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  1. I can hope for the best.it may indeed be nasty.nasty to watch.im expecting a bend but don't break defense.they will give up yards but try to limit the points.
  2. I don't know but I'd like to bring back sanu.he has played tough this whole time.he brings it week in and week out.win or lose Sanu is Sanu.
  3. Man it felt good to see Mr blank hold a championship trophy.congrats atlanta United and Mr blank.
  4. A little bit of that has to do with the type of offense they ran.mike Smith was ball control.now we have a passing offense.we strike fast (not this year).I'd be willing to bet this defense is on the field slot more.
  5. Why not grab Blount in free agency.he should be relatively cheap.
  6. I was thinking Beasley at first but that's who he has been the last couple of years.i voted Tru because seeing him not cover and back away from tackling just makes me think he is done. he is playing scared and just needs to retire.hope he finds his grit again.
  7. I've been watching every game I could for 35 years now.there was plenty of years I could of stopped watching but here I am still watching.it will be that much sweeter when we finally win the big one.
  8. The Vegas line seams about right.honestly it could be alot worse than that.they have run up the score on some pretty decent teams.my only hope is its a divisional game so it could go either way.
  9. Guard and maybe a true pass rusher.
  10. If we lose this one than just hold him out till next year.no need to risk another injury.id rather have him fresh for next year.
  11. I'll say 42-37.atlanta.crazier things have happened.
  12. So if it's 4th and 2 from the 3 yard line and you did get them to jump wouldn't that be half the distance to the goal? Only a yard and a half gain so it wouldn't be first and goal.
  13. We could trade for Blount.could use him for short yardage.
  14. I'm ian.loved my falcons since bartkowski,mike kenn,billy white shoes Johnson.Scott case days.I cought the tail end of that era.my grandpa,father and me.seen the likes of Eric Dickerson,Eric Metcalf and Gerald Riggs pass through.any way hello.lol