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  1. Delpit and Young could transform this defense. I want to churn this roster so badly. Delpit has that fluid athleticism with a good nose for the ball that we desperately need in this secondary. I get Harrison Smith vibes when I watch him play with maybe a higher ceiling.
  2. MNF

    This league is rigged. Feels like WWE all over again.
  3. MNF

    Patricia can't even be mad from all that Patriot home cookin he was used to.
  4. MNF

    Risky throw
  5. MNF

    I know I'd do it if I was a ref
  6. MNF

    "Just a bullrush"
  7. MNF

    So? Takk makes a splash play like that maybe once a season. We need bigger DE's with passrush ability though.
  8. MNF

  9. At the expense of the other side of the ball that was already neglected though? The continuous band-aids put on the defense is just delaying the serious patchwork needed to at least make the defense average. The offense already has 2 hall of famers that take up major cap and thats a huge reason the team looks so lopsided as it is.
  10. I like those guys if we weren't strapped with a QB that needs all the help he can get while ignoring the defense in the first round 2 straight seasons while banking on overrated players(Beasley, Campbell,Tru). I like the vision with those two guys its just the timing of it is off imo.
  11. The coaching staff wouldn't be here as long as the talent we acquired if they suck that bad. You never pass up on talented players because of a bad coaching staff.
  12. Have you ever seen a defense this bad?
  13. Teams will be scared to touch him now lol
  14. We've gone offense in the 1st these past 2 seasons to help Ryan
  15. Slower than an old Richard Sherman with .00008th of the instinct!
  16. GB tooled their defense heavily in the draft specifically the secondary.
  17. At the rate we get stalled with the weapons we have is not comparable to other teams with much less talent. We have a "HOF QB" and a HOF WR and a HOF Center for god sake.
  18. Wow you are spot on..amazing
  19. Yup he is nasty when he gets momentum. A real talent and athletically gifted player with flaws but with the speed to make up for them. A serious weapon in both the pass and run.
  20. Matt can put up all the STATS he wants if he can't help sustain crucial drives even if there is a small little hiccup and the drive doesn't go perfectly. This OL will always be trash why don't you guys realize this? The chances of us getting another offensive genius to call plays and a top 5 OL to keep Ryan upright is harder than building a well-rounded team with more resources devoted to the defense. You simple linear thinking stat wh0res ruin any perspective.
  21. Tevin coleman was money in the redzone
  22. You country bumpkins always bring up Vick for some odd reason as if he's the pinnacle of athletic QB's. I never mention the dude.
  23. I never liked Vick you backwood hillbilly
  24. This lopsided team output will never change either with an unimpressive QB taking up major cap with his top notch weapons.
  25. We make all teams look like SB frontrunners