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  1. I thought April fools wasn't for another week.oh wait!this is a joke right?
  2. This is what i was thinking also.i remember when i playing i wasn't the the fastest in the game but when the ball was in the air i just had a different gear.
  3. Its to early.let me see what else they do and ill give you my best guess.
  4. This would also boost our prime time games i bet.
  5. Yeah with brady signing with Tampa we better have a pass rush.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me at all if td went rb in the first.id laugh like i usually do.he just seems to do the opposite of all these mocks year after year.mainly in the first round.
  7. Deny me before man and ill deny you before the father.matthew 10 but forget the verse.
  8. I just think if your going to have an all julio team it should be a list of proven players.maybe 6 years or more.henry is pretty new and kittle also.juilo has been on top for a long time now.ive seen to many good for three or four year players to compare them to juilo.its a disrespect to compare them or maybe its just a testament to him that he can still hang with anybody.
  9. I want someone who is offence minded,modern yet proven.if you can find this mixture than sign me up.
  10. I just knew all those who were saying (this is gonna be a blowout) were speaking to soon. Its like yall aren't falcons fans or something. Lol.
  11. So with the end of the last game and the beginning of this game thats 4 tds in how many minutes?
  12. I remember when i had my first beer.
  13. Those int's were not on him.come on man.whats the chances of a d lineman intercepting a pass?first int was a fluke.2nd int was on the receiver.he broke off of his route as ryan was throwing the ball.go back and look.yes he was far from perfect but the ints were not on him.
  14. Man please everyone is blaming Ryan but first int was just a fluke play from the d lineman.second int was because the receiver broke off the route.the fumble was just him trying to make a play.yall crazy.everything around him is consistently falling apart.