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  1. Thats the thought that immediately came to mind.. but jeez I'm kind of excited as well. Matts going to have a ring for both twins by that time
  2. This is great news they'll be awesome parents. I'm happy for them.
  3. This board is most likely going to react negatively to your post but I agree with you. Not saying Vic is playing bad but Takk is really coming along.
  4. Yup we got really lucky. Pete knew his best chance to beat us with yet another injured Seattle D is to take advantage of our porous special teams. He was looking at a potential 14 point swing instead of relying on Walsh and making up for those 2 turnovers in the 1st half..he was playing to win. It would have worked too if it wasn't for Grady lol.
  5. I don't think Quinn snuffed out the fake that was all Grady. If Grady didn't shed that block like a boss then Wilson had a clear lane to the endzone as the last 2 defenders looked to be heavily engaged and being pushed back.
  6. Lol..Wes was a late round pick. This was to be expected no matter who picked him.
  7. Yeah he is playing better than he did in certain games earlier in the season. His accuracy is pin point and he's taking advantage of blitzes. If Schweitzer can improve his pass blocking even just a little bit we'll be hard to stop once we get in a rhythm.
  8. Lol whoa not that bad they'd still be scraping Ryan off the turf
  9. I mean it was baad
  10. Did you see Schweitzer though? He looked like he was barefoot on hot coals
  11. This is nothing new we've all known this for a good while. Lets enjoy the win and get some good rest.
  12. Funny how that happens on the same day the GA dome comes down.
  13. Leave it to the Falcons...I'm sure fans of other teams love watching us are bound to get a nail bitter no matter what opponent
  14. Schweitzer that was the worst pass block I've ever seen on the most important play of your career.
  15. As long as we win I wouldn't worry too much about that meh streak anyway