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  1. The ONLY reason id be happy to see ryan go to s.f. or n.e would be getting to watch him win his Superbowl.other than that i want him here.he isn't as easily replaced like some other positions.
  2. He strikes me as more of a vince young.it would be a trade down or surtain.
  3. I just hope someone wants our spot enough to pay big to get it.i wouldnt trade out of the too ten though.just hope someone between that 6th and 10 spot wants to pay the price.trade back.
  4. Gurley was trying to use his speed but its gone.he looked really 🐌.
  5. So your comparing his value to the team with the value of his jersey?thats a bit of a reach. isn't it?
  6. In 2016 we were put in a position that we knew kyle got us to the Superbowl but how can you fire a head coach who just got to the Superbowl so we had to let it play out.last year we went on a run at the end of the year and still felt like he deserved a chance.now we have Morris and i dont want to be put in a position that we have to keep him just not to look bad.i just want a fresh start.we haven't beat anyone of significance yet.raiders beat themselves.blow up the staf but not the team.they have some good pieces just need a good draft and a few singings.we are back in buisness.
  7. We could finish with a better record than whoever wins the east and still not get in.its just the way things work.
  8. Im grateful for all the memories ive had with my great grandpa rip.my grandpa rip and my father while all being togeather on Sundays to watch falcons football.good years and bad years.im greatful for being togeather for what time we had and this franchise played a big part of that.
  9. Yeah but many idiots thought the game was done at the third quarter.still a quarter to go.
  10. Im confused.are you saying he did make sanu better or are you being sarcastic and saying he did make him better?
  11. Maybe the worse they can do is release him and he hits waivers.then gets picked up by some team like the Jets.
  12. In reality we have no idea how good/bad our dbs are because a bad pass rush makes the whole secondary bad.nobody can cover wrs for 6.7.8 seconds.they will eventually find a way to get open.
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