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  1. If he continues on his trend his name will start to carry more weight which will most likely garner him more attention on the field. I think him and Matt have a great chemistry to start the season off pretty strong with, especially if defenses continue to try and play Julio ball. I think attention will slowly start to shift as Ridley continues to get better and develop even more nuance at the position.
  2. If Ridley repeatedly shows up in the clutch and has multiple TD games he could easily be considered an MVP despite not dethroning JJ. Ridley has intangibles that make him a very lethal weapon. Especially if he had an OC that knows how to get the most out of his skillset.
  3. I was saying in another thread of how sick of a color combo this would be with subtle gold accents.
  4. I don’t know about that red stripe on the side, especially with the gradient, but the overall jerseys and helmet are super clean.
  5. Its a simple clean way to throw a splash of our secondary color offsetting the big bold numbers on the jersey instead of incorporating a lot of corny stripes in 2020. Just imagine the team 30 years from now being able to pull out a clean throwback jersey that has ATL on it to rep the city.
  6. When you hear everybody screaming these 2 words you know you’re in the right place. Only true ATLiens know what I’m talking about.
  7. Waiting for a good Matt Ryan topic. Lmfaoo
  8. Hopefully we dont get curbed stomped debuting our new uni’s putting a bad taste in everybodys mouth.
  9. He’ll show Takk what crazy is
  10. Hopefully he’ll be able to catch balls with less velocity on them from Matt.
  11. Matthews, Mack and Mcgary honestly don't inspire much confidence with that statue of a QB we have
  12. I’ve known zekeboy to be Nuks uncle for quite some time now lol I thought everyone knew that. The love he has for Hop is real l could tell he wasnt lying. You guys are a trip.
  13. I trust him to be a legit asset to this secondary. He’s an aggressive DB with good footwork speed and route recognition.
  14. He’ll be sticky man but I do worry about those t-rex arms. I like his feet though
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