long history of training and harbouring terrorist groups. I'm not sure why either country would considered an ally. With friends like these.....
  2. Not really sure why it's our job to prop up Israel. We already give them billions of dollars every year. They have hundreds of nukes and the most sophisticated weaponry in the region. Our entire foreign policy already revolves around Israel. What more do we owe to a country with the size and population of metro Atlanta? The whole country is 1/6th the size of Georgia and they are by far the largest recipients of foreign aide from America, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, France and several other countries. At what point do we let them sink or swim on their own?
  3. I'll certainly check it out. I'm in fairly good health right know but my age and my job make me a bit nervous about the future. I've learned a lot about "the other side" in the last few years. I've never been rich but I grew up fairly comfortable and, until everything hit the fan, I was doing pretty good. Life can really kick your *** sometimes.
  4. Yea, I went to the official site. I was pretty ok with the numbers until I submitted the application. Once I got my real numbers, I had to back out. They were pretty nice about it and told me I wouldn't be penalized on my tax returns because it would put a burden on me to pay that much. It is what it is. I've got my eye on a couple of jobs in Philly that pay pretty decent so maybe I can get back to normal soon. I don't really want to move back up there (I'm dating a great girl that I don't want to leave behind and she has mixed emotions about going there) but I'll have to do what I have to do.
  5. I'll be 46 in 3 weeks. That estimate isn't far off from the one I got in 2014. It was quite a bit different once I actually applied. If I could actually get coverage for under $300, I'd probably sign up. The deductible is ridiculous but if something major happened, It would be worth it.
  6. So you're telling me how great the ACA is and how terrible private insurance is while you're covered by a private company? My zip code is 31501, what's yours? A guy I work with (26, non smoker and does a much safer job than me for roughly the same pay) only pays like 250 a month with a much lower deductible. I know it's a bit hard to swallow but my age, the fact that I smoke and the nature of my job are all factors in the cost of coverage. If you can find me a plan that I can afford with a deductible that isn't nearly a quarter of my annual income, I'll be more than happy to take a look at it.
  7. Why not switch to the aca?
  8. People like you crack me up. Is it possible that the ACA isn't the shining beacon of hope and change that it was touted to be? It's not like I'm blaming your messiah for the change in my life or for the government's insistence that socialized healthcare is the best thing for the American people. The ACA was going to forced on us, regardless of which CIC we were given. You're calling me a liar because my reality contradicts your opinion. I'm sorry to break it to you but, my reality dictates that I'm not concerned with your opinion. How much do you pay for coverage under the ACA?
  9. Do you want my social security number, too? What claims have I made that are false? The person that helped me try to get the best plan for me does that kind of thing for a living. She is pretty good at her job. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time believing that I can't afford insurance. It's hard for me to accept, too.
  10. 84 bucks brings it down to about $540 a month. My take home pay is about 420 a week. I've got other bills and obligations that make that unrealistic for me. And the steep deductible would make it basically useless to me, anyway. I was told that I'm in the "fuzzy" area that says I won't be penalized for not joining the ACA because they won't force me to pay a higher percentage of my income than I can realistically afford. If it ever gets worked out to where I can afford coverage again, I'll sign up in a minute. Until then, I've gotta just keep looking for a better job and hoping I don't get hurt or sick.
  11. No subsidies for me. I'm a single male with no children. I make about 30 grand a year. I make too much to qualify for any help unless I have minor children and I make too little to afford healthcare without help. It is what it is. I'm not clear on the real details of any actual single payer proposal so I can't say if I support it or not. I had private insurance my entire life until 2009 with no issues. I can't say what would have happened if I ever actually had to rely on the insurance, as I never had to use it. The ACA isn't the reason I lost my coverage, I had a family obligation that forced me to leave my job, but when I tried to return, I'm 2014, to the same plan that I had previously, the price had more than doubled. Seeing as how I make about half as much money as I used to, it was no longer an option for me. I'm currently trying to find a higher paying job and I'm slowly getting my life back in order. I'm the mean time, I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I'll be 46 next month so it would be pretty nice if I could afford some kind of health coverage.
  12. The current price of healthcare already puts it out of reach for a lot of us so, what's the difference? Under the ACA, I would have you pay a little more than a 4th of my gross (well over a 3rd of my net) income for a policy that covers very little and has a $6,900 deductible. I bust my *** every day to make a living. I can't afford the premium or the deductible. Why would I care about what the new deal involves if I still can't afford it? I think people are under the assumption that the ACA was enacted to help people like me. It wasn't and it doesn't. If you've got plenty of money, you're going to be fine. If you're on government assistance, you're going to be fine. For people like me, this is a non issue. It wasn't always like this for me but it is now. Until a few years ago, I always had pretty decent health coverage. I had a lot more money and did a job that wasn't particularly dangerous or physically demanding. A couple of things happened that changed the course of my life so now this is my new situation. Wake me up when any of this matters to me.
  13. I'm not sure how this will play out but I'm fairly certain it's not going to matter to me. The same "experts" that were telling us how great the ACA was going to be before they even knew everything that was in it are now telling us how bad every other option will be, again, without even knowing everything that's in the next plan. All I know is - under the ACA, the best deal available to me cost a hair more than a 4th of my gross income with a $6,900 deductible. In other words: not only was it completely useless to me, it made private insurance so unaffordable that it was no longer an option, either. I'm sure a lot of people will be all up in arms about whatever happens but, for me and the people like me that do a dangerous, physically demanding job for very little financial compensation, it'll be the same as it's ever been. We'll continue to go to work every day and just hope we don't get hurt or sick while the people that can actually afford insurance debate options that aren't realistic for a large percentage of the country.
  14. So, a black man shot and killed a black cop in New Orleans early this morning. Do you think the dead cop's wife and 2 children care about the socio-economic background of the violent criminal that committed the violent crime? Will BLM show up to protest the death of the black cop? The assailant is still alive, btw. Looks like they managed to arrest a black man without killing him, even though they did shoot him.
  15. I've been told that he's on twitter a lot but I mostly just hear about some of the crazier stuff he says from friends. I've got a twitter account but I've only been on there the one time when I signed up. A friend asked me to do it because she wanted a bunch of followers so I think I just put her and a few sports teams on there. I voted for Johnson (mostly just because I couldn't stomach the other 2) but I don't hate Trump. He's just an entertainer that understands how uninformed and misinformed the American people have become. Politics has turned into soundbytes and misquotes from an agenda driven media. Still, though, I'd really rather that the President find a different way of going about the task of communicating with the public other than something that Kim Kardashian uses to tell us about her latest sex tape or whatever.