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  1. I tried to give them a chance I really did. But if you have the least bit of common sense you know how hard it is to defend someone that can run when they need to and pass when they need to. This archaic franchise is still hanging on to the hope that Ryan can get it done like he is Brady. I'm sickk of it. Rebuild this team with some new blood
  2. Hurts is official lighting us up. Thats what happens when you have a QB that can move with his legs and pass with his arm. They're simply able to DO MORE. Ryan has never dodged a free rusher in his life and Hurts made it look mad easy. One day this franchise will realize.
  3. Hurts just embarrassed tf out of whoever that blitzer was
  4. They were in perfect position to take someone that had the time. I dont care how much it cost to stash a potential 10 year starter for a year or 2. When it comes to a franchise QB transition you have to pay up for it to potentially go smoothly.
  5. Thats the stress a mobile QB puts on a defense. He didn't want hurts to takeoff so he had to keep his eyes on him. Hurts was able to buy enough time to get Smith open. Debo was frozen right there.
  6. I'm not quite there yet but give me another redzone stall and I'm back on my BS
  7. They're putting a lot of stress on the Eagles defense with this run game
  8. It's the way they scored. There was no resistance from the D at all
  9. Maan that initial season excitement blew out quick
  10. Not worried about stalling there. If the offense can keep that pace we're going to keep putting points on the board.
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