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  1. Julio will not get double digit TD's with just throwing the fade in overrated one on one matchups.
  2. Sark put our G's in the hardest position to succeed. He played right into Schwartz's hand. They have been used as a scapegoat for Sark's inability to scheme and playcall. Outside of Sarks 1 or 2 scripted drives per game he has no idea of how to attack a defense.
  3. It'd certainly be nice to find another pick like Grady in the late rounds.
  4. I just know our short yardage problems would be so close to being a strength with Quenton. He is strong as **** and once he gets those hands on you he makes guys want to give up. Literally a brick wall if he gets good leverage. I'd really want to trade a player on our team for another 1st this season but let me stop right there.
  5. I can definitely see it in the future with Grady and a potential draft pick but the way I'm looking at this DL right now..I only have Grady, Takk, and Vic as locks for at least 2 more seasons. I think we need a lot more depth.
  6. Yeah I know . A man can dream lol
  7. Lol slow down. We are not one piece away from a top 5 DL.
  8. Man if we could get Quention Nelson at OG we’d be set at one guard position for years. One of the best guards I’ve ever seen coming out of any draft before. Our short yardage problems would be a strength behind him and Mack.
  9. Funny, they had a run game this year.
  10. Yeah I used to lead those comparisons after 2012..but I slowly came to the realization that Matt will never be 'great', he will just most likely have a long career. It's nothing wrong with that and I'm still glad he is our QB but it is what it is.
  11. That happens with most fan bases, especially those that don't have any championships and much of a winning history.
  12. I don't think Atlanta is a big market in terms of NFL fan bases where harping on the starting QB is going to increase your viewership or ratings. You might have a vocal few that will attack him on twitter but thats about it.
  13. Why would he sh*t on Matt Ryan to draw ratings? He is honestly not that popular of a QB for most NFL fans to even care what he says about him.