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  1. Lmao it’s not supposed it’s clearly apparent. When the same circlejerking bunch of cronies continuously misinterpret your words purposely, twist them and then argue with you over clear semantics then the deflection has already been done.
  2. You have half of the board to kiss your butt so their opinions dont mean much. Drones.
  3. Yeah thats what happens when emotions get in the mix. You can’t look at anything objectively when you’re not honest with yourself. He’s been here for 13 years so I understand but sheesh we’re supposed to be grown men here lmfao. You’re level headed post are so refreshing from the hopeless optimism constantly being regurgitated from these boards year after year. But after posting the worst record in a 3 year skid somehow someway we’ll be geared up for a SB run in 2 offseasons.. I simply want the next OC to be able to have a wide array of plays to chose from. Matts archetype just needs
  4. The argument is that Ryan can’t avoid sacks at all even if they are easily avoidable. Listing off sack totals lacks depth and nuance. Every situation in each game is different. I wouldn’t care if my QB gets sacked on 1st and 2nd down just to avoid the 3rd down sack attempt for a conversion.
  5. Just excuses because you lack perspective. Wilson and Watson both avoid pressure with uncanny ability yet their sack totals on the season explain so much.😂😂 You the type to base your opinions off box score stats. I’d take Watson and Wilson on a 3rd long against a blitz all day over Ryan. The fact you think their sack totals hold any weight is whats hilarious. You talk a lot but say literally nothing.
  6. I don’t know a good OL in this league that doesn’t have a decent OC in the booth. The falcons offense is just a clusterfck of personnel not suited for the crap Koetter. Matt does nothing to help his OL when it comes down to it regardless of who we have in the booth. I’ve watched this man for 13 years.
  7. It’s amazing how much you type to have absolutely no point at all. You’re a waste of energy to engage because your full of willfully dense analogies and strawmans.
  8. Ryans OL is inconsistent. They both have actual worst OLines than Ryan does. The difference with them is they’re multi-faceted. They contribute more value to their respective offenses.
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