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  1. Great post. What Poole adds with his exceptional tackling and tone setting hits makes up for his average coverage ability. Poole is also such an asset in rush defense and against RBs that it’s not going to be easy to take his NCB spot. I don’t think I’ve seen him miss an open field tackle. If he improves in coverage he will be a beast.
  2. This is the preseason and most of the big pass plays for the 1st string came against David Amerson. For all those that don’t keep up with the league..Amerson is hot trash and can’t cover for his life. Ridley already exposed his terrible coverage. Offense still played well though but lets wait till we have the whole gang back together during the regular season.
  3. This is the feeling I've been missing..
  4. Look at that route..the DB got caught in quicksand
  5. A fade to Ridley??? Don't make me laugh