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  1. Just let them save face on why the greatest receiver to ever play for this team wanted to get away from this ****ty franchise. They have to delude themselves daily that this team is anywhere close to being legitimate. It takes 20/20 vision to see why he didn’t want to finish his career on a sinking ship. It gets old. These guys just have rose colored lenses embedded in there eyeballs😂. I completely understand Julio not wanting to play another down for this snake bitten team. He’s not a loser. That **** probably makes him twitch at night. Most people wouldn’t understand. Especially Tatf. They’re masochist.
  2. Yeah I'm definitely one of those that prefers a high TD output over a lot of fluff yardage. Because I mean you can get down the field all you want but if you don't score any points on that drive then are those yards even worth holding in high regard?
  3. You mean catches over 20+ yards? lmfao
  4. You'd have to be an idiot to take a pay cut for a loser franchise. The only reason would be if you have a brand that could possibly leverage any kind of "pay cut" you'd take. You're not building any kind of brand with a team like the falcons, especially if you are Matt Ryan.
  5. That pass from Gage to Ridley just stands out so much from the others. I’m not used to seeing a ball with that velocity and arc hitting a receiver in the hands with authority coming from a falcons offense.
  6. Sharpe be on his high horse A LOT. He probably felt he could get away with it in a way. His hastiness in getting off the phone after Julio said what he said was kind of telling.
  7. It’s hard bro. That kind of success bama has “endured” had to be from ill gotten gains. Aint no other way!
  8. **** yeah those early HD days was rough and frustrating for regular folk. I’m sure dealing with people that had limited understanding of resolution was tough. I know first thing I thought of when I caught wind was sports lol. I so badly wanted to see Matt in HD.
  9. I swear so many of his draft picks disappear from existence but his team is ALWAYS solid.
  10. LMFAO I had to catch them slippin lol I needed that.
  11. Nah man F bama football they just always get them thoroughbreds it ain't fair. It be hard not to watch sometimes lol
  12. Maaan I needed them highlights injected into my veins to keep me sane.
  13. Yeah thats the thing that eats me up and I can't imagine he don't feel the same. He's a competitor at heart and understands that it takes a team to accomplish anything in this league. His selflessness as a teammate was truly inspiring. He ain't care about the stats he just wanted the dub. He a business man now though and that desire to win is probably not adding up with the trajectory of the falcons but I mean I really can't say for certain. I know for a fact he wants to win though. He wants to go out on a high note as a champion can't fault him for that. Truly one of the greats.
  14. Youtube uploads used to destroy quality but I feel you lol
  15. It's really a sight to see. Years of seeing Julio constantly leaving it all on the field makes you numb to the occasional limps. You accept that all these guys are banged up Julio maybe a little more than others but he's built different. Seeing his workout regimen every now and then and how well he takes care of his body in the offseason on top of his production afforded him the light practices over the years. He deserved that more than anyone but other fans clearly didn't feel that way. It is what it is though
  16. His age though. Julio's bama highlights not even in 720p.
  17. True that because I’ve definitely dropped it. A nagging hammy at his age with all that went on that year doesn’t deserve the injury prone label in my book. It gets frustrating at times constantly seeing it thrown around as a means of detraction on what he still has to offer. I do remember though after 2013 it was literally always a nail biter if Julio didn’t immediately pop up off the ground after getting tackled. His toughness really shined through after that turf toe campaign he put on in that notorious playoff run.
  18. I agree. He's put in some solid play time these past few seasons but that tag is hard to shake and earlier in his career he was battling a lot of nagging injuries at key moments. Not to mention his foot which is brought up often. I still feel he's well worth the risk for other teams to take but idk what it is some guys just get a label attached to them early on and it sticks.
  19. No not at all but thats not how the league works. The trade market for players is volatile and open to a multitude of factors of which a lot are working against the Falcons in terms of his current value. The Sanu trade was notoriously a head scratcher and raised a lot of eyebrows being that Bill still ran things up there in NE. A bit of hindsight yeah, but TD took that deal and ran. Hurst was the result of age and being surrounded by other talented TE's. His intangibles were very apparent and he was just recently drafted in the 1st.
  20. Julio is really only worth a 1st to a majority of falcons fans. The league consensus says otherwise. He's been delegated with the injury prone tag which is understandable but he still has a lot left and the drop off really isn't there yet. If Julio however was a TD machine then a 1st rounder would be a lot more feasible in league circles. The premium we like to put on yards just isn't shared by many.
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