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  1. Click bait with a twisted sence of humour.
  2. I want to agree but being a former athlete myself confidence is everything. its when you get to a point where your not doing the things to get better but i dont see that in pitts.that isn't in reference to juilo though.confidence and arrogance are different things.
  3. That was an intense ending.im getting to old for this.my heart was thumping.
  4. Cheeer for him.if we end up with a first than cheer for us as well.im sure he will do good for some team and ill cheer for him.its a buisness.no hard feelings.love juilo but love the falcons more.its time.
  5. Detroit is where hall of famers go to kill their careers.
  6. Looks like a decent ball hawk.good instincts.can play safety and cb.a theme so far is versatile.all our picks are multi dimensional also gives you alot more options in case of injuries.
  7. Maybe they are shopping for a safety nd didn't see the value at that spot.idk just a sudden thought.
  8. Im curious to see if we will stick with bpa.we need a pass rusher but bpa could be a rb. depends on how our draft board is stacked though.
  9. I think 49ers decide what we do.if they take mac Jones than they will decide between lance and pitts.if 49ers take lance than they take pitts.unless someone offers a ransom.
  10. My heart radio.many apps that would carry it.
  11. Im not saying im for or against it but give ryan smashmouth along with pitts and give ryan a year in that offense and you wont want him gone any longer.id bet that.
  12. I posted this in around the nfl this morning.for some reason i cant post a topic on this board yet.
  13. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/4/10/22376529/study-falcons-fans-are-the-drunkest-and-highest-in-the-nfl-crunk-booze-weed-drugs
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