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  1. 25 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

    That's probably because Tampa is only rushing 3 and everyone else is in coverage. Of the 3 receivers we see in frame 1 clearly isn't open and I'm thinking there's probably a corner at the bottom of the screen out of frame.

    Thats the thing though. Having 3 rushers should give you ample time to survey the field. It's pretty easy for some QBs to manage the pocket against 3 man rushes. Ryan on the other hand knew early on that absolutely no one was going to be open perhaps or didn't trust his protection? Anyway you see it he's basically just managing the offense.

    Does he have no confidence to push the ball downfield with authority? Knowing the route runner Ridley is  you know anything could spring open with him if you give him time. The hole mentality of the offense has just been a bit distasteful so far.

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