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  1. He looks like a WR catching balls down field. Definitely could be deadly in the screen game too. Its just our screen game needs some polish.
  2. Yeah thats probably the best course of action to take. I definitely don’t want the run game to be overly reliant on Gurley. That sink or swim ish with a vulnerable back is for the birds no pun intended. A guy like Akers in the draft would be nice. He lowkey reminds me of Gurley. I definitely want Olly to get some touches as well. We should be using him like the Ravens use Gus Edwards. It just makes too much sense.
  3. Definitely a legitimate concern. I believe Gurley can still be very effective, the question is just at what capacity. I’m glad that we have a guy with size and speed that can stretch the field horizontally on sweeps and stretches and also has the size and momentum to simply fall forward for 3 yards on well contained runs. You can bet I’ll be whincing every time he takes a shot below his midsection though but man does his talent make me excited.
  4. Imagine us having a RB that goes for a 100 on the ground
  5. They need OL as well
  6. Can’t wait until Fowler plays with money bags tied around his feet.
  7. There were times when Brady has looked downright awful and there were times when he was still dropping dimes last season. He probably has a really bad taste in his mouth from how things ended last season which might give that edge he needs. The receiving situation had a lot to do with his varied degree of play as there were plenty of times they weren’t on the same page at all. Him having a legit receiving core with a top 5 receiver in Evans and a top 10 in Godwin he very well could put up Matt Ryan type stats with maybe a smidge more efficiency. Their athletic profile at this point is neck and neck with each other. However if that OL is not up to par he could also fall flat on his face.
  8. How thick do your rose colored tints have to be to think Brady’s arm is worse than Ryans? Lmfaoo Brady may not be able to sling it like he did in 2010 but if you consider him to have a noodle arm and Ryan doesnt then just lol.
  9. They’ll be alright. Hopkins don’t do squat in the playoffs anyway plus there is plenty of receiver talent to be had in the top 3 rounds. Trade was still bad though.
  10. Hooper would be a great target to have on any team. We’ll be watching him catch TD’s in this league for years to come.
  11. Nail, meet hammer.
  12. His high volume bulk stats are mostly due in part to Julio. When it comes to make the plays that matter he consistently comes up short.