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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to athell in Beasley Failed Physical, Placed on PUP   
    Can't stand Vic Beasley the player, but this is turning incredibly sad to me.  Like one of those 30 for 30 pieces where they look back and you see just how much crap he was dealing with mentally and emotionally.  I honestly feel bad for him, hope he can find peace.  Maybe life after football will give that to him, seems the spotlight of a top 10 pick may have been a unmovable burden on his shoulders.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Duff_Man in Kendall Sheffield: Free Safety in 2021   
    If you have ever played CB for the Falcons, someone will eventually mention you playing at safety.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to LightningDawg58 in Falcons add DB Darqueze Dennard - It's Official Now!   
    People asked for veteran depth and we got it. I dont see the need to complain.
    Terrell may beat out Oliver. I dont know why people are assuming this signing is a indictment against the rookie. This gives us great depth. 
    Has anyone thought this may be in relation to the DB we just put on the Covid list? Forget just injury insurance, we are going to need extra depth in the event we have outbreaks this season.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to vel in Falcons add DB Darqueze Dennard - It's Official Now!   
    Lol what? First Chaisson isn't a Debo clone. That's the easy one. 
    Second, Terrell is going to get a lot of run. It's a passing league. How many times have we lost a CB and been forced to play an iffy replacement? Every single year. So complaining about having a very deep CB room is stupid. Frankly. I like Oliver a lot, but he's no sure thing to replicate his second half. He had a good second half of his rookie year and it didn't carry over. I he struggles and Terrell struggles as a rookie, then what? With no Dennard, you're hoping Sheffield, Wreh-Wilson, and Miller can play. 
    Complaining about adding proven vet CB depth is stupid. Again, frankly. Not mincing my words. 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Lornoth in Falcons add DB Darqueze Dennard - It's Official Now!   
    Not only provides veteran support to a young unit, but this lets Kazee focus on safety instead of being a tweener. I'm not sure Kazee can't be our guy at FS with another year or two of experience there. He's always been trying to learn FS and CB, just let him be one thing. 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Vandy in Falcons add DB Darqueze Dennard - It's Official Now!   
    Very impressive offseason by TD/falcons. 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Lornoth in Will Matt Ryan Make the top 100?   
    Thing is it is pretty fun to watch. The highlights are cool and hearing the players talk about each other is interesting. You just can't put any stock into where anyone's "ranked". 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to octoslash in Vic Beasley could cost the Atlanta Falcons...again   
    Vic got no love for the gane.  
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to GrimeyKidd in Will Atlanta Falcons Rookie DT Marlon Davidson Overshadow NT/DT Deadrin Senat   
    I honestly want to see Senat after a full year of plan D. I wish we had preseason. I still believe in the guy. Well. Like all of our players.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Wjcorner in Preparing for Jamal Adams   
    No bull, I’d actually be pissed
    imagine transferring schools because the homie pressing you then dude quits the team. Catching a smooth 3 piece in the hallway before 3rd period
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to papachaz in pretty slick??   
    ok Mods, if this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it where ever. 
    I built me a new set of corn hole boards. Found some of the old school logos. I bought a cheaper vinyl cutter we play around with here at the house, so I did my own lettering. I love how these turned out. Might put another coat of polyurethene on them, depending on how they play.....
    so what do y'all think?  I already showed them to @Knight of God I know his opinion 

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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in PFF 2019 grades: QBs most affected by pressure   
    I'm sure the run blocking was just as putrid. And TATF says our Oline is good to go against the 2020 schedule.
    With Bloodline on skates, Mack in his last year and three other OLinemen with less than a season in the NFL? OK.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Vandy in Covid series helmet?   
    They’ll have a season. Probably won’t be a full season, but they’ll have one. Too many jobs and  money tied into sports.
    The players...and people in general....irrational behaviors fascinate me. They go from one extreme...Irrational fear sitting in front of TVs or on some social media political blog which gets them to the point of paralysis .....to extreme recklessness, such as you pointed out, going out into bars and restaurants....back and forth, swinging from one extreme to the other, usually letting their emotions overriding plain common sense.
    We’ve faced pandemics before, but people have gotten Much more self-centered over time. It’s these self-centered emotional behaviors that’s going to prolong this thing.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Godzilla1985 in Wooooo!!! FIYAHH!!!   
    I nominate Adamsville as the new uniform spokesperson.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Mr.11 in If you are “dumb” and you hate Matt Ryan, don’t come in here.   
    When it comes to yards. How about a 5:1 TD:INT ratio and a YPA above 8 yards?
  17. Haha
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Smiler11 in Definitely gotta improve OT play   
    Says as much about Koetter as it does Matthews and McGary. 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN got a reaction from FalconTough in The young folks say “LIT”!   
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    Jerz #GurleySZN got a reaction from Mr.11 in The young folks say “LIT”!   
    I was saying in another thread of how sick of a color combo this would be with subtle gold accents.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Mr.11 in The young folks say “LIT”!   
    They're growing on me, but I think a satin red helmet with the chrome facemask would have been better. The all black look is a little too monotone for my taste. Also, seeing Matt's gold captain's patch makes me think a few gold accents (like on the collar) would look nice and pay homage to the original look with the gold stripes on the helmet. It would also be more uniform with Atlanta United's look.

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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Ergo Proxy in Battle Lines Drawn - Thomas Better Than Julio Per CBS Sports   
    my daily quota has now been reached.
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Offense Needs A Bit More Conservative Playcalling   
    Ryan 4 Years With DK: 60 INT’s
    Ryan 8 Years With 3 Other OC’s: 87 INT’s
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to caponine in Just How Dominant Is Julio...   
    Most likely but i dont think he will break Moss's TD record. Thats why i have him behind Moss. 
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    Jerz #GurleySZN reacted to Charles Wright in Just How Dominant Is Julio...   
    He's a great WR no doubt. The deficiency I see is TD catches. Not happened near enough for his stature.
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