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  1. I love a DL that can get their hands on the ball
  2. Future 1st round QB prospect in the works👀?
  3. It looks like TD knew what he had with Kurt
  4. Can they get at least over 30 yards through the air?
  5. These offenses look reaally good.
  6. Yeah Benkert is putting on a clinic. Font’d
  7. Lol I just be messing with you about Fields😆. Wilson was my favorite prospect in the whole draft. He’s looking like $100mil right about now in this Jets GB matchup. About Benkert though and I’m pretty salty. I was actually itching to see him play some more ball from a couple of years ago. He’s a solid dude. I’m just hoping backup QB doesn’t become a topic of conversation anytime soon.
  8. It made no sense. Terry messed up our backup QB role and let Fields slip through his fingers. Heads will roll if Ryan gets injured behind a terrible OL.
  9. You realize we just missed out on a legendary QB class when we were in the thick of it? 🤭Now its looking like a 5 year rebuild instead of 2. Have fun.
  10. Thats true and I hope it’s going to be something this team can build off going forward. Their OL was still leaps and bounds better than ours with some solid yards on the ground in their favor. Here’s to some upward trajectory from that showing on friday. Can’t look much worse than that.
  11. This. I was mostly looking at how well the bottom of the roster competed with other teams. Excluding a few bright spots the sum of the team looked undisciplined and outmatched. Going in with unbiased expectations and not assuming AS is some thoroughbred coach out the gate you’d wonder if he may be in over his head. Especially after seeing how poorly the OL unit looked in comparison to other teams across the board.
  12. You could actually tell a lot about the potential he has in this league. His poise really stood out. He has a nice comfortable platform to be able to throw the ball how he wants and if needed manage the pocket with the threat of busting out 30 yards on the ground. His accuracy, even on the balls that weren't completed was pretty good as well..you can tell he gets the ball to where he wants to on most of his throws.
  13. I surprised you know how to use a computer. Well at least you still have your witts! Happy Birthday man🍻🎂
  14. Sums up this team perfectly
  15. We're only accepting jokes about Julio at this time
  16. Just let them save face on why the greatest receiver to ever play for this team wanted to get away from this ****ty franchise. They have to delude themselves daily that this team is anywhere close to being legitimate. It takes 20/20 vision to see why he didn’t want to finish his career on a sinking ship. It gets old. These guys just have rose colored lenses embedded in there eyeballs😂. I completely understand Julio not wanting to play another down for this snake bitten team. He’s not a loser. That **** probably makes him twitch at night. Most people wouldn’t understand. Especially Tatf. They’re masochist.
  17. Yeah I'm definitely one of those that prefers a high TD output over a lot of fluff yardage. Because I mean you can get down the field all you want but if you don't score any points on that drive then are those yards even worth holding in high regard?
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