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  1. Ryan could get us 2 first rounders next season if he post 30+ TD’s.
  2. I don’t know it’s just In the picture his release looks kind of excessive in his load. That point in his load looks like he has to loop it back around to get to his release point. Must’ve been a far throw but it just looks odd. Don’t take my nitpicking of Fields as a slight I just overanalyze prospects with huge potential. It’s kind of fun.
  3. Kiwi you’re better than this rambling of if if if. The cap isn’t just some crybaby excuse fans choose to cry about to push their own narratives. The cap heavily dictates how a roster is structured while the guaranteed money dictates the direction in which you look to manage new acquisitions and keep pace with the cap ceiling. Its not just an imaginary force that will go away if we numb our eyes and close our mind to it. The approach to how you view the cap is important if you’re a GM. The way a lot of tatf members see the cap is neck and neck with how TD saw it. Remnants of his mindset
  4. He’s came much closer than what’s his face and has better offensive output with less talent.
  5. Nah he can just do it better. He makes a better steak with cheaper cuts.
  6. Must suck being old you have no patience. Look we’re not winning a SB anytime soon lol, time to strap up bubba it’s gon be a long road ahead.
  7. Wilson wants better OL protection or he’ll take his chances in a less competitive division. Can’t blame him.
  8. Both of these QBs are such capable athletes I just salivate at the potential damage they can do in a Smith offense. Off script QB play is so important in this day and age of NFL football. I just hope TF and AS can see the advantage it brings in holding up the bottom line.
  9. Yuck Darnold? I’d flip Ridleys value straight into defense. Let em all compete for one season and Chase could realistically grab WR1 if Julio misses time again and Ridley shows he’s not quite a number 1 guy. Chase reminds me of AJ Brown.
  10. Making a strong position stronger gives you more chips to flip. Immense value at later dates could be a wonderful investment. I’d hate to flip Ridley but he has some VALUE. Chance to upgrade from great to special. This is a road rarely if ever taken. Ridley is a little older so 👀
  11. It’s so crazy the talent burrow had at his disposal
  12. Chase has nuance in his elusiveness like Beckham. He doesn’t take unnecessary damage to his body. His body control is some of the greatest I’ve ever seen. Speed is there. Hands are there. Built sturdy like a mini tank.
  13. The thing is we all know Matt is good enough to win it all. A lot of these QBs are. Its just the critical moments of his career he’s always reduced to an ash. Eagles 17’ 49ers 12’ SB Off the top. It’s not his fault but slightly better play in critical situations of those games would have decided it all. Matt at times can be the most vulnerable sitting duck in the pocket. An ounce more of athleticism would have allowed him to throw the ball away instead of taking a sack from Flowers in the SB in fg range. You can’t put that game all on Matt because he balled out but when it
  14. Its a trigger for falcons fans yes we know. We’d be saying the same thing about brees and you know it.
  15. Terry’s excessive body gestures is cringe. It’s hard sometimes being the unawkward one lol.
  16. That's how I would feel If we traded up next year for a QB.
  17. I’d honestly love to see this story play out lol. Matt and Shanny redeem themselves with a ring.😂
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