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  1. This game will get crackin in the 4th, right now they just seem to be trading blows.
  2. No I agree with you Lattimore is living up to his 1st round status.
  3. These tweets are killing me.
  4. LOL fr though but It's crazy! he may have just lost the team. Everything those players put on the line just crumbled.
  5. If so that sword is looking like excalibur.
  6. Keyword is "if".
  7. Can someone say dumbest coaching decision ever? 5 INTs and 34 points given up in one half! lol Oh how I would have loved to see this happen in week 4.
  8. Yeah you may see it but do our coaches see it? Playing safe ball is almost like our schtick lol that's why everyone is saying they just pulled a falcon. You may not be scared of them but I am. The Saints offense is so much more balanced and Brees can still kill ya. Ingram is playing his best ball and Kamara gives me a bad feeling. I'd go as far to say AK is better than Pierre Thomas already. The Saints defense isn't trash like before..they can still be had but they are obviously improved and opportunistic.