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  1. TD isn’t stupid either. With no influence over his head he’d probably hit it out the park with another 1st round QB.
  2. Fan and media perception is supposed to bully Terry into being an average GM 😭. The status quo has ripped this fan base to shreds.
  3. Exactly they’d have very valuable options. Could give the team much needed flexibility to tailor the roster. This is thinking ahead.
  4. Not if you’re going to try and win with Ryan. The more lopsided this team is just asking for disaster. If the value of this team is not reallocated to defense before Matt starts laying eggs then we might as well just be saying goodbye to arthur smith.
  5. Picking up easy yards off a bootleg if no options are open, making DC’s shy away from an over usage of man coverage, expanding the redzone playbook with options and draws. Jackson is an extremity in the mobile department which you don’t need anywhere close to, to be a threat with your legs. Sure it’s nice but theres a good threshold for running ability to be utilized.
  6. Dude takes the worst sacks and thinks he’s superman. Thats still my guy though. He has a mentality like Favre.
  7. Never understood it. What Brady is doing is nothing short of jaw dropping. It makes me cringe when he’s talked about like a casual.
  8. Aaron Rodgers is to Wilson what Vick is to Lamar lol. The kid is special.
  9. The velocity he gets on his throws is amazing. He doesn’t even need a platform to throw lmao. A literal sniper
  10. Can’t blame you, the kid is just such a natural. Effortless 50+ yard dime off a bootleg rolling to the left. Sign me up
  11. Wilsons release is also miles ahead of every other QB in this draft. His ball placement on top of his quick flick of the wrist is where those beautiful drop in the bucket tight window passes stem from. Fields sometimes has a weird janky wind up that scares the crap out of me as he also reminds me of newton in some aspects. Slow to react + a sometimes slow release is a recipe for some boneheaded disasters at the next level. Him and Lance easily have the highest ceiling though.
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