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  1. He has yet to be proven wrong.
  2. Don't be that guy.
  3. I think the 10-15 pounds of added weight is an exaggeration anyway. But if it's not I hope it's not mostly upper body weight gains.
  4. This is freaking hilarious.
  5. Use this thread to copy and paste all the utter crap spewed by fans around the league of how the falcons will never recover from that SB loss and any other stuff you come across so that we could come back have one good laugh at the end of the season.
  6. This is just stuff that I came across on the internet. Nobody cares what they think it will just be hilarious to see how off base these post will be by the end of next season.
  7. "Everyone has had a year to analyze the offense.....they are small on D and may suffer significant injuries if teams play smashmouth with them. Atlanta is a good O but they really are not normally a top 5 was too easy for them last year... they will be figured out and Ryan will have to be more percise and then the reality will set in that he is not really in the elite category of a Brees, Rodgers, or Brady. "
  8. "Ah c'mon Schein. You've said some stupid things in the past, but this takes the cake. Given Matt Ryan's roller-coaster history (good year, bad year, good year, etc.), the blown lead in the Super Bowl, AND the loss of both the OC and DC, the Falcons will be lucky to finish 7-9 this year. You know what they say, "If Schein says it, bet the house on the OPPOSITE." "
  9. "Pat have a good chance of making it back... Stay healthy and they are in the AFC game at the very least. Falcons? I doubt it. They were only 11-5 and their D needs to improve to at least middle of the pack or better. Prediction - Atlanta has a Super Bowl loser hangover..." - On if there will be a Patriots vs. Falcons SB rematch
  10. "That's why the Patriots always win, they don't have their coaches or players elaborating on why they lost. They brush it aside and use that valuable time to improve." - From when Coach Quinn was on Sportscenter talking about the SB loss
  11. "You do not grow and get stronger as a team from a game such as that. The Falcons are going to disappear, just as all the teams the Patriots beat in the Super disappeared. This guy is all touchy, feely, wants to communicate on the journey, wants to be buddies with his players; can anyone imagine Belichik talking like this in public? The Pats win because they demand excellence of their players, and demand all out effort. If they don't get it, they replace guys. Hanging out with 2 Chains? Dan Quinn IS a f-ing moron. Atlanta will be lucky to go 8-8 next season. And as far as his schemes, Brady did exactly to the Falcons D in the 4th Q as he did to the Seahawks D in the 4th Q. Everyone remembered that except Quinn. When will the rest of the NFL accept reality?"
  12. Even if that was true, we'd get 3 times the value out of Maclin than Roberts.
  13. I doubt we'll be able to afford him but I'd take him over Andre Roberts all day everyday.
  14. Lol it is..kinda bored man. I was watching Kwon and Lavonte's highlights yesterday and I already knew they were good but Kwon is going to be special as well as Jones too. I just think that duo down there in Tampa is a perfect measuring tool for our squad. Not to mention they drafted Kendall Beckwith who really stood out when I was watching Riley's tape.
  15. Would you guys at this point in time rather have our LB's or the Buccaneers LB's? Not saying I'm dissatisfied with what we have at LB right now because I really like Jones and Campbell and I'm anxious to see what kind of season they'll have. I'm just curious to see where some of ya'll stand on what we have at LB.
  16. That's true he had a really great season I just hate how they kind of glossed over the season he had. I'm anxious to see him get some recognition if he's on the list.
  17. Yeah I guess I was expecting him to be where Freeman is at, and I was expecting Freeman to be in the top 30's.
  18. Honestly wasn't expecting him to be this high. Good for him.
  19. I feel like Beasley is not going to make the list this year unless the league feels he's already a proven impactful player.
  20. Yeah man Debo is fast as $hit.
  21. Well yeah now maybe Ross but I was going with players that have played a down in the league. Cooks was closing in until he realized he wasn't going to catch him but do you guys actually think Jones is faster than Cooks?
  22. Brandon Cooks Tyreek Hill Turbo Desean Jackson Those 4 will destroy anyone in the league in a 4x100 race.
  23. You told me we'd be moving backwards trying to train a rookie at WLB. I could see Campbell playing some SLB all along. Did you change your mind?
  24. Ryan, Brees, Winston, Schaub, Newton
  25. Jones, Ryan, trail NFL stars in merchandise sales The Falcons placed only two players on the newest NFL Players Association Top 50 Players Sales List, which tracks sales of officially licensed NFL player merchandise. Both ranked in the middle of the pack. Enlarge NFL MVP Matt Ryan came in at No. 32 on the list of Top 50 player merchandise sales. KEVIN D. LILES Wide receiver Julio Jones was the top Falcons player on the list at No. 20, while the NFL's Most Valuable Player, quarterback Matt Ryan, came in at No. 32. Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot topped the list, the first rookie to do so. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was second. Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots came in at No. 3, with another Cowboy — Dez Bryant — ranking fourth, and the New York Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. rounding out the Top 5. Nineteen quarterbacks are on the list, six in the top 10. Following Prescott and Brady are Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks (No. 6), Philadelphia Eagles rookie Carson Wentz (No. 7), of the Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers (No. 8), and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers (No. 10). Jones and Ryan actually ranked within the Top 10 in apparel sales. Wentz and Ryan trailed only Brady in plush doll sales. The list tracks year-end results from March 1, 2016 through February 28, 2017. See the complete Top 50 here. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I know some of you guys couldn't care less but I thought Matt & Julio would at least have been a little bit higher, especially after debuting in the Superbowl and Matt's MVP campaign.