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  1. 10 TD's in his rookie year is nothing to sneeze at
  2. It was brother don't worry.
  3. A dumpoff to give Ito a 1 on 1 matchup during a blitz is asking for trouble. The Saints and Patriots make short throws to the Rb look so easy you'd think its so simple to incorporate into an offense.
  4. Lol didn't see that one yet
  5. Shoot I still do it. It's a legit strategy if you have the personnel and know when to pull it lol
  6. Just because you say he's overrated means literally nothing. He's a good corner with potential to be great and if you can't see that then you was never a fan. He can hang with receivers like AB, he'd really be the best corner on this team if we're keeping it a buck.
  7. Dude is only 24 and has already been a well deserved all-pro corner.
  8. Falcons actually kind of helped him out in a way.
  9. Our coaches are a lot more level headed and we have a locker room culture that he alone can't sever. I doubt he'd have any problems other than talking too much. Dan Quinn would love Jalen in his defense.
  10. Jalen would love our locker room. He'd bring some real swagger to the defense. If he elevates his game because of new scenery and Trufant sustains his solid play we'd have a really imposing identity. It'd be fun to watch.
  11. Teams are going to start stinking it up after playing the Dirty Birds! Same way teams stunk it up after playing that vaunted Seattle team few years ago.
  12. Definitely earned my respect. Eagles fans were complaining our defense was hitting too hard. I'll take that compliment every week.
  13. I’m just glad they didn’t get him for a block in the back. Though Sanu barely touched him when he realized Julio was in the clear.
  14. Yeah bro Wentz is sick with it but we put a stop to that! @TheFatboi
  15. Wentz is a dawg. I don’t look forward to playing against him with better weapons to throw to. He is too slippery for my taste especially against a team like the Falcons. We’ve been killed by QB’s escaping potential sacks and then making a huge play, but I’m glad the defense nutted up and put a stop to that.