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  1. Dude, Matt Ryans arm strength is very average in the NFL. It has no bearing on how good he is at QB but his arm strength is nowhere near a strength of his. Josh Mccown, Andy Dalton and Mariota have stronger arms than Matt and those are just middling QBs that dont match Ryans skill. Now you’re probably going to say we dont like Matt or we have a bias towards him and Im clearing that out now because that is not the case. I’m just able to be objective about my favorite players.
  2. Granted that he’s 28 I would hope that he has a little more seasoning than the average top talent WR.
  3. An alpha isn’t going to ignore a problem and let someone else handle it. Their going to confront it right then and there. You can’t remove a kid for any and every little thing sometimes its best to teach them a potential consequence for popping off at the mouth.
  4. Lol yup because they'll never let you live it down. I can see it now, "Aye bro remember that time when Cam Newton made you piss yourself?"
  5. Exactly. That can really be seen as his warning and if the kid continues to act up thats when you pull him to the side and give him the ultimatum.
  6. Lol some softies in here. Some of these kids are from rough areas and talk rough all the time. You have to be able to jaw with them a little bit. Cam could have been playing himself and scared his lil *** because that wasn't a reaction he was expecting. The kid was feeling bold being around his friends and Cam made him look like a lil wuss in front of everybody. You can tell by his little smurk at the end he was embarrassed. I've been there and done that. I promise you he won't try Cam up like that again.
  7. Man I love T.O and this sh*t is getting annoying.
  8. Run it PSN: XIcy_FlameX
  9. Literally the best coverage LB in the league and his rating was an 80?? It must pay to play for a popular team. It really doesn't take much for you to get noticed.
  10. Reuben Foster is already at an 87 rating? While Deion Jones has already turned in 2 seasons of 100+ tackles and 3 INT's and gets the same rating? booo
  11. Yeah man I've had supposed friends try to throw that word out there jokingly thinking I'd be ok with it when I was in school. smh its pathetic but it doesn't bother me. Though I will say some dudes will potentially throw their life away because someone said that sh*t. Literally last week dude got cleaned with some brass knuckles out in buckhead talking reckless. I really felt bad for the guy but you have to understand some people are really about that life.