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  1. How many rings do the Jags have? Do you realize we we’re 2nd worst in the league on 3rd and 6 or more yards? Building a lopsided team has yet to be proven to work because the Patriots definitely do not have monster lines.
  2. His speed is fine to be a WR in the NFL but he is never even thought of to be a deep threat because of his speed. He would have kept running if he didn't get caught from behind in the Rams game. Sanu is one of the best WR's we've had in the last decade don't get me wrong but he and Crabtree are not the same player lol not even close. Their play styles may be slightly similar but if I had a choice of choosing one of them in their primes, the decision would be easy.
  3. Not really. Sanu was iffy this past season. He can get locked down easily and has lackluster speed. Crabtree been making tough catches his whole career.
  4. Looks like he’s working on a plan B in case football doesn’t work out
  5. A lot of studs with high ceilings in this mock. I like it. Though I’d still be worried sick about our interior DL. I know a lot of posters have thrown around signing Rubin as a potential stop gap to alleviate Poe’s departure but I think having him in any other role than a depth piece that may be inactive some weeks is risky. Though if we could get Moore in the late second I’d be ecstatic.
  6. Crabtree is better than Sanu
  7. Lol not at the moment, he's too expensive.
  8. He’d be a great pick in the 2nd.
  9. I think they only said that because we had some interest in him last year.
  10. Lol everyone swore he was going to SF. Shanny knew they had enough short targets for Jimmy now they need a receiver that can make contested catches and that definitely is not Gabe.
  11. Go get your money Turbo I know you wanted some cheese.