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  1. BPA my ***. A franchise QB is worth 10 times more than a 1st round TE
  2. This is so sad. Julio couldn't even bear to watch Ryan go out like this
  3. Much easier to stomach if the team was rebuilding with a new face
  4. I can certainly say as pessimistic as I can get I was not ready for this game here today
  5. Whole game could've looked totally different if we had a X factor at QB to stress the eagles defense
  6. He knew this roster needed a rebuild and that the current cap was not going to support that. He was going to pull the plug on Ice
  7. Yup nowhere even close to being built like a hard nosed AFC team.
  8. you have been almost spot on these past few weeks cant lie
  9. Yup I swear we've been saying that. But you know how it goes. Trying to win now with this roster is hilarious to even ATTEMPT. We're going to be forced to rebuild until Matt is 39. Perfect timing for his career smh
  10. It's really that simple..unless you expect to catch some lightning in a bottle some where
  11. Matt Ryan doesn't deserve this. Put him on a team that can win. I feel so bad for the dude
  12. This is what I fear the most. He realizes first few games these guys are dog sh7t and then checks out by midseason.
  13. We already got his 8 yard highlight run for the year
  14. If this OL can gel then we are going to be lethal on offense. Run game already looks miles better but it also looks a bit similar to these last 3 years in spurts that is cause for concern. This whole offense still needs a little bit more resilience in crucial situations.
  15. Hahahaha Ryan can only do it if he stumbles into a lane He's had his highlight for the season. It's a reason everyone goes crazy when Ryan runs for 8 yards on a 3rd & 9. It's uncharacteristic.
  16. I tried to give them a chance I really did. But if you have the least bit of common sense you know how hard it is to defend someone that can run when they need to and pass when they need to. This archaic franchise is still hanging on to the hope that Ryan can get it done like he is Brady. I'm sickk of it. Rebuild this team with some new blood
  17. Hurts is official lighting us up. Thats what happens when you have a QB that can move with his legs and pass with his arm. They're simply able to DO MORE. Ryan has never dodged a free rusher in his life and Hurts made it look mad easy. One day this franchise will realize.
  18. Hurts just embarrassed tf out of whoever that blitzer was
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