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  1. Itā€™s the risk you take when you get a new HC. Welcome to HC limbo or you can say the HC carousel.
  2. I dont know how he looks so bad doing a QB sneak but it consistently looks unnatural to him. Its weird
  3. A brand new GM honestly shouldn't even consider the optics of whats best for this franchise from an honest assessment. A lot of honest assessments around the league would understand wanting to move on from Matt Ryan and his contract and start with a clean slate. At least you'd have direction. Picking up old broken pieces of a puzzle that could never be completed to begin with and trying to build a whole new puzzle is just what this franchise needed šŸ¤«.
  4. It was so ironic this offseason with what happened to Mcarron. Who would've seen that fully committing to Ryan bring about a situation to where his OL is most primed to threaten his position at QB than any rookie would have. No one is safe behind this OL experiment and crossing your fingers that your 36 year old QB can hold up to all the repeated hits he's taking is such a falcon like scenario its all too familiar. So much for actually trying to compete for a playoff spot if the depth behind QB is weak and he's the most at risk QB to getting drilled in the pocket. It's a long season, good luck.
  5. I understand that dead cap would've been unbearable. It's more so the point that offloading Ryan asap with a potential future in place at qb would've been ideal to finally figure out what definitive direction this team can realistically work to achieve. Everything now is like a slow painful death until the real blowup is inevitable. Missing the mark when a QB was right in this teams lap was rich. Potentially being in that position again may not happen for another 10 years.
  6. This would've saved so much wasted time in trying to keep the bottom from falling out for this team. The direction would have been a lot more clear instead of that delusional win now mindset with a defunct roster. It was plain as day this teams roster was not competing with any top teams in this league for a good minute. Trading Ryan to a team like Washington for some DL help and cap relief would have stopped the bleeding for this franchise. The thought Arthur was going to come in and get anywhere close to 2016's offensive efficiency was a riskier proposition than going for a truly clean slate with a capable rook at QB. Ryan truly deserves a more complete team than what the Falcons were planning to field this season. I hate having to see his career go out on a quasi win now/rebuild.
  7. Truee. I wouldn't really consider any of them as WR1's but they're all pretty solid guys thats really flashed at certain points in their careers.
  8. Lol even Ron knows this game is exciting.
  9. I honestly think they have a sneaky good core
  10. Both of them honestly have more playmaking ability all bias aside
  11. That DL they have is going to literally throw our interior OL at Matt's head lmao. McGary might hang up his cleats by the 2nd quarter having to face either Young or Sweat. I just feel like we havent seen the worst yet.
  12. It's going to be an ugly site when we play Washington
  13. Ryan is the greatest Qb of all time to get you in FG range.
  14. We're not winning with Matt Ryan. It's been said for years now but its clearly obvious. The team is no where close to winning with his caliber of play.
  15. Seeing the title of this topic on the main page of my favorite teams message board just does something to me
  16. Sometimes it just takes time to get the ol koetter cannon warmed up. 16-1
  17. It's like you can clearly see how outclassed he is in this new paradigm. Save for how terrible the OL is, there are times when there is a play to be made despite a little pressure and then Ryan does his little geek shuffle to destroy any kind of base he has to make a pass. Even when he's on the run he is so off balance half the time he can barely get the ball off to pass. Completely 0 athleticism to compete with these defenders in the league today. Meanwhile you have Russell Wilson dodge a completely free rusher to climb the pocket and drop a bomb. Ryan simply stumbles into any potential run lane he has when he takes off. Thats why everyone went so crazy when he got 8 yards on a 3rd and 9.
  18. It's really this simple. If you can't see it you just don't know football.
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