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  1. Deion, Tuggle, Julio. In that order
  2. I've seen Mule several times and they never disappoint. And there always seems to be a good vibe and good sound at the Tabernacle. I haven't been up there in several years, though. The last time I went they still had George Porter playing with them.
  3. More people are murdered with hammers than rifles every year. Gun control has never been and will never be about protecting lives.
  4. The most predictable "suicide" in a long time. Absolutely no one is surprised by this one.
  5. Starting at 3 seems about right. Georgia's D is gonna be something special this year.
  6. I used to be in favor of the death penalty. Then I started noticing how many people were being exonerated after spending years in prison. Even confessions are sketchy. Didn't every member of the central park 5 confess? I saw a thing a few years ago where the cops in Phoenix got 3 or 4 totally unrelated people to confess to raping and killing a nun. It turned out that none of them actually did it but they all confessed to it. I know it's awful to have guilty people escaping justice but, in my opinion, it's way worse to punish the innocent. You can unlock a person but you can't unkill them.
  7. I can't fathom why anyone would want to be a teacher. 4 years of college to make less money than me? And have to deal with stuff like this? No, thank you.
  8. I don't really see Holyfield as a starting NFL back, regardless of his 40 time. Maybe he can land on a team that gets some use out of him but I kinda doubt it. I think Nauta has a chance to be a starter somewhere but, special? I wouldn't think so. Running a 4.9 is gonna be tough to overcome. He'd better hope he can bring that down to a legit 4.7 at his pro day or I doubt anyone will even look at him. He's one of the guys that should have stayed another year.
  9. Nauta spent 3 years getting wide open in the middle of the field. He looked like a future stud his freshman year with Eason and then spent the next 2 years being an afterthought because Fromm is scared to throw medium middle. He had, by far, the best hands on the team. I honestly can't remember him dropping a pass in 3 years. He has decent body control for his size and can reach down to catch poorly thrown balls at his knees about as good as any 6'4" TE. Before that horrible 40 time I saw him as a solid 4th round guy. Maybe even 3rd round. I thought he'd run a high 4.6, maybe low 4.7. I also thought Holyfield would run a 4.6, though. I guess my ocular estimation needs recalibrating. 4.9 is crazy slow.
  10. Lol, I was mad af when we didn't get Dorsey. I legit thought he was gonna be the best player in the draft.
  11. Seriously, though, if coach had put him in, they woulda won state. No doubt, no doubt in my mind
  12. Lol, actually, you're right
  13. I bet 2 of those racist, smirking, maga hat wearing, anti-baby murder bigots are the ones that attacked that actor in Chicago. They're probably the same ones that murdered Jazmine Barnes, too. Somebody really needs to do something about all of these racially charged attacks.