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  1. Maybe it had something to do with dk.i know in tb the rbs were always hurt in his system.maybe he is making sure he can always run the ball if need be.
  2. Ive personally had turf toe.it took around 5 years yo finally stop swelling up.
  3. ive herd tampa is on the rise for four years now.hey maybe they are but im a believe it when I see it kind of guy.
  4. From a production standpoint.no but from a toughness and leadership standpoint yes
  5. I'd give the jags a decent shot.they have the defense.the only thing holding them back was the qb.at the very least they have a game manager now so I think they are on the rise.
  6. It's not surprising they took a division 2 prospect kroy bierman was a division 2 prospect.from Montana University I believe.
  7. Games of future past?
  8. After thinking about it I'll bump mine up to a B.if we can sustain drives that will eatup more clock.in doing so the defense is already better because they aren't on the field as long.many of those 3rd and ones turned into 3 and outs.
  9. Hey I trust they know what they are doing.imagine if Ryan had time.its like I've learned since dq got here dq's drafts seem like wild pitches but more often than not it's just a slider that caught the outside of the plate.ill judge when the year is up.
  10. I'll say a c+. because honestly I just don't know.im still in shock.i need a minute to process all of this.the + is because since dq has been here we have drafted good so I have that bit of trust but on the other hand most of that came on the defensive side so honestly I just don't know.
  11. Td's drafts seem to be like wild pitches but more often than not they are just sliders that caught the outside of the plate.
  12. I can hope for the best.it may indeed be nasty.nasty to watch.im expecting a bend but don't break defense.they will give up yards but try to limit the points.
  13. I don't know but I'd like to bring back sanu.he has played tough this whole time.he brings it week in and week out.win or lose Sanu is Sanu.
  14. Man it felt good to see Mr blank hold a championship trophy.congrats atlanta United and Mr blank.